Dream tech Ceng Hui: the player is not a fool


? from the workshop director to CEO

Ceng Hui, sichuan spirit dream technology co., LTD. CEO. Dream spirit of science and technology is a company do swim and mobile game.


in their early 30 s Ceng Hui graduated from lanzhou university of science and materials engineering. Went to the graduation professing factory, start from the workshop at the grass-roots level, finally achieve the workshop director. This is very good career path in the eyes of outsiders. But Ceng Hui realized that this is not what they pursue. So he quit his job and return to school, enter the chengdu digital entertainment software college learning game design. Ceng Hui in spirit now dream of science and technology is mainly responsible for research and development of the game. Ceng Hui has a team of more than 20 people, art, half of which were half half the rest of the personnel in charge of planning is responsible for the program.

why choose game industry, it is related to Ceng Hui childhood experience and their own hobbies. He is game players, and what games to play, “belong to dabble in more extensive kind.” “Do your own interest, just can have real sense of accomplishment.” Ceng Hui said.

spirit dream product

now, the dream of science and technology from the spirit autonomous operation, after the tencent open platform online “song of hope”, has had more than 1 million installations. The spirit of this is Ceng Hui and his dream of science and technology the first game. Song of hope is one of the traditional page of play, RPG, a strange upgrade production equipment. Online on the first day, Ceng Hui didn’t expect the server crashed by tens of thousands of people, thousands of every day since then have also maintained growth.

Ceng Hui said it has relationship with their strategy. “Song of hope” is aimed at the younger players. The protagonist in the game, monster, maps are partial lower cute style. Dream data according to the spirit, the song of hope new subscribers in the majority with a girl under the age of 17.

the song of hope has been running for two years, said Ceng Hui, many teams do, will think of cash as soon as possible, but we have when children to maintain good.

the spirit of dream is doing is a horizontal version of the combat game mobile game “azraell qu”.

azraell melody “is a severe interaction of fighting games. Ceng Hui admitted that there are a lot of domestic similar games, spirit dream started relatively late. But they have their advantages. “Now a lot of fighting games with that kind of frame animation, will be more exquisite, the action will feel smooth, but the animation to the entire package will be great.” Ceng Hui said. Spirit and dream is the skeletal animation. Skeletal animation, the equivalent of a person into many parts, use these parts to pendulum movement, every action there is no need to go to draw picture, the picture will greatly save for resources, similar to the principle of shadow play, the game would be a small package. “Will make the skeletal animation art rarely cost actually will be higher. We are considering your game players are not willing to download package is too big, this is an equivalent to the threshold, the lower the threshold for the contact person is wider, so we can consider the design of technology.” Is developing stage, is expected to open beta in May this year.

about chengdu hands to swim: the player is not a fool

recently, “the fourth bubble and collapse of the city of chengdu: hand swim” is widely spread in social networks and trigger the discussion. Ceng Hui as a gaming industry practitioners to hunt cloud network expressed own view.

Ceng Hui think this article is very objective. Due to the low threshold of mobile game, a lot of entrepreneurial team, made a large number of fake card game Dota legend. Incomplete statistics, last year chengdu might be 1000 such companies, like is only less than 300 this year. The data should also calculate the spectrum of the. Ceng Hui tell hunting cloud network. This thing his whole bubble was last year, because the inside of the investment, hot also don’t know where to spend money, just to throw the game, just now the industry more impetuous, they think they do a more successful in the two projects will break to housekeep, they don’t know in fact you game development, is what you do in the company, and you really practical with the team to develop, and then you come out to run about all sorts of things, and all kinds of pressure after its establishment, the company that is inside the company won’t think of you. A lot of “pure technology” party. Will only study technology and lots of other things they don’t know, also won’t go to ask these things, will lead to a disconnect.

eventually take product to speak. “If you just want to come in money. Players also don’t silly. The final will shuffle the deck. Ceng Hui said.

“game counter-offensive entertainment”

Main business of the

in game development, spirit dream also puts forward such a concept of “dream entertainment spirit”. Ceng Hui think ACG (animation, comic, game) and machinery. Dream entertainment spirit mainly do things surrounding the games, including film and television, lyricist, composer. “Games and entertainment, from games to counterattack the entertainment circle, you can understand as this is a larger strategy, is just an idea.”

Ceng Hui seeking angel investment, in the beginning was not looking for to be the friend of industrial cooperation. He said that if entertainment spirit dream start, later will consider financing.