Drops rapidly after the merger of the next battleground: generation of driving

the eve of the Spring Festival, a taxi online two players drops and fast in the field of play from the merger. Today, the integration of the two sides have spent the early years, online car rental sector accounted for absolute share, insist to do big traveling platform positioning drops quickly, and in the future will exceed what direction to extend to expand?

in fact, around the travel service, in recent years, a lot of startups is chosen from the vertical segment field, such as car, bus, car pool as well as the generation of driving and so on, the core features are in use O2O way to solve the social idle and efficiency to achieve the purpose of optimizing the allocation of resources and applied.

publicly reported, according to the merged drops quickly valuations reached $6 billion, although the original two companies remain independent in the business and architecture, but from the current on their planning, business direction is basic to keep the consistency, it is still can travel around the market, speed up the development of new products and expand, including driving, carpooling, bus, etc.

in existing business sector, the car has a try, the bus already in resource integration, in the layout of the next generation of driving business has been regarded as an important direction, but also have to go into a field. Horizontal business development for drops quickly, with listing plan is not only a business increment, more important is the capital of can tell a better story.

but according to the existing information, drops quickly in the short term the possibility of direct online generation of driving business plate is small. Did so mainly because: first, the current generation of driving market concentration is higher, e generation drive has occupied nearly nine into absolute market share; Second is to focus on to improve and enhance the existing business performance.

generation driving market exploring space is large

in the eyes of many people, generation of driving business as a vertical space is not large, the business market to underestimate the new Internet companies for the generation of driving business value. It’s not.

if contrast Korean generation driving business situation, a population of 50 million, South Korea, car ownership has reached 30 million in 2012, has more than 70 order for ten thousand generations of driving every day, the south Korean generation car company more than 1 m, generation of drivers 150000. By comparison, China car ownership has more than 130 million, but the generation of drivers in 100000, only see the market is far from saturated. Research data from iresearch shows that over the next five years the domestic generation driving market output value as high as 50 billion.

traditional generation drive market is high, fast, safe and no guarantee of charges and pain points, represented by e generation driving emerging tool is targeted to solve the problem, quickly won favor. The e generation from driving the performance data to verify.

e drive within three years of generation of drivers users rose to 60000, covering 140 cities across the country, in the Beijing area generation driving order ChanMengZeng from 200 to 30000. The company before the Spring Festival, according to the daily order has reached 100000 list and also in rapid growth. The agency predicts and e generation driving day orders is expected to exceed 500000 single, in the next three years, a whole generation of driving the market order, is expected to reach 100-100. Need special stress is that the e generation driving mainly wine offspring driving business, and began to try riding the wedding car wash, generation services, and more exploring space.

cash flow security

like online car rental, car trading links, generation of driving business is always good service form of cash flow.

traditional generation drive company every single split 50-50 with the driver, but e generation driving platform every single only take 5 ~ 20 yuan is charged fees than mass burning money still can’t find the profit model of taxi software, generation of driving is better too much, cash flow performance is very good, healthy development.

in addition, e generation of the existing business model to the driver master driving control. This is not only the needs of the business model set, at the same time, the driver is Taipei in specification master the rules of the customer service satisfaction.

generation of war driving field

drops quickly want to carve up generation drive business to cake has no doubt about it. Predictably, in the next generation to compete the new car market will once again. Industry inevitably ask, giant really cut in and to burn money subsidy way, whether can be e generation drive top live?

in fact, as a leading domestic classification information of 58 city also want to share in the generation of driving business, and increase the intensity of subsidies and market promotion, trying to force the e generation driving fan, but the result is failed. 58 city, choose it, choose the way the investment stake in e generation.

due to cash flow is very good, e generation drive is not short of working capital. In succession and grew up in the company, through 58 city investment, financing and received a total of more than 3000 dollars. More importantly, e drive has gathered a large number of high-quality national generation driving service personnel.

drops fast current driver backend resource more concentrated in the following aspects: one is the existing taxi driver; Second, the car owners, mainly cooperation leasing company personnel; These drivers are mostly depend on the existing business, and it is hard to get out to do the driving services. From this side, drops quickly need to dig more generation of drivers, driving path, be equivalent to e generation test.

generation driving out from 58 city market, the traditional Internet big business is very difficult to do deep do deeply in niche, the drops faster than it same business layout. Perhaps, drops quickly need to consider from the aspects of ecological layout and more vertical segmentation existing service company to do business cooperation.