“Diapers price war broke out,” cross-border electricity even combatants among?

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two sessions this year, the discussion of cross-border electricity become the focus, even prime minister mentioned twice in his government work report to support the cross-border electrical contractor.

there is no denying the fact that because of government support, cross-border electricity in this two years to get fast development. In August 2014, analysys, a think-tank, published “Chinese cross-border electricity industry research report 2014”, the report said that in 2013 China’s cross-border electricity dealer market turnover is RMB 2.7 trillion yuan, an increase of 28.8%. Again according to the China electronic commerce research center, according to the monitoring data of cross-border e-commerce platform in China has more than 5000, enterprises more than 20 m.

both in traditional electricity giant and grassroots entrepreneurs have begun layout overseas online shopping industry. Tmall international outsourcing of the east China sea, Beijing and other traditional electricity giant in overseas online shopping team, backed by the United States, there is a natural source of amazon amazon, China also launched the “overseas purchase” Chinese overseas online shopping website, established portal netease also launched this year – the koala sea purchase overseas online shopping platform. Sound at the same time, a large number of entrepreneurial brand financing, overseas online shopping rise of grassroots platform is strong, the terminal bud, honey tao, honey baby, buy a bargain…

however, as the saying goes, “where someone, there is a river’s lake, river’s lake where there is war.” With the continuous growth of overseas online shopping wind “, cross-border electricity traders began to fight, everyone wants to “over a piece of cake”.

last year, as a symbol of the necessities, promoters, cross-border electricity that set off a big price war. What’s interesting is that the price war has just ended, cross-border electric merchants began a new round of battle, and the “battle” is diapers, participants are three emerging hai tao electricity – the terminal bud, honey baby, koalas and purchasing.

the specific situation is as follows:

1) on February 28th, entrepreneurial cross-border electric business platform for the dock first article taken price war, tens of thousands of kao diapers on sale at the terminal, and so the lowest price. Want to know, is still a month ago, domestic numerous communities, BBS, and circle of friends are exposed Japan kao diapers “restricted”, “sale”, so this time the terminal undoubtedly caused uproar in the Chinese mother group.

2) on March 11, the first anniversary of the launch, the size of the bud honey baby to a 500 million stock, plus $100 million users subsidy, follow up the import diapers “price war”, kao, moony brands such as diapers several models are down to “double digit”.

3) on March 12, netease’s koala sea purchase and launch a week-long carnival “diapers” sales promotion activity, the main import diapers, said on the premise of ensuring quality goods the lowest price to do so, at the same time, milk powder, beauty makeup, a care, household, food, nutrition, health care goods price will be lower than the market price of 10% – 40%.

apparently, the “diapers battle” strong not small peep. Then, as the “battle” main even combatants, the terminal bud, honey baby, koalas among of the three sea?

a, ocean terminal

the wharf was established in 2009, in June 2011 officially launched, headquartered in Shanghai. It is said that the origin of the pier is founder had blue waves at an early age to study abroad. At that time, he found that the purchased overseas market potential is tremendous, hence to find friends together to build a platform for domestic users act as purchasing agency American. Today, the terminal connection is mainly the United States and mainland China.


the terminal as a relatively early in the overseas purchase field of domestic enterprises, the current overseas merchants have nearly thousand. At present, based on the dock of sellers can be divided into two categories, category is a people buy a hand, pattern is C2C, another kind is merchants, pattern is M2C. Goods on the pier by overseas retailers through the international logistics to send it, goods include maternal and infant supplies, food, health care, home life, clothing bags, beauty and so on more than 20000 well-known brands abroad.

obviously, the pier is platform model. So, the tiger sniff network article analyzes believed that “the terminal on the business model, and the speed sell tong, eBay, amazon, jingdong hai tao business, are open to the third party (overseas) sellers, so the competition is the most direct. Compared with amazon, jingdong, the terminal no money and traffic advantage, want to rise on the margins of society, stay in overseas suppliers, logistics integration and the renovation of the product experience above effort.”

however, founder of the wharf Ceng Bi before the creation of the terminal, have experience of working in the eBay, in overseas suppliers and business processes should have certain precipitation.


1) the supply of goods: the terminal of personal buyers are mainly Chinese living abroad for a long time, including students, full-time wife is major groups, there are also part of part-time buyers. Ocean terminal currently has a 60 people in overseas operations team, training individual buyers how to use the terminal business, the main work includes an introduction to the regular training, new features of buyer, etc., and other supporting work.

2) logistics: 1 – march, 2011, the terminal set up four major overseas logistics center (New York, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Houston), became the first domestic self-built international logistics of cross-border electronic business platform. After, the terminal also teamed up with China post, and China Eastern airlines, southern airlines, asiana airlines and other major airline strategic cooperation, build international logistics warehousing distribution platform, effectively shorten the goods delivery time, reduce international logistics cost, and can provide customers with localized service.

3) money: in 2010, angel angel bay vc investment. In 2013, won A round of $9 million in financing. Earlier this year, $100 million B round of funding.

4) platforms: in June 2011, overseas ocean terminal online shopping platform, headquartered in Shanghai, and set up the branch in New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco. In July 2013, the terminal sold overseas artifact APP online.

