Do you think that’s the end of the economic news? NO, it has only just begun

hunting cloud network reported on May 26

note: have you ever felt the development of The Times bring you convenience? Surely the answer is “Yes”. No matter when and where you are, and you can not feel disconnected, and the world? Of course! Message economic rise and development of the distance between people closer, narrowing the scope of world, let all kinds of information in your hand.

in a few short years, text-based communication way, has become a mainstream trend of both large companies and start-ups, even independent of application developers. Once were limited to face-to-face communication form, now, such as telephone, email has become a popular way of the social network, and of course, E-mail, SMS, instant messaging, mobile news feeds and other more social networking methods.

in today’s society, there are numerous alternative way of communication.

“you may now feel news development of the economy have nothing to say, because of its development is quite obvious; But if you think of the past few decades the development trend of economic news, you will find news development of the economy really is can be used as an example.” LivePerson founder and chief executive Rob LoCascio said (the company’s most famous product is a on its web site that allows companies to real-time chat conversations with tourists platform).

“the invention of the Internet is to will be able to search for content on a generic directory, you want to search for people of content; It does not achieve the connections between people. While the rise of economic news, otherwise the development of information technology started a new era, it can make people communicate directly with others anytime and anywhere, share with them a variety of content and messages.” Rob LoCascio said.

message as confused the economy itself and its development process. Information channel is more and more, the participation of more and more high, so that its growth is likely to be more walk more wide. So you before venturing into news economic market, you must first make sure you are entering is a what kind of market, it is very important for you.

here’s each application developers and brands need to understand the content of the information economy:

1, the time is the core of economic news

message economic development help solve one of the biggest challenges facing the current society, that’s a long time not enough use of state, you also have this kind of trouble. Had to pass information in the form of text, of the digital age, people can achieve faster and more convenient information communication.

“you can at any time at their convenience to send and receive messages.” LoCascio said in an interview. “You can choose according to individual hobby is one-to-one or group. This is entirely voluntary communication, it does not like social media with a “speaker” broadcast your related information to the anonymous audience.”

LoCasci in the interview, also pointed out that one of the most important is, economic news is very efficient; The demand of its exchange between people, rapid service and the speed of thought. To understand these, brand dealers should think with what method can let you want customers to make full use of their own time.

“if the speed of fast communication, can let the needs of different people, services and ideas for faster communication.” LoCascio said in an interview, “news economy represents a new” not share of the “economic development model, it is independent of the site; It also brand dealers provides a richer, more meaningful connections.”

2, realize the integration is the economic development of news the next great challenge

in many years ago, from your online order food at a local restaurant, you need to visit another page. At that time, many businesses find it impossible to rely on the network of any deal. But today, has various forms of information fusion, are provided by the integration of the user experience.

“form of modern information communication not only with the connection message sender and recipient, it is also in constant to strengthen inner link between the various information communication tool itself.” Ryan Cunningham said in an interview, he is a Clip Card products vice President. Take the food delivery, short of breath service is to provide a more experience.

fusion forms of information, the more the more can attract more customers

“I believe that in the future we will no longer to worry about is how to make people to use our application or browse our website, but are increasingly worried about how to make people and we provide mutual connection and interaction between service.” Cunningham said in an interview, “there will be less and less we mention acquisition, user viscosity as well as in the traditional sense of the production; We will be more when it comes to enhance our services provided by the transparency, let news economy went into people’s life.”

CM Telecom company news service allows companies to mix communication method is a perfect applies to any platform. The company’s NotiFire service can even allow the user to push messages sent through the mail. “Mixed message service is a combination of two big advantages, that is the message service it has huge accessibility, message delivery cost is very low.” Jeroen van Glabbeek mobile congress in Amsterdam (mobile business professionals to participate in the meeting) on said.

3, economic news is still in its early development, is a market opportunity

some observers believe that news only on the surface of economic market has developed already relatively mature, there is no market development potential; However, some in-depth understanding and investigation economic market observers argue that news news economy there are still many opportunities in the market; They can be implemented in the information economy market innovation, create new value, research and development of new development direction. Although have many big companies in this field, but innovation opportunity is still there.

“at the moment, it is hard to get the information classification clear, such as what information is private and what information related to the work, which is advertising information, what information is garbage information; In fact, with the development of the information function, there are many similar problems.” Qeryz analysis technology company founder Sean Si said in an interview.

in fact, is the trend of Si mentioned in the interview shows that more and more people in the use of information devices to search the information you need.

“message many aspects of the economic market I can’t make a clear affirmation”, Si said in an interview, “but people do use message platform to search the information you need, perhaps before the search information, may be search they can share some of the things, or search for something they want to see. Anyhow, no matter what they are used to search, we all know very well that it will swallow part of Google market.”

4, message economy is driving technology change, consumers do not need to change

for application developers and information service providers, the message is indeed a very good economic development paradigm, but it still has not reached the standard of customer needs, efficient information transmission, the standard is still a hope, are still not in the reality.

“message of economic development on the basis of the convenience of customers, because its purpose is to achieve the connections between people.” Trend research company Trendwatching, director of the Maxwell Luthy said in an interview, “the generation of information platform for mobile users now to provide a platform to quickly achieve contact.”

brands and application developers should remember that the message is the purpose of economic development in order to bring people together, with the information they need to connect them, reduce the distance between them. Technology is to realize this purpose.


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