Don’t go to need to spend time cultivating entrepreneurial people

cloud network hunting note: startups need what kind of person? Morningside capital Liu Qin believe that stood on the mount Everest to see the world and stand in the sea or in reinforced concrete city to see the world, your horizons must be different. Small company looking for team don’t need to be management, to find the driving force, the influence by your Vision, people willing to join.

the following is a sharing of Liu Qin:

in the direction of the business strategy to clear, the most important thing is finding. Also is ray always mentioned yesterday the right time to choose the right person to do the right thing. Is the strategy for someone and want to both sides of the coin, why you can’t clear strategy, in fact, not the person you’re looking for. You will not be easy to persuade people. Because strategic thinking and the thinking ability of core competition and barriers will into a company needs to what kind of essential core skills, but the core skills are held by people.

the more thoroughly, so your strategic thought of planning need to find the person you describe more clearly. We sometimes tell a company has a DNA. What is DNA, DNA actually simple, my understanding is strategic thought through, organized a group for the strategic direction of a group of people who have that kind of specific skills. So for this matter, in fact very test your depth of thinking of starting my own business.

you find employees how you how

look for a person to must not easy, how much do you spend much energy and effort, and you to look for a person to care, I think everyone’s views, but I always remind us of the entrepreneurs of the fund investment, in fact you to look for a person to the importance of fully reflect on a lot of time and effort you spend on and your requirement for the quality, with your own importance is linked to this matter.

, for example, YY in 2008-2009 has a high-speed growth period, there are more than 20 times a year we users grow, but in fact the company’s team building is still very weak. Commissioned by the board of directors I persuade lei jun do the so-called executive chairman, the executive chairman is stem what of, is for someone. That year we found dozens of Microsoft jinshan Google all kinds of experienced player. Back to lei jun, the first year is 2010, the millet doing, actually playing. If we want to see if there is any so-called product, the product no. I think it’s in training team and training team for someone, but the team once entered, at a staggering rate. Look for a person to, so I feel is extremely critical, you should be enough attention.

to find the best people you can find

if you find that you can find as much as possible of the best people, I have an attributive, you can find the best people. Some people will say you, say the experience didn’t work for us, I’m not a lei jun. 10 months of 2010, lei jun called me that he is very painful, and a man talked about five days, each day 10 hours, I can’t persuade him to join. I’d like to speak with you lei jun is look for a person to also be very tough, I love you not because of who you call lei jun you experience JiuJiuBaShiYi entrepreneurship is not suffering, not because of who you are lei jun you can fit all alone. I think ray for startups always have enough fear the difficulty of do one thing and have good estimate.

I wanted to say mean, no matter how good you are, you have to as soon as possible to find the best people you can find around you. I think you are strong in this room, otherwise we wouldn’t throw. But their strong can appreciate others is very strong and have the ability to put the strongest people gathered together, this is called Leadership (Leadership). The leadership wants to be able to persuade people I have a watch: why I have a relationship and strategic? Do you want to convince a cow, he is ambitious, if your Vision is not big enough, even bigger than him, I think somebody else to join you are sick.

so you need to be able to convince some excellent people to join your team, first of all, for your strategic direction and your Vision can move him. Many colleagues speak very difficult, sometimes may be your Vision is wrong, first look at the world and you stand you stand on mount Everest at sea level or standing in reinforced concrete city to see the world, your view is different. I believe that wang chuan to join the millet, Zhu Shunyan join UC, is ultimately was struck by the company’s vision. So I share with you these small case are you around small case. Said I just want to tell someone to do not give oneself excuse me connections is not enough, I’m not the lei jun such outstanding entrepreneurs, actually to the difficulty in every body’s difficulty is the same. Just some people Vision more likely, can foil more ambitious people to join. I want to call for, look for a person to actually associated with your strategic thinking depth, it is associated with whether you agree with the value of the depth of others.

to find those who the driver

third, look for a person to this matter is the first step you establish company execution, there is a benefit that I share my feeling: I appreciate today’s Internet is a Lean Startup (Lean Startup). What is lean startup, I think there are several characteristics: because you are looking for is a man of the drive, the best management is no management, because he also played chicken blood than you want to make this event successful. Small companies looking for team don’t need to be management, to find the driver, he was in the influence of your Vision, he volunteered to join. In as little as possible, I don’t know how much, one may be ten people is enough, some 30 people, one may be more. If you are confident you find everyone is special forces, actually don’t need too many people. I compared against startup it takes time to find a help cultivate training.

5 years ago and today entrepreneurship is not the same place in where? Business five years ago this matter all have no that kind of impulse, today entrepreneurship is a sexy. You ask a lot of young people, is the best job in the 90 s to join the multinational companies, entrepreneurship is the best work today. I think this is a chance to give you to lead the first-class talented person does some things together. In today’s business environment, there is no experience necessary to recruit students, little by little training? If there is a choice, is looking for experienced high efficiency fast enough?

in this matter, I and some entrepreneurs have different opinions. My different opinion is not to cultivate people’s opposition, don’t mean that. I mean, for a small company now go from the train is too extravagant, if put the effort in to find good enough people? When everybody is good, in fact you don’t need a lot of people. One more, the efficiency is low, the thing was complex, less easy to break.