Divided into double sohu video to the media, advertising revenue of eighty percent during the Spring Festival

in order to push video since the development of the media, sohu video for the media producer introduced Chinese New Year red envelopes big reward. Sohu video announced that from 2 on 12 date of Spring Festival, since the media users advertising revenue will directly doubled, can obtain 80% is divided into the high proportion of advertisement.

February 12 to 28 February, as long as, through the sohu video and 56 network platform release video works, advertising revenue sharing can be increased from 40% to 80%. Sohu video, said high feedback from media, aims to cultivate and support original strength, hope this activity can let the producer to participate in and learn more about sohu video PGC platform of great potential and commercial value, are looking forward to more creative force to join sohu video PGC platform, create more high quality content. Since the media producers will also be in sohu video platforms for more success and harvest.

as a high quality video product platform, sohu video since the media platform based on big data, divided into high, settlement quickly, have strong fan interaction function and 1 to 1 advantage of exclusive services: first of all, since the media users daily ads into proportion is as high as 40%, and the window will get higher percentage, these benefits can be realized in the settlement, the conversion of cash; Secondly, based on the sohu video data analysis technology, precision video content can be recommended to target users, precision, advertising, more video advertising into; In addition, large user base and fan interaction, can let the media users’ custom player interaction forms, enhance the content interesting, net quality fans; Moreover, sohu video also for the media users 1 to a dedicated service, exclusive service personnel allocation, precision promotion, customize their own solution, all-the-way tracking.

currently, sohu video and 56 network underlying integration has been finished, the media users only need to maintain a backstage, upload works will in sohu video and 56 nets play double platform.

in order to better cultivate creative force, which broke out in more high quality content, sohu video is now a flat PGC since the media strategy. Sohu video from media currently covered include funny, game, life, education, music and other categories, launched seven months, since the media producer has more than 500, released a total of more than 80000 original video content. Among these since the media users, the most representative of the sole from the media, such as “talking show”, “chicken” zero one cartoon kungfu has created more than 8000 and 49 million, respectively, play performance. Run for these since the media producers bring popularity at the same time, more than 40% of the advertising revenue sharing, also brought many since the media producers more considerable income.

moreover, sohu video also constantly use of resources, to stimulate growth media platform, such as joint 56 nets and shimmering stars of “looking for good songs” project, through the sohu video and com double platform mutual fusion, the singer selection. In sohu video “Chinese song” variety resources and sohu platform support, with the help of “looking for good songs” extension “good songs” interactive value, fully mix with user generated content (UGC), professionally produced content (PGC) and video media platform.

sohu video from the media, hoping to help the producers of excavating creative potential, develop the original ability, eventually settling a large number of talented, a viscous PGC user groups. High rates of advertising into, will ensure that sohu video since the media PGC ecosystem and sustainable development.