Download free movies don’t money: Popcorn Time carry resources sharing the standard

cloud network hunting note: don’t spend money to see movies? Who has done such a daydreaming. The occurrence of Popcorn Time, let it become a reality. It is a crazy film lovers, at the same time also inevitably touch legal bottom line. The Popcorn Time developers are trying to get Popcorn Time more legitimate, outcome is unpredictable. It go, let’s wait and see!

Popcorn Time is really a fantastic video streaming service application, it not only can easily make BT seed like Netflix, but also more and more rich content, inside nor hate pays by the month, it is no wonder that a year ago was born when I was an instant hit. But it makes big Hollywood threatened, it calls for the application of Argentina developers to stop their business, in order to maintain our position. But not for long, and soon in its form a copy version of the application and woman.she to appear on the market. At present, the Popcorn Time the pace of development has been far more than once. Behind the team also claimed that they were trying to make the application more legitimate.

at present there are many kinds of rebirth version of Popcorn Time, Popcorn – Time. Se is one of the most popular version. Popcorn in Time to celebrate the first anniversary of its rebirth, we through email and instant messaging and Popcorn – Time. Se software developers made contact (the anonymous developers for using Popcorn Time mascot Pochoclin as he/she not her real name). Popcorn last year Time anonymous spokesman has claimed streaming media and TV application is booming, the world’s most powerful copyright owner or the domain name management institutions EURid cannot stop the pace of it.

Pochoclin Popcorn – Time developers said that at present the platform already has millions of users, the incredible speed at which the download rate is 100000 per day. At the same time, he/she also suggested that the next will be the conversion of a platform for P2P structure, in order to make their services more difficult by the copyright police attack. Pochoclin wrote: “we are in one of the most exciting moments since the project began! If we all data can be gained through peer-to-peer (P2P) and then the Popcorn Time will no longer subject to the domain name and a central server, the user group is the base of its survival.”

he/she predicted: “we’ll fix everything! The sweetest revenge and this will be our greatest victory!”

Popcorn – Time. Se began to respond to our questions, since last November, according to the Pochoclin at that Time, the user is platform has reached 4 million. But in not long ago, their website domain name Time4Popcorn. The eu is based in Brussels, EURid cancellation of domain name management institutions, they therefore suffered a major blow. Domain name and new USES of Sweden, the only recently recovery earlier adoption rate. (because of concerns that drew the attention of law enforcement and the copyright owner Pochoclin gave no Popcorn – Time. Se now user scale.) Spokesman said: “‘ EURid domain attachment is just a small setback. Small, but has to meet stinging pain. But we will not be down. Since its inception, the project development speed. In the future, will not stop its growth.”

above, Popcorn in the last year of Time Google searches. We can see that since march were forced to shut down its search volume soared.

for other established a year of startup, the data seems a little ridiculous. Popcorn Time provides free download Hollywood just a platform, also let piracy easier. Download a Popcorn as long as the Time of application, in just a few seconds, you can get a list of streaming media television shows and films. The application to operate like Netflix and Hulu, easy-to-use, and video image quality is higher, can see hundreds of recent films, pay TV, of course, not available.

Popcorn Time is not the way a new kind of piracy, it is not hidden new BT front-end interface. It is mainly from the existing resources of BT (such as the Pirate Bay, Kickass Torrents, Isohunt and YTS) restructuring file information collection. Pochoclin said: “our role as Google, foraging new information on the Internet.” By integrating their own players, video download optimization module, Popcorn Time make the BT website file can quickly flow. In Popcorn on Time, complex bittorrent search engines, tracking, customer, seeds, decompression, replay, save is simplified as a button, as long as one click, all done. This makes the BT seed real video piracy industry in the future.

Pochoclin said Pochoclin provide streaming media services without being paid. Whether download, application or on the web site to advertise, do not charge any fee. “We do so just because of love this project, it is our firm goal. From the beginning, Popcorn Time is to support user’s enthusiastic and caring we go on. As for the road where will we take to, we don’t care.”

but this road, it seems full of violent collisions with Hollywood copyright lawyers. Last year, SONY was hacked and leaked documents show, the motion picture association of America will succeed oppression Popcorn Time original developers to close the business as a “great victory”. The motion picture association of America refused to it on the nascent Popcorn Time measures to comment. On January 20th, Netflix letter to shareholders, CEO Reed Hastings (Reed Hastings) wrote: “piracy is still our biggest competitor.” The letter also mentions the Popcorn Time, Google said it showed it searches the chart “sobering”. At present, Netflix and Hulu yet to comment on the WIRED in.

Pochoclin think Popcorn Time services without any illegal, it is only to other web sites on existing BT file back together. “All the work at the site is automatically, the existing open source technology and other sites is the basis of the site operation, so it is legal. In other words, it doesn’t illegal.” Pochoclin said, “we live in a free society, everything is not forbidden things means that you can do.”

it’s a pity that the defense can’t succeed in the American courts. , a spokesman for the American film institute pointed out in the E-mail sent to us: “previously, such as Napster, Grokster, isoHunt and Limewire software also didn’t do your own thing, such as the court ruled that they violated the copyright still.” Professor at the university of Richmond intellectual property Jim Gibson Gibson (Jim) also commented: “even if it’s just to help users obtain other web site of the existing video files, Popcorn Time could still be sued in the name of ‘joint and several liability.” This means that, even without doing anything, but intended to aid the copyright infringement behavior of the service is illegal. Gibson said: “if they know themselves that they are promoting the spread download, copyright protection the behavior of the film, then do it intentionally still more, that they are really in trouble.”

law is imminent, the threat of Popcorn – Time. Se have to research new defensive measures. About a month later, the team announced they will launch an app. The application use the same kind of P2P BT protocol update TV movie list and distribute films, to promote traffic from users, but not limited to the central server. This means that even if the domain name and other central facilities have been dropped, it is still available. In the second stage, the application will be updated automatically by the P2P download function, at the same time, the team will also by encrypting the signature technology to prevent the spread of malicious code. Wait until all update measures in place, Pochoclin said: “only the user can decide our life and death. As a result, Popcorn Time the pace of progress will be unstoppable.”

but even Popcorn P2P structure development of the Time can be invincible, developers are still vulnerable to the law and the criminal charges. Of Sweden, for example, the Pirate Bay founder because successfully operates the largest and the most popular bittorrent sites and prosecuted. The United States are trying to put Megaupload founder Kim Dotcom (Kim Dotcom) from New Zealand extradition to the United States to accept the charges of copyright infringement.

now, Popcorn Time developers rely mainly on their unknown web hosting company to ensure that anonymous, but this is almost not bulletproof strategy. Pochoclin said: “we’re just anonymous, not hide. I guess our hosting company clearly know who we are, but they should not give us information to others. For us, this is enough.”

as the Popcorn exploded in popularity of the Time, they may soon see whether these defensive measures to against the attack of the motion picture association of America lawyers. Pochoclin probably is cute, but he/she also set up some terrible enemy.

Source: Wired

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