Domestic manufacturers “mouth” new height: Letv swear out the apple

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even if the smartphone market is already a boiling sea, jumped, however nobody still advance wave upon wave. This time, is Letv jumped down.

since late December 2014, jia the boss on his personal microblog, began to sell mobile phone topic again and again, as a number of weibo fans only to lei jun, Mr Luo, half of the “V” science and technology, and the discussion topic close mobile phone weibo comments, forward, but no less lei jun, Mr Luo, even worse, people to its attention. While under such attention, jia the boss is still fools, consult Daniel, discusses the current mobile phone almost everything can be in the consumer perception of pain points how to solve the problem. After winding, as a key battle in 2015 have had only, no joy as super phone also surfaced.

when Letv super cell phone into the wider public, the concept of nature has not lost zha jia boss domestic handset “marketing in the former, kill apple products in the back, points minutes” glorious tradition. Jia boss of music depending on marketing is also add enough horsepower. Subversion and perfection, the vocabulary by jia boss has repeatedly mentioned, this let a all the friends suddenly rich imagination, to imagine the phone how. Jia, of course, the boss will not forget using apple mobile phone on the flag. From the design of the iPhone 6 plus, gradually thorough, the pain of the hegemony of apple and its closed ecology to stifle innovation, deduce the apple does not accord with the future of the era of gradually. A apple empire was the setting sun at dusk, the thing of the past of drama in his boss’s latest “# # his letter to apple’s next generation mobile Internet is no longer needed despot” in a perfect curtain call. Le apparent at this point, of course, is a natural into subversives.

jia boss opine, encouraging words. Lup black silk ribbon scarf, and laughed, fly ash cigarette Qiang OARS. And all this with the the crossover, testosterone, elegance, with a hammer, intentions to smash the old world’s teacher and how similar. But his boss on the propaganda biro teacher or want more cow force, ROM. The teacher is just above the apple industrial design style and flattening system, while jia boss directly on the apple at the core of a closed ecological dry. In the class and all the players still in chasing the millet, pointing to samsung’s scold, jia boss witty see apple closed ecosystem, the disadvantages of stifle innovation, forecast, apple has empire is at stake. Jia boss that high, really hope of mo and domestic bosses.

of course, jia boss that high, to apple, also have their reasons. Not to mention reveal oneself confidence. This sort of MAO, the lads are no damage for jia boss, are all good. Prevailed, once and for all, kill the first day, natural is second to none, I save upgrade themselves have a waste of time and effort; Even if lost, also do not lose face, at least I courage, after all I am MAO is internationally recognized as the first apple? There is “princes and princes ning has a body?” And “dream to some, or blowing cow force, one thousand achieved? “These two words of inspirational quotes. And crucially, we have already accustomed to the domestically produced this kind of propaganda.

of course jia boss must also understand that, although in the extreme, the reverse, subversion, and to output the concepts, strategies, and feelings. But strategic, feelings, and consumers can be said to be independent. Consumers of a product is only in the present moment; On most of products are voting with their feet. Use English, I will continue to use; If, in that case, I’m sorry, even if your strategy is a plan to conquer the world, feelings is the dumping of the universe, for me is only another conversation after the meal, the ye now also won’t buy your product.

so after easily blow out cow force, also need to be down-to-earth to make good products, to obtain recognition of consumers. And make how Letv jia boss this “is not a phone, but a complete set of the mobile Internet ecosystem, with ecological pattern change mobile phone industry, to create customer value of the product” super cell phone?

jia boss’s answer was: in Letv “acme technology, complete ecological, double properties, half price, never make low-end garbage products” business philosophy. With Letv super phone “must make different luxury products and the best user experience; It or only a cell phone, but it is a mobile Internet ecosystem; Must create a new mode, to create higher customer value and to promote the progress of the “three a” industry requirements as a guide, to create open closed loop ecological, let “application platform + content + + terminal” chemical reaction taking place between each section; And adhering to use CP2C mode, let users to participate in the whole flow of each link, “dissatisfaction with ten million people, ten million people, ten million people research and development, ten million people, ten million people spread”. In plain English with gun which use the millet to apple’s head.

a good mode and concept, but be born? Whether have reached the standard of “three”, and whether can in the era of mobile Internet, redefining the traditional industrial age of the product? At least in jia the boss himself, must be beyond. Otherwise jia boss won’t under its weibo since said the words, cannot hide exciting start confesses.

we can from jia boss confesses to outline are visible to the music of the 7788 depending on the cell phone industry ID, screen size, cameras, mobile phones processor, memory, battery capacity and a built-in EUI beforehand.

