Drops off formally launched a one-stop travel platform is to mid-game

hunting cloud network Beijing station on June 1, the message

on June 1, drops quickly officially launched aimed at “travel” sharing “drops”, lift products also become drops quickly the “world’s largest one-stop travel platform”, an important part of lift is also drops faster of the two companies after the merger, after the “convenient travel” express products launched in the second paragraph of the product.

it is known that drops off for drivers and passengers don’t charge any fees, passenger fare share by all belong to the owner. In each local traffic conditions and vehicle use cost, drops off for different city owner made the different charge standard, will start at $5 to 10 yuan between, the mileage of fees for basic for 1 yuan per kilometer.

drops off Huang Jieli division general manager revealed that more than a month to lift has recruited more than 1 million across the country willing to “share travel” the love of the owner. It is understood that drops off within this month 26 cities in China.

Huang Jieli drops off the operation logic summed up as “massive connection commuters, preciseness matching the travel people”. Huang Jieli said, compared with those of other carpooling software drops off don’t need to cold start, drops the original platform migration of drivers and passengers can be low cost, is drops off the match has a natural advantage.

and, in order to solve the security problems of carpool, drops off for passengers to carry out the micro letter authorization login and micro payment verification letter, strict approval process of the owners have a driver’s license registration, at the same time for each single bought 500000 yuan of insurance.

drops quickly, President of willow blue said, “with the development of the ‘+’ Internet travel platform, the whole society for Shared economic understanding deepening, more and more people are becoming a lift to the user. Lift not only provides people with a kind of green travel way, and can make people feel a share of good experience and reshape the relationship of the people, this may also be the future environmental protection concept landing the norm. Drops quickly hope that through this model, as well as the innovation of the technology and operation, make people travel experience more rich and interesting.”

as the lift online, also means that drops fast comprehensive one-stop travel mobile platform shifts move to mid-game, gradually set up a taxi, a business car, driving, or take a carpool and urban comprehensive urban transportation services such as logistics platform. At present, carpooling industry mainly includes the tick carpooling, 51 car every day, slightly carpooling, car, etc, several companies have increasing subsidies for drivers and passengers, and drops of hitching a ride into the bureau also heralds a carpool industry price war has come.