Down and out person: he believed that a year from his liabilities to the elite

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cloud network hunting note: a truly accomplished people, must be through the dilemma grinding, through various tests, coruscate gives different luster. Jayson Gaignard is nothing more than this kind of person, he cast together with the disappointments in: business partner treachery, company funds frozen… . But he didn’t change good faith character, have the courage to invest their own contacts, finally founded MastermindTalks successful counter attack.

Jayson Gaignard feel really bettered up shit creek. Credit card bill is too high to high again, the pages are turned over for a long time. He looked at those Tickets with their own online ticketing company of Canada related transaction cost record, in one fell swoop meng, completely is zhang two monks confused, he don’t know how these transactions.

for the simple reason that he did not approve these transactions. In fact, his business partner to calculus, stole Gaignard credit card $120000 worth of tickets, and secretly sold, and left him holding a sky-high bills, clean up the mess too busy to deal with.

however, the house leaks that night when the rain, it was only the beginning.

after the theft, payment processing personnel of the company adopted a policy of the inexplicable changes, reset Gaignard permissions, made it clear that he has no right to call the Tickets Canada reserves account in operating income.

overnight, his money income shrink significantly. Explain, processing personnel, before Gaignard account was thoroughly review (necessary because people previously made similar mistakes), the Tickets Canada funds will be frozen.

in other words, in just a month, Gaignard watched the original 5 million year company into a backwater, oneself still back the debt of 250000, because he has often use personal credit card to fund the company most of its business. And to make matters worse, he has to raise daughter was born for four months and just a month after the wedding. He recalled, “seems to be all the bad things happened in together, I feel almost be overwhelmed.”

in a twinkling, three years later, the 30-year-old Gaignard already debt pressure drop, and host the packed MastermindTalks activity (a only invited entrepreneurs can take part in the high-end activity, is committed to the formation and expansion of world-class talent communication network as well as to help the founder through contact world-class entrepreneurs/include leading experts to improve themselves). But said it was the success of the transformation is easy, it must be a joke.

“I have a ferrari, but suffer from gas”

in Gaignard into excellent TED speech before the host, profound self-examination is to improve the original method. Drop out of school, he is 17 to become a car mechanic, Gaignard suddenly woke up.

“one day lunch time, I carefully analyzed the average life expectancy for americans. People always say that, we’ll live forever, but when I personally witness the passing years, realized that they must change.”

and so on that day, he quit his job, began his career: a concierge company to provide comprehensive services. He often to do one thing personally submit concert tickets (evening dress), and ticket sales quickly became the most profitable business.

so Gaignard determination to become a network ticket sales, the Tickets for Canada also was born, and quickly achieve annual sales of $5 million.

this, he became a winner in life, career and money double harvest, but not everything is perfect.

he said: “I don’t like this business, or the whole industry are not keen to it. Although my income is the 22 times of the national income per capita, but did not get the same happiness.”

he decided to sell the company. But didn’t have to wait and implementation, the nightmare is coming, not honest business partner seriously damage the interests of the company, cash and frozen. He is under pressure, but the bad news is coming one by one. In the end, Gaignard renal failure caused by high pressure and has been hospitalized. He is only 70 pounds, whole person looks weak. To this, he helplessly say: “I have a ferrari, but with no gasoline.”

life-changing moment, have the courage to try is the way

in October 2012, the darkest period, namely the Gaignard a friend invited to attend a legendary and marketing experts and writer Seth godin two days close communication activities. Activity is the theme of the “economic” connection (pa), the theory is that cluster has great value in the like-minded groups.

Gaignard said: “it’s a simple idea, but it fundamentally changed my opinion of interpersonal relationship building.”

as a result, he began to believe the above subject. After the activity, he immediately go home, presided over the now famous Toronto joint Dinners. The dinner attendees from Gaignard refines social circles to entrepreneurs. He build communication platform for the appropriate population of goodwill objectives and quality assurance that the activities of the dinner they often praise highly.

best-selling writer of books (and joint Dinner before the attendees) James alto cher explicitly pointed out that the activities that Dinner was his only accept the invitation, because I know this is not something that can change my life.

