Duang ~, FDD licence issued to the telecom, unicom this pair


top 4 g mobile in China after more than a year, the ministry today to China telecom and China unicom FDD system 4 g licences. This means that the two operators can be in full swing nationwide 4 g business operations, and China mobile will continue to stick to the td-scdma LTE alone. Hunting cloud network first say: “congratulations”, give worship ministry of old age: “happy New Year”. Wait for 14 months to say this way, were indeed difficult to.

had the news that FDD – LTE licences will be distributed in years ago, but because of various reasons delayed until years later. Sources said, “yesterday (2.26), but there is no hair, changed to today.” Is similar to that of “tomorrow and tomorrow day” message now have, telecom, unicom “such as the wind to” really “crazy”, etc.

the dust settles, from the time point of view, 27, is Friday, FDD 4 g license issued by the weakening is helpful to reduce the response to the dealer and the media too much interpretation, and distributed around 17:00 will help reduce the impact of the capital market. The ministry so well-meaning.

move the false start, a fledgling

on December 4, 2013, the ministry of industry and grant the td-scdma LTE licences to three carriers, but, you know, telecom, unicom 3 g to take advantage of a lot, to form the “three points” of the situation. So, move aimed at the rapid development time of TD – LTE 4 g network. As of 1 January 2015, China mobile has built more than 730000 td-scdma LTE base station, built the world’s largest 4 g network, covering more than 300 domestic cities. On June 27, 2014, the approval of the ministry of China telecom, China unicom, respectively, carried out in 16 cities and td-scdma LTE FDD – LTE network test, then gradually increase to 56 cities. But in fact, telecom and China unicom in the era of 3 g depending on the network advantages establish “three checks and balances” situation has been broken, 4 g users in China, China mobile is currently a accounted for more than 90%.

telecom, unicom opportunity challenge

get the FDD licence after telecom, unicom still exists a lot of challenges. First of all, the td-scdma LTE and FDD LTE both formats of the gap is not too big, famous telecommunication industry observers item set just think FDD LTE system’s advantages are not obvious, and China mobile on the network construction has been greatly ahead. By the end of 2014, China mobile number 4 g base stations has reached 700000, the number of base station will reach 1 million in 2015. Telecom and unicom in terms of economic strength is far behind the move, so the mobile network coverage advantages will continue to stay ahead in a period of time.

the second in the terminal area, three carriers gap is becoming more and more small, whether China mobile push exactly ten five frequency or full netcom, China telecom three carriers of 4 g terminal has almost indiscriminately, which can realize one machine in hand to the operators of arbitrary switching network. 3 g era of td-scdma terminal significantly lagged behind the WCDMA terminal situation would cease to exist.

in addition, in the past year, there has been a part of the used for telecom, unicom users back into the arms of the mobile. From a user’s point of view, although due to the reason of the td-scdma 3 g era “lost” part of the China mobile users, but the majority of users are not fact to leave, but keep moving, adjusted for entry-level packages, do telephone communication with the Lord.

license is just one of the enterprise competition factors, either way the carriers, in the current competitive landscape in the widening or narrowing the gap with other competitors may no longer so important, how to provide users with better service and how to face the challenge of the mobile Internet era is the top priority.

FDD licences for the influence of the mobile phone industry

to cancel the 3 g mobile phone, 4 g handset subsidies, has triggered a series of change terminal industry chain.

1), the traditional domestic phone shipping companies will reorder, turned and quickly cool, such as huawei, vivo, OPPO, zte will benefit from it. And manufacturers such as research and development ability is weak millet pressure will increase.

2), as the operator terminal subsidies overall decline, 4 g initial price war has been open, domestic handset manufacturers overall profits will slide again.

3), the operator channel less attractive, electricity sales platform to accelerate the development of the traditional open channels importance to highlight again, operators will increase and vivo, OPPO, gold instant traditional open channels strong manufacturers cooperation.

4), the domestic 3 g market clearance to jilt goods become inevitable, some inventory of mobile business risk.

5), domestic mobile phone companies to increase investment in research and development of 4 g and brand. Some weak brand awareness is not high, the technical and channels of small and medium-sized brand, will be accelerated to wash out of the market.

it is understood that China telecom to spend 16 billion yuan in 2015 to promote physical 4 g terminal development, create the best products in 100 with 4 g terminals. Meizu conference last time has finally released the charm blue NOTE telecom version.

4 g don’t come, 5 g came

4 g users from development and perfection, 4 g terminal 4 g base stations three respects, the domestic industry has matured, the td-scdma LTE again dragged down to the other two operators equal competition and user choice, it’s not good. This is a consensus of the industry.

in the near future at the mobile world congress 2015, SK telecom and samsung telecom operators will be launched in MWC 2015 exhibition new 5 g technology, it is said that speed can be up to 7.5 Gbps (gigabit). Samsung and SK telecom expected to launch around 2020 in South Korea’s first 5 g network. Huawei will also release a series of 5 g new hollow technology. According to introducing, huawei 5 g team in 5 g hollow technology, virtualization technology, and new radio frequency technology, etc, to carry out the study of fracture technology.

the miit announcement attached as follows:

on February 27, 2015, the ministry of industry and information technology in combination with the early stage of the LTE network in the mixture, etc., according to the relevant enterprises to apply for, on the basis of the telecommunications ordinance or the telecommunications business license management approach “, through to the application for the enterprise’s financial ability, technical skills and ability to operate and so on, a comprehensive review of the China telecom group and China united network communications group co., LTD to issue “LTE/fourth generation digital cellular mobile communication business (LTE FDD)” business license, support enterprise combining with their own actual situation, promote the development of 4 g fusion as a whole, promote the information consumption.

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