Drops in the early scour vc cast: no one is pig has insisted on the wind

drops and fast, some analysts believe the combined company is expected to grow into the billions dollars worth of high-tech companies. Drops behind the success made investors also won the high returns, drops will also be the earliest institution investment jinshajiang venture capital of the most successful ever.

behind fresh flowers, applause, drops along the way full of hardships, the history of its financing is frequent. Drops of angel investors, wang gang said in the process of seeking to invest in the early drops, stymied, “ mainstream VC are searched, but all have no result.”

no investment, money is exhausted from day to day, and what should I do? Wang gang recalled later, “although chengwei racking their brains compression cost, or spent us at the time of capital contribution. I remember he called me a phone call, request help on money, my response is also firmly: “this is our first project incubation, would rather not cast behind other companies, will carry on.” later then I borrow hundreds of thousands of the company.

drops is less than 100 Wan Yuanao by the original first to come!

assumption, no at that time, wang gang and chengwei insist, scour investors but no one is willing to invest, and choose to give up after continuous blow, there would be no drops today.

as a technology business media editor, hunting cloud network editor often deal with some entrepreneurs, often, entrepreneurs at the beginning of the financing is very excited, blocked after just complain about vc have no vision. In succession after being rejected by several vc has become frustrated. Financing after continue to rejected, in vc doubts, entrepreneurs may even be confused for what he had done, doubt. Financing continue to find, time has past half year, continue to rejected entrepreneurs often chose to give up.

business in, this is a simple truth. If you think you can be “pig” of the skies, then insist on until the tuyere.