“Double horse” gather Snapchat: ma also play “relieve the state of zhao by besieging the state of wei”

(compile: a small white horse relief yi)

cloud network hunting note: financing is not only to see how much raise money , more important is whose hands from financing . In addition to provide the necessary funding to maintain continuously startups to steady growth, choose good investors can lead to better business relations, open the door to new market and so on.

Snapchat thunder again let alibaba robbed (may be intentional), () is said to be the latter in the latest round of $500 million in financing of Snapchat contributed $200 million.

this is not the first time for trading and the two companies together. Bloomberg reported in July last year, both sides have to potential investment began to negotiate a $10 billion valuation. This message can be leaked from SONY company E-mail confirmed – including entertainment, SONY’s chief executive officer and board member of the Snapchat Michael linton (Michael Lynton) and outgoing mail. But, so far, no any confirmation of the above fact.

so, people wonder, why alibaba group, a Chinese online retailer, and become the largest ever IPO last year, to a messaging applications of main burn after reading are so interested in? And alibaba can bring Snapchat what benefits?

the outside there is speculation, but one thing is very notable, that is alibaba in the absence of the Chinese social applications market (of course, if you remember the words, then you can say ali is not in the field of social backward). It is no small for alibaba group business failure. With rich is capricious, alibaba has put a small part of the bet (compared to the huge wealth that “bet” do not big) in a certain message application – don’t forget to Tango alibaba last year invested $215 million in this matter.

could limit message application

understand alibaba great interest on the application of the message is the key to understand its rival tencent’s message application – WeChat absolute dominance in China, even WeChat internal network in fact can be seen as China mobile.

is going to find a friend to chat, or a group of friends to chat? Use WeChat together. Want to upload photos to share with friends to travel but don’t have to cater to Facebook type algorithm? Then try WeChat. Hope to relatives and friends during the Spring Festival hair red envelopes? WeChat can help you. Add a new business contact network? Or use WeChat. Take a taxi, WeChat can do it. Order a meal, WeChat can also be completed.

and so on, the function of micro letter an expanding…

as with 500 million active users worldwide WeChat, there is no doubt that message application market in China is ahead. Application in the past, the news has just started to sprout, alibaba miss this opportunity. Now alibaba has been trying to through their own chat application into the market, but still unable to shake WeChat in the position in the market. And the launch of alibaba in the latest effort is designed for small and medium-sized enterprises to build “nailing” message application. Although say now, but you can be sure of is this application will not be a second micro letter. WeChat, one and only one.

micro letter may be said to be China’s most popular network communication tool, but its strength is still not enough to affect the alibaba in the absolute position in the field of electronic commerce.

last year, tencent invested in alibaba’s rival jingdong online mall, and the jingdong mall service built into the application of micro letter convenient user directly on the jingdong shopping. Then this built-in service is open to any retailer — and a new concept once again swept across the country, micro letter here is one of the main application.

even so, shake the alibaba group is not so easy. However, in China, the mobile Internet platform is in the primary stage of the country, any success is possible. Of course, if alibaba to have WeChat such application, it is sure to be a huge strategic assets of the company and increase the yields on mobile. Although we know alibaba phone taobao client relies on its own strength has been a great success, but if we can add the success of an application, it is.

considering the advantages of this layer, alibaba message application always miss — it’s no exaggeration. In fact, alibaba’s eager of love lead to its valuation in last year to 10 billion invested in a native American news application to Tango, but could not ignore the Tango fundamental not only broaden the any international market, and also in WhatsApp, Line, WeChat and other popular competition USES the actual situation of seeking survival of the margins of society.

but Snapchat, on the other hand, is a very good candidate, but also can be said to be the world’s most popular startup. Snapchat didn’t provide a specific user, but it is believed that the application in the United States has more than 100 million active users. Snapchat logical to become one of the most popular application of the United States, this market is few in alibaba.

possible joint: e-commerce

on the other hand Snapchat cannot be used in China, on the other hand, micro letter in social networking/messaging market foundation is solid, so obviously most likely direction of cooperation between alibaba and Snapchat is e-commerce.

Snapchat early into people’s horizons, most people know about it is only “pornography”, but Snapchat already no longer confined to the today’s development.

“discovery” (Discover) the introduction of the function to Snapchat platform for the exchange among the media — of course this is a legitimate function – a CNN (CNN), MTV music television network) and the national geographic provides rich content. Although “found” online time to less than a month, but there are already signs that this new feature attracted many young people’s attention in the United States, and this group of young users happens to be the majority of merchants that will compete for customers, and we value especially for retailers.

early Snapchat had received a tencent’s investment, a move that makes Snapchat a big step towards the development of message application. Snapchat, chief executive of Evan, nagel (Evan Spiegel) in his talk openly expressed his admiration for Asian news application way to make money of love – through digital content, games, business, media, etc. A variety of ways. These business models more or less affect the evan for Snapchat future plan to product development and the liquidation plan, especially when tencent became its investors.

Snapchat first commercial development on the horizon, that is “pay function”. The company launched Snapchat service last year. At that time, many people speculate Snapchat will use Vemo model for P2P payments, but the development potential of the future, it will more than that.

WeChat, Line and Kakao Talk last year are launched their payment services, including the development of the genus WeChat’s most high-profile. Except in WeChat custom shop to buy, WeChat can also be used to pay bills and other costs, daily life not only such, WeChat a taxi is the integration of China’s most popular applications.

in contrast, alibaba, the pace of enter the American market is very cautious. Last year, alibaba launched 11 main, a pilot of e-commerce sites, but has yet to achieve substantial results. Obviously, for any young people in the United States as the main body in the consumption of companies, Snapchat is a platform full of potential, but can you give alibaba to bring into the United States power is hard to say.

rich, after all, good business

the alibaba investment activities behind the relationship is very complicated. In addition to establish an empire of electricity, we can’t really see alibaba what other reason would become such a huge strategic value investors. For alibaba, this has been invested in the United States Quixey, Tango and Lyft, and injecting capital into India market recently, and in Hong Kong, Taiwan set up funds for big group, perhaps for Snapchat early investment is the expansion of globalization.

you might guess, alibaba investment bet of a wide net type ways message application makes Tango, the founder of frustrated. Considering the new join alibaba portfolio Snapchat is more conspicuous competitiveness, Tango can continue to keep much attention is an open question.

also, if two men ride on a tiger, Snapchat introduced tencent’s main rival at this time may incur to this only big penguins. Competition between tencent and alibaba never stopped, often take a strategic investment to hit each other’s business and equity interests.

tencent, at least from the point of the current state, it runs the world’s most advanced, most influential chat application, is a wise investor mobile message application. And alibaba, achievements in all its glory, is not in the field of e-commerce and payment outside of the vertical business – the real success in the mobile terminal, the cloud, messaging, and banking sector is still in its infancy, either have either stagnated.

if you want to explain to Snapchat investment behavior, the simplest answer is perhaps alibaba is holding its capital betting on the current science and technology industry’s most popular on startup. A familiar with alibaba, people familiar with the proposed the theory, he said, you might think that essentially, the $200 million investment is a tactical rather than risk a game, but who can fully distinguish the boundaries between the two?

so, what do you think, alibaba investment Snapchat is tactical or risk game?

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