said accurately, Gaignard personally attend every dinner, spent a lot of energy to prepare, and carefully to determine the guest list, group number, restaurant location even communication itself. Everything is carefully planned to let every one enjoy the present life a great experience.

the party has just started, the costs of it is still not high. Gaignard (income remains heavily) each party to own, would be about $600 to $800. This activity only say that it’s no use, but under Gaignard is big bets, and firmly believe that reliable business relationship can bring incalculable value.

he said: “I rarely participate in the dinner. Because they are always remarkably full, eating opportunity rarely (but I completely indifferent). My duty is to walk around, to ensure that everyone is in a conversation, and have a good time.”

a 8. “Bet”, of $40000 for possible

two months later (2013), he is on the “economic” bet on a larger scale. It is the result of a writer and entrepreneur Tim Ferriss troubled. At that time, the state (the nation’s largest bookstore chain) has ordered its 1100 stores forbid Ferriss’s new book “4 hours become chef”, because the latter are published a new book on amazon. The fact is that he hopes the book known as soon as possible, however, the traditional distributor a reluctant to acting.

all in desperation, he can only put all your eggs in one basket. Ferriss revealed that he is willing to do anywhere in the United States or Canada invited speech, as long as you can batch sold 4000 books. Gaignard made a bet, he told Ferriss, that he will buy all the books.

that apparently only one problem: to buy these books need to $84000, and Gaignard not the money.

but it also indicates Gaignard become high-end middleman is almost assured. Within two days, with the help of his existing communication circles raised the money. With money in hand, and his hand is enough, to buy books, and then a careful reading, think about the theme of this book.

Gaignard still is very poor, but this time he had a spare ace: Ferriss (one of the world’s most popular speaker) activity of commitment.

operation and reliable business relationship, to reverse the life predicament

in a word, Gaignard action quickly. Book after a few months, he to Ferriss purport of the book for subject successfully hosted the first MastermindTalks activities. There are emotional joining the Ferriss and Gaignard could easily to carry out a large meeting, and then make a lot of money to pay off debt. But on the contrary, he chooses to double down as a reliable relationship.

details, activities for the first time he choose from more than 4200 participants to apply for the 100 attendees, and answer phone calls on all purchase tickets. And once he felt choice not appropriate, immediately a refund. The first year, he returned the 12 tickets, lost more than 43000 yuan. Once again, to say the Gaignard betting on relationships, money can only be sidelined.

Gaignard critical quality behavior eventually achieved incredible success. All are with those potential participants to curry favor with him, still struggle to pay a $6000 ticket (I have seen), and for up to five digits of the guest speakers are usually the one you. At the end of the day, discrimination because other activities the speaker and attendees of the good and bad are intermingled.

so far, he served on the MastermindTalks the New York times best-selling author a. Jacobs, fund managers and entrepreneurs Altucher, nutrition company founder of Onnit Aubrey Marcus, 1-800 – Got – executive coach and former chief operating officer of Junk Cameron HeLuoEr DE, Bulletproof Coffee, founder of Dave Asprey, writer esther riel, and other world-class entrepreneurs. And their famous and attracted more and more people with lofty ideals.

the first MastermindTalks activity is carried out to the smooth (has been stagnating also keep up with the money), exaggeration to say that it is in the increasingly fierce business areas rushes out a piece of day, is worthy of success. In the second activity held in May 2014, the same funds gradually drained, Gaignard financial situation is also improved a lot. On May 1, and this activity is still the bestselling (ticket was soon picked up), attracted attention, even he signed on as activities in the pit was partners topic is hot. Gaignard or rather respect attendees, of course, just because the cancel this year some of the activities sites, give everyone a $1000 cash as compensation. Only one due to the upcoming a product launch declined this good pleasure.

although Gaignard is still in debt, but now he felt richer than before.

he concluded: “many people don’t have to run their own business relations, because they don’t have any return on investment of related to confidence, perhaps this is what most people don’t take it too seriously.”

but Gaignard must also seize this opportunity to (swim) for successful. Can say he is in the case of losing everything held such a world-class entrepreneurial activity, is by accumulating with the contacts.

in the end, he wrote, “when you fell to the bottom life, remember to keep the two things: tell the truth and business relationships, never tell a lie, and always invest own networking, because this card often have unexpected effect.”


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