Don’t need to install the GPS drones, Skydio realize the dream of $5000, with $50

cloud network hunting note: unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) has made significant development in recent years, the application prospect of a good, the aircraft start-ups Skydio great success! However, how to successfully get rid of the GPS, realizes the unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) autonomous navigation; How to use smart phones instead of heavy remote , let “myth” civilian , there is still a long way to go . please follow below cloud network editing your hunting together , how unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) developed step by step.

from CES broke several big news this year is all about companies in major achievement in the field of technology, and unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) will be the direct beneficiaries of these achievements, can help them be familiar with the surrounding environment, perception and avoid obstacles. These breakthrough by some as Ascending Technologies, as a good momentum of development of unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) manufacturing company and making use of semiconductor giants like Intel, to become more feared. Last week, in a small park near the San Francisco bay, I witnessed a mission of unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) is how to perceive objects and avoid obstacles. Start-up companies, in fact, it all started with drones Skydio, but drones with me in the race of the high-tech sector to see other things, give a person is very impressive.

Skydio three founders from MIT. Adam Bry and Abe Bachrach was computer and artificial intelligence laboratory at MIT robust robot plan members, trying to explore without GPS guidance can achieve autonomous navigation of aircraft manufacturing method, the ultimate goal is to create a fixed wing aircraft, only with a laser rangefinder could fly automatically around the bay area. After the Project, Adam and Abe joined a secret drone Google X department Project Project Wing team. Design and manufacturing can fly over Australia Delivery Drone aircraft wind flying unmanned concept (skateboard).

a year and a half later, Adam and Abe left Google X division, they and the MIT media lab’s Matt Donahoe together to create a system, with this system, exists in ordinary smart sensor chip and also can to aerospace drones powered. Now Skydio, has been used in the covert action for nearly a year, and get $3 million from Andreessen Horowitz and Accel financing.

on the market at present most drones are rely on GPS to stable flight, some even to rely on GPS signals to navigation or track. Once lost GPS navigation, they can become a headless flies, appear very helpless, can’t see the ski tree, performs the task of camera when also can’t avoid these trees. If an ability to them to correct the wrong way, and make them have sense and avoid function, they will be much safer. In addition, also can let more powerful automatic aircraft, the aircraft successfully avoiding obstacles. To do this, lay on the grass of the uav can lie there all the time only.

at CES, we all can see the finish the project, the investment is not a small number. But Skydio betting they will be able to use the most common camera, can achieve uav autonomous navigation and have the ability to avoid conflict and without the laser, we see at CES sonar or camera depth of field. “Our goal is to put the need to use $5000 to do do it for $50” CEO Bry said. “We firmly believe that dream of the day will become a reality. This is an extremely rich database, just on the algorithm of changing. And computer operations such as fly, the algorithm also come in handy.”

Skydio demonstrates to us their unmanned aerial vehicle (uav), is a four axis machine prototype, it USES two miniature camera to video streaming into Intel a small media center. In general, unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) is using GPS to determine the direction, but this device without GPS. After taking off completely open wings hovering at a designated place, its balanced ability compared with ordinary device that I have ever seen, can be more. “It can do depend entirely on the image information from where we get.” Donahoe explained. First pass me by unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) is called “Magic Wand”, as long as the phone on the uav can carries on the operation, the two sides over wi-fi to connect, click open starter can launch control screen, the user then arm where unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) followed goes where. They work very well, with me in any “follow me” unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) CES test, compared to more simple interface.

“now here’s this is the command prompt an unmanned aerial vehicle (uav),” said Bry, he held a controller for the remote control aircraft, it has two lever and a large number of buttons, and switches. “If you are an expert operator, and through training, must be able to use the unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) take pictures of the people the praise and video. We have to find ways to popularize this technology, but the intuition tells us that only to have used this technique in smartphones, to really be geared to the needs of all the public.”

because the technology is developed on the basis of computer vision, then Skydio system will undergo some test, for example, to see it in poor lighting conditions or can also run in the rain and snow. “This is a kind of intuitive products,” said Bachrach. “If a person watching the video, don’t know what playing in the video, so in the same way, the software also don’t see the video content.”

I asked Skydio team, to what extent to uav system such as development, can we use them to realize their commercial value. One over ten thousand of the crash rate is ok? Or one over one million? System for the first time “to be honest, absolutely can’t be perfect,” Bry said, “but at the moment to average consumer, nothing can take advantage of the good machine. Unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) came out, there is still better than nothing.” Their original idea is to make sense and avoid technology unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) guarantee the safety of the aircraft to avoid obstacles. With aircraft development better and better, believe that with the help of the FAA, it would be better), induction and avoid technology will be applied to more autonomous areas, for example, give the children shooting video or the length of a football field inspection roof leak (see which place need to trim), and so on.

“want to unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) development to the point of reaching perfection will have a long way to go, but I personally think that in five to six years cheap version of uav autonomous navigation will be completed,” said Bry. “They could observe the world, and know where they should go to, also know not where to go in order to avoid trouble.” But, unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) is likely to crash, although sounds like alarmist, but also by no means impossible.”

Source: TheVerge