on the mobile phone industry ID, Letv super phone will use the full metal fuselage, while to ensure that the mobile phone signal, solve the problem of “leucorrhea abnormality”, make the signal with thin, narrow and beautiful, to make full metal fuselage one integrated mass, a unit into o. Bring feel, texture, and perfect fusion signal, in the process and handle “acme does not super.”

in the most suitable for one-handed operation on the maximum size of perfect joy will correct the iPhone backward industrial design bring serious misleading. Letv super phone will use 5.5 inches without borders screen design, create the perfect one-handed operation experience. With jia boss own words “disruptive domestic one-handed perfect operation”. And it also can bring cooperation with based on the phone to try based powered tactile video experience. Do domestic one-handed manipulation of the extreme experience.

in the mobile phone camera, Letv super phone using 2.0 um giant pixels in the front-facing camera, BSI sensor, using wide field and large aperture, large pixels, improve the single pixel points into the light, improve weak light take effect, and the collocation of the so-called algorithm is the most advanced skin care. And then buy camera is invincible. May pixel is not high, but will have top luxury camera module, infrared filter blue glass, red circle lenses, carry so far the most powerful image processing chips, and will make the “automatic thinking”, and support 4 k video shooting.

in mobile phones processor, memory, battery capacity, data cables and unlock the screen: le see super phone will use the best chips and the planet will release LPDDR4 4 g large capacity memory operation. Use cascading battery design, make battery capacity of more than 3000 ham; Using the Type – C interface standard, achieves the data cable of double sides, inserted at will. Use the most understand his own way to unlock, also for data locked in the safest way. (specific is what?

and, on the more critical system ROM Letv claims its EUI will redefine phone UI system, keep the cell phone by intelligent era into the ecological era. With a core of EUI complete ecological system, the smartphone will change the soft hard couple, existing patterns. Letv with a majestic parallelism sentence to describe the EUI. I will collate the conclusion is: EUI is open loop, is leading the industry development, encourage the innovation of the high level of appearance of the next generation of UI developers. Is user interaction of ecological system, across different ecological, terminal nerve centre; Is based on the music depending on the ecological building more than a cloud across the terminal screen, screen, more extreme experience of man-machine operating system; Is the user and Letv ecological connection bridge. It is a complete Letv ecological “application platform + content + + terminal” extension of will and domestic Internet ecological, electric vehicles, Letv sports ecology perfect fusion produce fusion effect. Both cars and mobile terminals, such as TV, connection, and science and technology, perfect combination of art and the Internet. It would have fallen apple through the App when shaping the man-machine interaction experience constantly switching between applications caused by the sense of isolation, fragmentation, from intelligent era into ecological changes of The Times. The EUI pass through the App and App, the App and the connection between the UI system, make ecology anti, make EUI ecological interactions with the terminal hub, content, platforms, applications, interlocking between terminals. Goal is to simply back to the user, stop experience to the hardware platform to compromise, completely solve the homogeneity of hardware environment how to bring the real user experience problems.

after watching the above jia boss in the weibo for Letv super phone to yourself. Feel the battle, Letv already sewn. Because it is just a subversive, acme, against this in terms of the concept, make me a little excited, and the avalanche of EUI, is to let my surge of emotion surge. If the EUI can really achieve Letv description, Letv super cell phone that’s Fried day is cool. But if it is a body count on paper only countless copywriting victory, that is true only for and the boss of the Letv hehe.

in the mobile phone is going to San Francisco’s yerba buena center in the United States and China Beijing mastercard center released the last stage of preheating, jia boss is spare no effort on marketing. In one of the (XXX) let you suffocate fills up the topic, released, such as huang xiaoming, han hong, fan bingbing, cristiano ronaldo, tsui hark, Deng Zi chess, xiaolong zheng, huang jianxiang, TFBOYS confound stars for signals of the platform. With such a luxurious star cast to raising Letv super phone conference to the attention of audience and expectation.

as regards 2015 “have only, no” battle of the key, depending on the success or failure of super phone will determine enjoyed depending on the success or failure of ecology. Product marketing preheating is only a prelude, actual performance is the key. Fortunately, however, Letv super phone finally to meet with the public, all answer to a riddle will be unveiled. It is not super real gold is not afraid of red ingle, subversion, predict sentry before apple ecological dusk; Body count, or another paper practical common fame is a liar, let a person ha ha a smile of waste products. The truth is only one, remains to be seen.

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