Door-to-door beauty O2O beautiful angel to obtain 10 million yuan of China capital investment

women beauty door-to-door service O2O beauty to announced it had completed the company 10 million yuan angel rounds of financing, the sole investment by China capital.

beauty was founded in December 2014, the headquarters is located in Beijing, belonging to the beautiful Beijing to wind network technology co., LTD., founder Chen Feng before baidu, head of the innovation development, also is “Broadway” and the sponsor of the game world.

beauty to mainly to provide door-to-door beauty services for high-end women consumers, solve the modern women due to busy with work and family care cosmetic problem. From the micro letter at the end of 2014 the public into service, beautiful to APP also will be fully launched in May 2015, which covers the iOS and android platform two.

as we have learned, at present the door-to-door beauty services there are some difficulties to breakthrough, domestic users are not used to the door to door service mode. Aimed at the status quo, beautiful to spending habits, on the one hand, to train users to advocate a kind of leisurely and comfortable way of life, on the other hand, to provide good training beautician beauty and strictly regulate the beautician workflow. At the same time, beautiful to equip the beautician with skin detector, essence import instrument, hair removal device, such as portable instrument and developed special techniques for according to the characteristics of the door-to-door service, narrowing the gap between door-to-door service and beauty salon.