5) team: once the rippling for Shanghai jiaotong university in his class. In 2001 to join the ebay, as the first Chinese electricity industry category manager, responsible for the entire ebay more than 60 volumes of 3 c groups. After eBay buying on eBay in 2004, responsible for all the TOP SELLER of eBay China’s management and operation.

2, bud honey baby

bud honey baby was established in 2011, is a taobao shop early, based in Beijing. Liu Nan founder is a full-time mother, she said she knows Chinese mothers shopping psychology, “mom is very easy to baby shopping in anxiety, goods of true and false, transparent channels, after-sales service how to value and conflict are mothers.” So, she began to transition do honey honey bud.


unlike most overseas scattered on the market to buy hand-made, honey bud is the skill of the whole chain through the self-management model.

in diapers, for example, the company from Japan vendor business direct purchase, and abroad set up trade companies have control of export and import links, ensure quality goods at the same time reduce the layers of premium of middlemen, so can put the goods price pressure to a minimum. Change time to open a massive price war is among the traditional hierarchy complex war on distribution pattern, while ready for the competition ability, take advantage of their supply chain, jeopardizing the interests of the other party or unable to take.

compared with competitors, honey bud pattern is very “heavy”, personally control and operation of the link too much. Practice, however, appreciate the jingdong Liu Nan says, is “heavy” is dominant, competitiveness, and it is the moat.

on the sales model, honey buds take “maternal and infant brands prompt sale” means, in the maternal and infant brands website recommends hot, every day for less than the market price discounts, sold in limited within 72 hours, it’s a bit similar to uniqlo limited-time sale.


1) source: Liu Nan once said, honey bud has a team of international buyers, “they are on a business trip around the world, look at the world exhibition, someone running line in Japan, someone to run the line, someone running line of Europe, and then with local retailers, distributors, and brands to directly purchase.”

2) logistics: according to the bud honey baby, now in their total logistics mode can be divided into four kinds: 1. The brand from the product of the total domestic generation procurement procurement system; 2. Order direct purchase from abroad, then go through the mouth love forms of general trade; 3. Orders from abroad, ningbo and guangzhou cross-border electricity pilot pattern; 4. Honey shoots out set up companies, direct orders from abroad, by the pattern of direct mail to customs entry.

3) capital: in the past year, bud honey baby after three rounds of financing, among them, online before challenging funds and perilous peak huaxing $ten million investment; In June 2014, $20 million B round and round in December C $60 million.

4) platforms: honey bud download user has more than 1 million. Launched in June last year, the sales ratio has reached 75%.

5) team: honey buds baby core team members from baidu, dangdang, jingdong mall, Su Ninggong children mature Internet companies, such as has a technology research and development team of 60 people, 70% of employees are 0 to 3 years old baby’s parents, mother has more than 500000 members.

3, the koala sea buy

the koala sea purchase is authentic netease’s proprietary overseas sale site, launched in January this year, the main main maternal and infant supplies, beauty care, food, health care, household categories such as digital and dress shoes package. To tell the truth, although as latecomers, the koala sea purchase without first mover advantage, but its with netease this platform support, is a cross-border “rich second generation” of the electricity industry.


from the koala and purchasing and the website of the media speculation can learn, netease is take the “self” and “adopt a batch straight” model, “proprietary”, put an end to the third party platform of weak regulation, to firmly put the product quality control in our own hands; “Adopt a batch straight”, directly from the overseas country of origin, primary wholesaler large quantities of replenish onr’s stock, remove the intermediate links, to ensure the “overseas wholesale price”.

there is no denying the fact that such a “wholesale model” for sea for cost of goods would be reduced, it will also make corresponding drop in commodity prices. However, this mode should not feasible for startups, and only “rich second generation” to play.


1) the supply of goods: the koala sea purchase with netease abundant capital support, has established the sea abroad purchase and procurement team.

2) logistics: the koala sea purchase goods are vetted by netease, authenticated by the overseas shippers or brands straight hair, avoid the source is not clear, the intermediate links changed hands. Delivery and koala sea purchase also launched a “free trade zone” and “overseas direct mail” two patterns, the former through the platform centralized purchasing the goods in advance to domestic bonded warehouse, users can be 1 to 3 days after receiving, the latter authenticated by the overseas merchant shipping, arrival time in 7 to 30 days.

3) money: relative business overseas online shopping business, netease, as a listed company, in terms of financing no pressure, have the qualification for long. But entrepreneurs need to always pay attention to their own situation and position, when burning money, when financing, giant contact, and when to have a what kind of price, are business leaders need to be prepared, but netease no such concerns.

4) platforms: the koala as netease, a new project is much easier on the brand. At least netease long-term formation of the brand image is more trustworthy impression to the person. Second, as one of the four major portals, netease can bring abundant flow of resources for the koala.

5) team: netease internal operations, with a large number of experienced, business, management, research and development, the market is not hard to set a good team.

above, is the terminal bud, honey treasure, the koala among the purchase. As for the “diapers price war”, I think I should not have who lose. Imagine, since 8.15, which time losing electricity price war?