E car wash announced A $20 million round of funding, vc pitch

e wash the car today announced that it had completed A round of $20 million, the main investors for venture capital.

e wash the car mainly through mobile phone app to provide booking to the car wash, car wash service. Before the product launch, e car won a chairman bo luoni girls, former deputy general manager of ping an property LuoPeng angel investment about 15 million yuan. Since November 2014 online 3 months has accumulated hundreds of millions of users, merchants are reached 3000, average daily order break through 15000, the peak reached 30000, accounts for the mobile end order ratio 7.

in e car wash, zhang, founder of the car in the service market has huge space for development, with high frequency, low amount, standardized service a few core features, belong to a relatively quick entry services for users.

in the existing service, e car wash the self-built car team + crowdsourcing in two ways, has covered the 11 cities, the future will also introduce self-built washing store, and provide door-to-door auto beauty, maintenance, repair, second-hand assessment, etc. Series of automobile after service.

service after cut into the broader market, in addition to the after service market space is large, the important thing is can help the investor of ping an insurance related resources. Ping an has a large number of car owners resources, this will also cooperate with e car wash in series.