Do you think 360 want to send your cell phone? Zhou Hongyi said a “cool” of crosstalk


what do you think 360 is finally released, mobile pattern Tucson, zhou himself said to difficult, so the hunters cloud network see only qihoo 360 and cool at the scene confirmed the phone name “cool,” slogan is “curiosity” to change the world. As for the mobile phone, that is did not even see the appearance, really is to be “gas” crying. But, fortunately, red leader zhou brought a wonderful crosstalk show, finally also announced “equity raise” the unexpected benefits.

clear to overcast day today, there is wind, cell phone ring is blustery, three mobile phone conference each morning afternoon and evening. So, this 360 brand conference invited three heavyweight honored guest, they are: pan shiyi, ren, Mr. Wang.

the first is the opening show:

marketing expert “Michael” of “A U OK?” Were playing bad, do not ridicule the how to transfer the atmosphere, then leader said again: “don’t say a few words of English, hubei chamber will not count machine”. As for conference speakers line was unknown before staff cut the stalks, true and false temporarily not available.

eccentrics performed:

female fans hope to be able to design this kind of mobile phone from the perspective of women, want to have beautiful appearance, perfect photo experience, beauty, thin leg… And so on, “the beautiful phone” be vividly portrayed.

when someone mentioned 360 special supply, hierarch helplessly say “which pot does not open mention which pot”, and then is the self-examination did phone too impatient, so the experience and lessons had been learned by hope fire makes sweet malt.

there is a high user because wrote an article on the proposal, is invited to the girl in red, he mentioned 360 attaches great importance to the user. The fact is really such, hunting cloud network show you the next link.

stand-up: yi said a

solicited online nearly 3000 questions about 360 mobile phones, ultimately selected need to answer one by one, since then, the girl in red open to make than a pattern.

1. The world is so big, why so capricious?

abandon ecological, entrance the rhetoric, leader think now user “discard”. In once a year, when the mobile phone turns into the arcade. So-and-so market pattern, let him think of apple, 360 own satisfaction to do a mobile phone.

2. The phone for several months, are you happy?
Sister, old paper surname “week”, would have been very happy to do special supply machine, this is very painful, because want demanding details. So happy than do the software and hardware and software BUG can modify, scalable, hardware update cycle is longer than the other. But in other words, happiness or process as a result, to choose which? Hierarch chose the results of happiness.

3. Your phone will allow uninstall pre-installed software, such as 360 mobile guards, ha ha.

if you don’t, nature can be unloaded, with 360 mobile phones, even 360 mobile guards, to kill to cut anything you need.

4 seconds kill apple, what do you think?

the reality is that they are studying the apple before doing your mobile phone. It must be admitted that apple is a role model, hope to learn apple, learning advantages, from this point, the girl in red is quite humble. I want to pay tribute to apple, but not only one apple in the world.

apple is said to be small investment companies in China, demand against apple, all kinds of down the apple. So “apple” kill leader is apple. If not, it can only say that ignorance.

5. Would you like some rice to sell futures?

is that futures, is the insufficient capacity. So find a cool capacity fifty million a friend. Hunger marketing users if you don’t like, then we won’t do it.

6. Mobile phone manufacturers to do mobile phone chain?

what hierarch torture called chain, I was speechless. So the hierarch satisfiedly say, 360 mobile phones to do only care to have the best experience, cleverly avoid talking about filling.

7. Rumours $5000 phones, can be cheaper?

hierarch excited to make a promise: “I can do mobile phone cheap, at the same time also can guarantee the bad phones are cheap.” Also accidentally spill the beans to the three phones, still can’t avoid custom, high school low-end three? Leader said at the 5000 level of configuration, but the price is far lower than 5000, or even been thinking about two questions, 1: free of charge. Leader said haven’t figured out the problem. Cloud network friendship tips, hunting Letv through the membership system appeared to realize the yo. 2. The hardware for free, according to the hardware costs to sell, basically can determine, 360 will also follow this approach to pricing, but really should be crying “gas”, now don’t even released a concept version of the mobile phone pictures, is there any significance to discuss the price.

8. Mobile phone industry, the biggest rival.

apple millet huawei samsung pusher is my teacher. Lei jun is the first person marketing, marketing guru. Huawei is mostly about technology, patent, cool history for a long time. If with Mr. Luo, absolutely not to let him take the microphone. The red sea to the blood, I share of the market is 0, so bare feet are not afraid of the shoes. That’ll understand for the biggest rival is yourself, if you don’t satisfied, it is have a problem.

9. What time, what is the biggest drawback

leader, according to the mobile phone has made three months ago, but, as a mobile phone is qualified, take out and another competition, is still not perfect. Leader is more pronounced: “machine” the emperor dropped today, if you give me a little patience, they will reduce the price.

as for the biggest drawback, such as the contradiction between large capacity and thin, and so on, so they will strive to balance, find a suitable position.

10. The die-hard powder have what said?

this is vague, but I made a promise, we keep looking forward to it.

as for supplementary questions link, always some poor. “What kind of appearance, function, characteristics would make you want to have immediately?”

cloud network hunting think, if you put “asking for money, or id card (this) and the national communication, key (smart home? Various forms of payment, wallet (). In addition, the author want to oval cell phone, want to consider, rectangular cell phone is really fed up with…

unexpectedly performed by

, pan shiyi, ren, Mr. Wang, please also to the scene. Carry a few mobile phones, good, bad, two of three of the mobile phone and do four mobile phone. Head had said make phone call to the fun, also want to do a mobile phone. At the same time, he also rubbished: Michael is the master of marketing rhetoric: “weak-minded, cheaper phones sell not marketing masters, pan selling houses more expensive is the master.” Tended to suggest that cell phone into a WIFI connector, apple mobile phone to surf the Internet through my WIFI, it is not (the work of the three carriers, were indeed give hierarch problem). Red leader just says I have to do a bit bigger to apple charging treasure.

pan suggest 360 phone call great, even given “but can small” tough demands. Somehow, the wind turn, becomes a “buy a house phone” or “buy mobile phones to send house” of the conversation. Ok, this is when a suspense.

mutual kua praised each some boring stand-up comedy

cool guo always on stage, the background wall appeared the story took place in dongguan, you smile. Praise each other rhetoric cloud network automatically ignores the hunting, the surprise is that girl in red came out: “we are on December first cohabitation, before May 1 to license” message. And then there is the main purpose of today, announced a new mobile phone brand “universal machine” cool: curiosity to change the world.

, etc., this is not the end, the final surprise is welfare, and red, unexpectedly announced equity the raise, you can make phone with investment Lao zhou. Some netizens calculation, assuming that the user spent 20000 yuan on cool, a few years later will get how much revenue? Refer to some rice, millet valued at $240 million in 1, valued at $45 billion today. Cool company now valued at $1 billion, if development close, a few years later will rise to 3.75 million yuan. What, the feeling is to buy a house in Beijing were so easy, really want to keep up with the said “buy mobile phones to send house”? SAO years, wake up, designs the Tucson, let alone development status and some meters, is also the initial $1 billion Settings too grandiose, let’s concentrate on work hard.

as to not let the brand name “monkey” this morning, is a worry, wukong is a monkey, it’s not being when the monkey the rhythm of the brush, determined to give up. Actually, hunting cloud network feel “strange” pretty good, sound is tall, dignified.

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