Doraemon pocket: together industry experts pay q&a C2C platform

(text/Wang Saiying)

from product positioning, doraemon pocket is a paid voice video service class C2C electronic business platform, functions and processes, and hunting cloud network reported similar more half a month ago, but the difference is, doraemon pocket online time earlier, and in addition to the site end, also launched the android and IOS.

founder doraemon pocket MeiYiMing convective cloud network said when companies in the development of new projects, often encounter some of the company staff are not good at a particular niche, and then go to search on zhaopin, who has the skill of the resume and phone calls about to meet at a restaurant, the solution consulting problems to pay 200 yuan. Later by this model is to develop a web site to solve the pain points. And after this model in product development constantly get new members, such as doraemon pocket Internet telephony consultant (huawei staff, in June 2014 as a part-time join doraemon pocket).

doraemon pocket team think, as long as doraemon pocket to carry out the good safety and convenience these two requirements, knowledge transaction both sides won’t over the product to contact in private. Buyers and sellers trade security, the platform provides transaction server side of the audio recording, when trade disputes, platform security arbitration system (need to pay 50% of the arbitration fees, each side to pay for the cost of the arbitration process) through the entire speech (text) records as evidence to resolve disputes, users to ensure fair judgment.

one-to-one + save time cost
There are specializing in, through the platform of mutual complement each other, in order to the common currency of money to do media enable people to get, can make the society more efficient operation. Doraemon pocket one-to-one mode can avoid mixed and disorderly and uneven solution, thus effectively the problems from the breadth rather than depth to dig the essence of the problem. Real-time online demand an immediate answer, in order to avoid the user delay cost more time.

billing system users will buy it?
In today’s Internet free economy, most entrepreneurs tend to be the wool in pigs and dogs to pay mode, and doraemon pocket on the business model of entrepreneurial culture in the form of payment at the beginning of the user, the author thinks that actually do exactly the opposite of the way is in training the user habit, and this is a way to build a benign ecological system. To use the concept of KK, have poor knowledge service should be to collect fees, free economy concept is the nature of the Internet would be general information for free, with personalized service.

not only that, as people to professional knowledge acquisition range and accuracy of the increase of demand, pay the way seems to be more attract more high quality experts to participate in solutions, also, pay the accuracy of the question and answer platform to get the answer, better quality, timeliness and service attitude. The author thinks that in the robot platform for the business model, only let the user feel on the platform to pay to get twice the result with half the effort they will buy it.

question-and-answer products may already is not a new concept for users, both at home and abroad are also some products such as baidu knows, zhihu, will appear, but paid for niche products currently does not see more, doraemon product model the author on the pocket, as previously mentioned, however, in today’s free economy, users can accept the payment system remains to be seen, it is also for product promotion to overcome an obstacle.

the doraemon pocket was established in 2014, the team size 12 people, founder MeiYiMing is a serial entrepreneur, used to be a vertical carpooling railway station project, MeiYiMing thinks, startup founder of test is more for the product evaluation and their ability to localize the inspiration of this assessment is not a simple, but through some competency skill mastery of product in the future direction and predictions.

doraemon pocket prophase development operating funds provided by the founder, due to limited funding the disadvantages such as project progress is slow, so has been officially launched a new financing plan, hope to finish the financing before October 2015.