Draft: fantasy sport game designed for mobile phones

cloud network hunting note: fantasy sports originated in the United States, it is a kind of based on the reality of sports real data as a benchmark of real sports game, players can refer to the real game data to determine their team. Draft is A specially designed for smart phones make use of cash transaction fantasy sports App, has won A $3.5 million investment in A round of funding.

although we all know that the network has very big development space fantasy sports, but most of the virtual sports App are known in copying data or team work experience of the game. At that time, said Draft to come forward to change the status quo, at present, they have won the $3.5 million investment in A round of funding.

Draft by Jeremy Levine (Jeremy le van) and Nicolo Giorgi co-founded. They had previously established StarStreet fantasy sports website, bought by Draftkings in August last year, after the handover, the two sides began almost non-stop next venture projects.

Draft team hopes to create a specifically designed for smartphones using fantasy sports experience of cash transactions. Levine said, mostly fantasy players will be on the computer at the same time open multiple browsers and a spreadsheet to track the player to choose, but on a small screen might have some limitations.

Draft, the founder of the essence of sports not only want to get all the dream, and think it good to show on a smartphone. In order to make a Draft seize person eyeball, Levine and his team have borrowed some of the popular turn-based game mechanism.

like crossword solitaire, you draw I guess and knowledge quiz game QuizUp these asynchronous turn-based game gave them a very good inspiration. Players take their turn in the Draft to PK, see who can assemble the best team.

Levine told me: “Draft mode like crossword solitaire, but you have to fill in the words no longer, but athletes, finally combined into a best team.”

if the player on the team have no confidence, also can be free to play, of course, they can also be paid to have the team combination. Players can choose different levels of bets, such as: a bet of $5.5 and $55 bonus; Wager $55 and $100 in bonuses.

the iOS version of the Draft, released in December, has won A $3.5 million investment in A round of funding, the Upfront Ventures led, Advancit Capital, David Tisch BoxGroup, Chernin Group and Nas QueensBridge Venture Partners for refs. Under the big companies to join, Levine hope the team can realize the great span over the coming months, at the same time also looking forward to the good iOS developers and engineers to join.


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