Don’t use Apple hidden dragon Watch

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since Apple released the Apple Watch the magical enterprise with its mythical appeal enough the appetite of consumers, so as to be the much-anticipated Apple Watch once listed, although the price does not poor, still not surprisingly again again again again trigger a buying frenzy, and pain make the street lane.

in fact, in terms of smart watches or wide and extensive land for all wearable intelligent device, Apple Watch is definitely a epigenetic junior, but once the “reinvent the phone” as a slogan of the company on the tall, everybody for Apple Watch expectations are so high is completely understandable.

like Google companies find their Android is each big manufacturer for fragmentation disorderly way, specially to pay a Nexus son to demonstrate, we believe Apple Watch’s duty is to the eldest brother to education I how to standard to create a good wearable intelligent device.

so let’s hunting clouds ramble this week’s article is not to follow suit chanting “buy buy” don’t carry other media come round, today we talk about a common prospective customers on the concept of wearable intelligent equipment products.

believe everyone remember junior high school biology textbooks say, for organisms, is “structure decision function. , after all, is the compulsory education stage, anyway, we then teacher often hang in the mouth is – “the specific content of about this later when you have a big they will teach you”. But to now, I graduate, nobody told me that it was “evolution” under the proof of theorem.

I’m here for an example of inappropriate, heaving silk is mainly to eat pork, husband and wife lung slice to eat only lung slice, the main also can’t be mapo bean curd eat, so the “structure decision function” foothold in artificial product design level must be “function”.

we now understanding of wearable intelligent equipment are basically based on product designers how to understand what wearable devices should support the function. And these functions is a product realization, the product is the concept of industrialization is carrying. We say the so-called product style is different between different companies is their different realistic enterprise spirit, change the pop a bit little, is the “feelings”.

the industry first “feelings” I’m afraid Mr. Luo, sell “feelings” to send mobile phones, from spoiler has become an emerging manufacturers say one plus example, from the latest han dialogue one plus we suck up understands everything out the taste of sour, sweet, is not good, this is the “feelings” by the digestive process. So, no break no stand, all the broken is for the last stand. When we back to focus on wearable intelligent device was designed to look at her, and is the function orientation and development evolution is broken and the development direction of the state.

the first wearable smart devices in accordance with the standards of different I’m afraid it’s hard to say clear, but in the context of the current mainstream product line, the people most mainstream bracelet watches and intelligence is intelligence. What is designed in order to achieve the function of these products?

it is very simple.

is limited by restrictions on the size and weight, intelligent hand ring, and the main functions of the smart watch is common health monitoring and information. Take most of the early SONY Smart Watch, for instance, developed to today even if labor Apple Watch, its most important functions in summary are mainly provide time and matching equipment such as mobile phone preview of information push.

SONY Smart Watch have the third generation, samsung Gear Watch development to the seventh generation, also follow behind MOTOROLA Moto 360 and even LG Webos based highly customized Watch G R didn’t jump out of the circle.

plus ca change, the party is so small screen either square or circular arc even qu bing, drawings, whether for keyboard input space, it is destined to voice operation control and sliding tone did not change, with relatively extended speech recognition and equipment information push network data applications also destined to smart watches can hardly leave phone used alone.

say intelligent bracelet, in the end no matter how much emphasis on people-oriented, pay attention to health, its essential said broken day also is only a few sensors “ring” the territory of the shelter. Take millet hand ring, this equipment can appeal to a binding micro letter sharing fitness steps in fact as early as a few years, in the era of symbian has been packaged into sis file exists, at the end of the day but is a pedometer, and lashed step to gauge how much of your wrists some far-fetched, for an example of quite no moral integrity, wearing a millet band to play the plane is not anywhere, but will record you volume up the few steps, not letter can try oh. Besides sleep quality monitoring has to science, constitution differ in thousands ways, everyone needs to sleep mode and the amount of time is different, it’s sleep data and take phone flagship running points of different processors now as not completely according to the reference as contrast. What’s more, we have heard that to Apple Watch out to apply for the tattoo on his arm.

Apple Watch when I was in the design of the built-in identification function of the wrist, similar to Touch ID used to cooperate with Apple the realization of the function of Pay, but because of a tattoo can interfere with identification, so on tattoos wrist can only close the function and Apple Pay services. Such as heart rate monitoring of main function also must be closely contact can Watch body and skin, so have a tattoo wrist wear her data read will somehow failure, even as Apple of default from the wrist Watch will lock the Watch set on even the most basic of standby guarantee under the influence of tattoo.

related explanation and solution is not yet official, although after believe that should be solved, but how to say, this thing has been developed for several years, although apple are latecomers, but haven’t found so far as major manufacturers FEEL this kind of product.

the function of the watch is stable and reliable told time anytime and anywhere, schedule a time convenient for the user, the standby time and now two great natural ability of the three problem absolutely hindered the popularity of smart watch, we have said on the function of structure decided, now is the wrist that limited space is not very good implementation watches the so-called intelligent, because at present except with a look at the time of the habit and conveniently see push just catching up with relationships, manufacturers have also clear watch intelligent symbolization on earth is to bear what kind of functions.

back to talk about “feelings”.

on the media and consumers sought after Apple Watch cases, and the most broad spectrum by Apple accessories tie-in sales ideas, avoided the appearance party guidance is not a factor in the open.

with the progress of science and technology, our life more and more information, so all kinds of information push your step by step and changing our life style, in different social circles shuttle between the client increasingly become our essential standby state.

when light screen mobile phone is still not enough human nature, watch with a look at the features to give designers a new inspiration. But the human’s original intention is not to have human experience, the text video image are no matter how to watch the effect is much less than the cell phone, only from the Angle of see smart watch also is to have a fresh strength…”

and sensing this, personally, I think, for example, when the rage “the young child to accompany you to exercise” the thinking of the app better, bracelet from action on the standard controllability is almost not done, those who used to in the circle of friends shows data and what the doctor will check it instead of listening, asking and and on track… Fun and controls co., LTD., with reference value for the rest of the “feelings” and how much is left in good conscience…

may I say a little negative, but can’t, in fact each prospective customers in the mind all lived a virgo, we more picky, in fact, the real want to buy. This is the “feelings” some sparks in the collision between the seller and the buyer.

in this paper, in order to cooperate with the “feelings” tone so tall, just dare to use sixty-four hexagrams first divination of changes to match it. If life can be clipped to hidden dragon don’t use, see the dragon in the field, dry all day long, or jump in the deep, the dragon in the day, six like KangLongYou regrets. So smart now wearable devices still belongs to hidden dragon do not use this product cycle stage.

don’t use hidden dragon say is hidden things to watch began to benefit at next step. Intelligent wearable equipment manufacturers in the product line before making bad please think good active mind, think of your product idea by the way, so just forever all is worth looking forward to reinvent the smart watch this sort of thing happened.

I was just think apple people can see you in the dragon in the field such as “see adults” is also expect the noble appear first come to pass, but at least now apple is not.

as to the meaning of the four diagrams, after I will not say, I feel like I ching TuiBei figure such as traditional metaphysics is necessary to leave you free to explore space and stopped. Not just for the sake of “feeling” is to mind.

the Apple now Watch looks very beautiful, but the whole wearable intelligent equipment there is still a long way, don’t use state or in a hidden dragon.

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