Do Internet financial: female CEO, petty cash only lend money to the college students

(text/Zhang Huiqian)

graduated from Cambridge university mathematics, the big four years work experience, in recent years, home business. Short sentence draw the outline of the CV of a not bad enough, but at present the wearing a simple grey T-shirt, wearing a low ponytail after 80 female CEO, talked about the first half of her life with a smile, expression is quite peaceful and cool. Because of respect for parents’ wishes and expectations, lived abroad for more than 10 years she chose to return home. And about entrepreneurship, Chen Lin that is natural thing, when there is a certain economic strength and the surrounding atmosphere, began to imagine there is no ordinary person is so difficult.

in those early days, master Chen founded Lin online network is to late game art and video online education platform, they also developed a “bully” for public class information gathering APP, but she also admitted that moving to the online education platform, the key is to realize the user interaction watch the course video, but because of technical limitations, the current cannot achieve this function, so the project is on hold now. Companies are from the original master online education technology co., LTD. Changes for the magpies financial services co., LTD. Transformation do petty cash as to why such a financial products for college students, in addition to the professional background of itself, but also because education products before do contact this group is more, students saw quite a wide range of market demand.

petty cash is a community for college students to microfinance platform in the mobile terminal of the financial, the broad sense, including graduate students and doctoral students groups. It requires the user to provide id number and id photo, sponsored by binding and and learning, to ensure the integrity of the user’s identity. Petty cash is different with other products, it is the main source of borrowing and other P2P platform for cooperation, the drainage of P2P platform to borrow money to satisfy users, so it is playing the users and P2P platform between the role of distributors. Channel development early, of course, was also involved in turnover.

the petty Jin Kaifang APP and WeChat public borrowing two channels, limit of $500 a month, interest-free repayment period is a week, but the interest-free repayment specifically indicated in the offer only to the undergraduate course colleges and universities and to push the effective coverage area. Lin Chen said this is the result of through various data statistics analysis, the undergraduate course colleges and universities students performance ability are relatively strong, and this is also our important part. JieKuanRi rate is 0.033%, which contains the alipay transfer fees, credit audit fee, account management, mobile phone YanZhengFei, matching service, client royalty fees, with a specific Numbers, for example, to 14 days after a $300 loan repayment of 311 yuan, 28 days after the payment of 328 yuan. Payments are too high to question to the author, Chen said Lin superficially, yes, but we the cost of collection is very single, all charges will be included in the interest of, will not charge any other fees, and interest-free within a week, I think emergency not save poor, according to the assessment, the term is reasonable.

the petty cash is mainly through the network to push and promotion products, to push now cover to hangzhou, Shanghai, xi ‘an three cities, while the Internet is open the sina weibo, and setting up a baidu post bar, watercress group, QQ space, almost to the mainstream of college students commonly used social networking sites are considered. As of today, the number of petty cash application has been through, but the proportion of enrollment and applications gap is still around 30%. How to improve the actual user scale is also one of the problems with the current. Questions about defaults, Chen Lin would not disclose the specific number, but she did not admit proportion is low. Appear this kind of circumstance, the company can understand the cause of the default, and to provide users with a part-time job opportunities, mainly as a petty king campus agent to push the propaganda work, in fact, a certain sense, this is a win-win situation.

the product of a single, stable growth lines, Chen Lin think this is the advantage of petty cash, because of the simplification also represents a product specialization and focus, market segment can be targeted. And she felt that although now also need to optimization, but the risk of petty cash control is better than similar products is small, because it is the stability of the user groups. When it comes to industry competition, Chen Lin very calm, you are now at the early stage, all need time to grope and perfect, we can only hope that you can now slowly on the basis of progress.

now do microfinance (including students) products are: jingle purse, lightning borrowing, etc., at the same time, college students in installment platform such as meow has also dabbled in college students in a virtual credit card loan credit lending.