Do fresh combination personalization O2O, sell “blended da” is a healthy lifestyle

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blended the dalai is the concept of a healthy lifestyle as fruit O2O platform, put aside in a single category sales fruit electric business model, combining a variety of fresh fruit to individuation custom-made solutions are put forward. Why to want from this Angle? Founder construction convective cloud network, the target user group “blended da” is the pursuit of quality life, white-collar workers have certain consumption ability, and the Internet practitioners, for them, there if I want to go to buy fruit, how reasonable scientific fruit combination collocation, such as whether the fruits fresh security multiple pain points, but it is the existence of the business opportunity for blended the dalai.

at present, blended the dalai is based on the micro letter platform development, opened a fitness test, package, etc. Users in use process, the first blended the dalai to users perform physical tests and fill in the personal taste preferences, and then a senior nutritionists will refer to these information carries on the reasonable collocation. According to construction, blended the dalai week, month, season three buy package, does not support individual purchase single day, finally to fill in shipping address, private tailored fruit order finished, just like that.

one of the interesting things, blended dalai will set strict limits on the weight of 260 grams of fruit. Is this why? Construction convective cloud network explained that after the offline testing, we know that the 260 g is within the scope of the adult daily intake of fruit, and guarantee the quantity will not become the burden of the body, we want the user to more pleasant to eat, and that is blended the dalai is a healthy way of life.

have to say, do O2O more important is that offline services and user experience, then blended the dalai how important link in the layout?

back to ultimately for blended the dalai fruit freshness and safety problem is the penis. So on safety and quality control, “blended da” their own senior purchasing, procurement was highest seasonal fresh fruit, avoid ripening fruits, and with reference to the aviation fruit health processes, strict quality management to source from the source to the end.

secondly in terms of logistics, blended dalai choose self-built logistics, in order to better meet the offline service link, the more favorable to develop user habits. Construction convective cloud network said that in the future, blended dalai will open to set daily distribution scheme, that is even more of a challenge for the self-built logistics, so the development of logistics tracking system will continue to make, for delivery timeliness and will have to cope with unexpected events.

so, compared with the similar fruit electricity market, the degree of differentiation of “blended da” is: 1) different from a single fruit sales platform, with senior procurement missions, dietitian, logistics team for the product, make personalized fruit combination, can say blended the dalai trafficking is a healthy lifestyle; 2) USES the relative to the traditional pattern of B2B, closer to the user’s needs. Construction, explains that go strong corporate users of B2B mode while the short-term benefit, enterprise users to cost too much care will influence the quality of product. Although the third party is not easy to handle to extend slightly slow the process of a single user, “blended da” still refused to users on the quality request is not high, they think that they have such mission to cultivate healthy eating habits.

at present, “blended da” day delivery quantity in 1000 floating up and down, basic can achieve zero inventory. To hunt cloud network construction, blended dalai in the middle of this month will launch a single product, but still pay attention to product functional development of the main line, at the same time and longitudinal will also increase the diversity of products. Target market is “blended da” first-tier cities, so when blended dalai pattern in southwestern chengdu to the whole grinding mature, this model will be copied to the north gradually widely first-tier cities.

at present, blended dalai has completed the millions of angel investment, is expected to start the next round of financing plan at the end of April this year.

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