Drops fast generation drive business is launched, the original fast, deputy general manager

drops quickly announced today that the original fast taxi, vice President, Mr Fu group, will become the new generation of driving division general manager, fully responsible for the generation of driving business soon, take a taxi to the fast co-founder Zhao Dong report. This is also drops quickly after the merger of the first foreign official important appointments, also marks the following car-sharing business, generation of driving will become drops quickly power is another key area of travel.

Mr Fu graduated from sichuan university, in 2014 to join fast taxi, successive regional operations director and vice President. Join quickly before taking a taxi, FuJiangCeng serving the Johnson & Johnson, glaxosmithkline, Philip morris (marlboro), and other well-known international brands, has rich experience in sales, business development, and senior management.

drops quickly into the generation of driving field is its another step of platform strategy. As early as in the earlier this year when the two sides announced a merger will mention the forthcoming long-distance bus service, car pool service and wine offspring driving services and other services. Another reason is that domestic generation of driving the development of the market still has large space. Domestic generation driving business development is still in its infancy, mainly composed of wine offspring driving. The current domestic market of traditional generation of driving mainly for the traditional off-line scattered small and medium-sized companies or private generation drive, price, service, safety, lack of uniform standards, the resources use efficiency is low.

in South Korea, for example, a population of 50 million in South Korea currently registered give drivers more than 300000 people, has created of output value over 150 billion yuan every year. By comparison, Chinese car ownership has more than 130 million, but the generation of drivers is only around 100000, the market is far from saturated. Iresearch consulting research data show that domestic generation driving market output value as high as 50 billion in the next five years.

in the domestic market at present, e generation drive belongs to explore in the field of generation of driving earlier and occupy lead the company. As drops quickly into the generation of driving market to competition will be increasingly fierce.