Don’t light at silicon valley, the data reveal the Los Angeles business circle

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Los Angeles start-up in 2014 ushered in the year of a history. In the securities and exchange commission and all kinds of media information, last year, the whole business start-up financing amount more than $3.04 billion, almost three times was $1.055 billion in 2013. Besides Snapchat giants got $486 million in financing, there are more than 250 start-up companies got their seeds or subsequent chakras related investment, including the financing amount is more than $100 million, 172.

the financing activity, not only out of situation is gratifying. TrueCar and Rubicon finally ushered in the IPO. More than 80 companies to exit. Conversant (2.2 billion) and Internet Brands (1.1 billion) have created a $1 billion purchase amount. Open project exit amount has reached 5.889 billion, up 430% from 2013. It is no wonder that the famous silicon valley entrepreneur, best-selling author of from 0 to 1, Peter Taylor has been mentioned in Los Angeles entrepreneurship environment be underestimated as a whole. As he responded to the Los Angeles times in an interview, if regional entrepreneurial ecology such as stock, “I’ll be short” buy Los Angeles, New York.

not good performance of funds, Los Angeles, the overall business environment in the development of so many. In addition to more incubators, Shared office space is booming, such as south Carolina area each year of graduation project technology and design talent is more than northern California, become the important factors for the development of entrepreneurial ecosystem conscience. Even the mayor of Los Angeles Eric Garcetti’s proud said that 2014 is the science and technology in Los Angeles, because startups explosive growth, the employment pattern of the Los Angeles area become healthier, reduce the unemployment rate to 2%.

from $2014 in financing data, main areas of Los Angeles start-up companies active in social (21), health (12), property (13), software services (35), electricity (30), digital media (26), mobile phone (27), advertising (21), consumer service (26), the game (18), several sectors such as fashion (10). Comparing data from 2013 and 2012, Los Angeles and silicon valley, New York and other innovative entrepreneurship active area than in social, electricity, digital entertainment, the characteristics of health care pattern has been laid.

in addition, the 2014 Los Angeles business circle displayed more new idea.

advertising technology innovation again

gathered a number of media, creative talents with the data analysis of Los Angeles, innovation of the advertising industry has always walk in the forefront of the world. The pioneer of the early before the Los Angeles can breed “pay-per-click” this save Google advertising fee model, in the later media, technology, channels of innovation but also emerge in endlessly.

true [X], is a implant before using the technology in the theme content floating of video advertising platform. After $6 million in financing, and finally in 2014 sold for $200 million Forbes in the 21st century. Ad Colony, focusing on the advertising on the mobile end video channel is sold for $350 million, and the price to the Opera. Not to mention we mentioned before, in 2014 the Rubicon Project nyse listing. After listed, the company more than $13 million. It focus on advertising, buying and selling of automation. The company’s advertising business automation cloud computing platform is an extension of software platform, the platform can support and optimization of digital advertising real-time transaction between buyers and sellers in the market.

MCN (multi-channel network) to shine

in March 2014, Disney for $500 million acquisition Maker for Studios, again to Youtube under the ecology of multi-channel network platform. MCN (multi-channel networks) refers to the relationship between multiple and YouTube channel with affiliate entities. Provide products, such as network red people, capital, cross promotion plan, partner management, digital rights management, profit/sales and/or development etc. With the help of the audience.

before in this area is one of the most famous case, by dreamworks in 2013 to $33 million for the Awesomeness of TV. And Maker Studios also focus is to help the network of people to create and distribute content, they on YouTube subscribers, more than 80 million page views per month more than 1 billion times, channel covering more than 1000.

in addition to the Maker Studios, the relevant type of startup performance are also common. About food MCN TasteMade raised 25 million; Serve the latino community Mitu raised 5 million; There are other in view of The market segment All Def Digital (5 million), The Young Turks (4 million), Omina Media (500000) is quite popular with investors in Los Angeles.

in addition to the previously mentioned Maker’s luxuriant exit, StyleHual also be RTL Group, a strategic stake in 17 million, while BigFrame focus do grassroots star broker company to the price of 15 million to become the dream works with the MCN companies.

electric business platform for power

in Los Angeles, Mark Suster a pillar industry of 3 c (social, content, electricity) theory, SnapChat has with his 10 billion high valuation of social supporting the Los Angeles area in the field of half; MCN and advertising platform of innovation as well as the significant role in the development of content; Then electricity as Los Angeles has always been the advantage of project, remarkable achievements in 2014 also continued.

we have to mention a few shine electric company. Dollar Shave Club is the earliest monthly customization mode is famous company, it’s a month to send it to solve many of the male sex price of razor consumer demand. Relying on early service mode innovation, it do viral marketing on content quickly accumulated a large number of users for himself. Its financing result is $50 million this year, to help expand capacity and users. Is a blend of fashion and social elements of electric business platform Just Fab, on the platform at $39.99 a fashion item (shoes, and jewelry, jeans) where the price of many female fans. Financing of 85 million to help it in logistics, the development of products more stable. To provide vertical non-toxic Jessica el paso to participate in The management of maternal and infant products of electricity The could Company, The valuation is $1 billion. Melt in 2014 to $70 million, making The could The Company have to expand The international market style.

investment and financing environment for benign development in Los Angeles. Many people doubt that the rapid development in recent years the number of investment and financing the existence of a bubble. But in comparison, project valuation than north and is still a bit low. Although these years Los Angeles entrepreneurial circles appear constantly entrepreneurial talent and reputation of the investors, but local or lack of influential vc institutions and more money. With good form and continue to the emergence of entrepreneurship, believe silicon beach (Los Angeles) contend with silicon valley’s situation will not far away.