Dialogue combines cloud han ying: the choice and stick to behind the market share first

(text/Wang Saiying)

according to a 2015 iresearch’s latest IM cloud service industry development, according to a white paper IM cloud service manufacturer integrating cloud amount of daily average user support at 11.07 million. Do IM cloud service team since early 14, 14 years on June 30, closed beta, open beta in August and September, less than a year average daily service users has reached a level.

we can understand simple pouring molten cloud for products aimed at the D end (developer), belong to the PaaS platform of cloud computing services, App developers can by using the melting clouds IM services can quickly will load into your own App features, thus saving development cost and development time. At the same time also can use operational service provided by the cloud, make cost down again.

according to hunt cloud network understanding, so far, cloud network for the people, beautiful armor, secret, icbc e al etc famous App selection, include social, health care, education, electricity, O2O, car service, news media, financial, and many other industries, has accumulated more than 20000 developers, more than 10000 App integration is used.

than “capital operation” illusory, extremely boring topic, we should focus on more entrepreneurial company how to identify developments keep first-mover advantage, and how to do in the game process of “whole” “simmer”? What is behind the cloud market share first? IM a cloud service mode and the outlook is bright? With these questions, hunting cloud network dialogue combines cloud CEO han ying, share in harmony with his cloud dry entrepreneurship.

what’s the hardest part of business direction choice
For the executives of listed companies and the reality of Korea’s face is very affinity, composed of mature and has a yuppie. In Korea to meet point of view, entrepreneurship is the most difficult thing is to find the direction, he never thought to do the product is the most difficult. Find direction these three words that is easier said than done, but it is need to be careful. Was founded in harmony at the beginning of the cloud, Korea has spent half a year’s time alone to find direction, he said, a lot of pressure in the process, as a team leader, he wants a lot of responsibility in this matter, if the wrong direction, this team together with eighty percent wrong.

combines the original cloud has to try to do a social product, can the social market has been in a fight of the red sea to micro letter, devoted to stranger and products such as mobile phone QQ is the most market, if you want to continue in the red sea, can only choose to play slip side battles, choose a few very narrow point, second contacts, and other products, for example, alternative is not much, so han ying gave up the idea, after careful consideration, yourself and your team have eight years of experience in IM, ultimately, from the perspective of the best ways, to do instant messaging platform, integrating cloud first main idea comes from a foreign Twilio to operators based products, for integrating cloud, is the target users. All the App.


, every three months should be back to take a look at
Korea said in an interview with cloud network hunting, in determining the direction, how to do at that time is the biggest difficulties, no one on the market at that time to do the same things, do not have any products you can refer to, can only continue to fumble, competitors are also don’t know each other’s progress, including early voice will be launched at the end of 13 Layer is not online. To explain China’s entrepreneurial environment in Korea to meet words: if you have an Idea, at the same time there will be ten thousand people and you want the same things, one thousand people have been trying to do, one hundred individuals have made to him, and a user already has. Market for developers is instantly go, no one can determine whether it is right, the road is a constant process of trial and error and to pay tuition, and Korea to meet also said, in the process of entrepreneurship, every three months should look back a look, see the difference between ideas and before now, if you look back three months ago and now no change then chances are you’re doing something wrong, need even if the adjustment direction.

every startup project of the first user is difficult to obtain
Drops chengwei published a few days ago the article the author’s circle of friends is quickly refresh, drops the first users of the narration is on hire people take a taxi to develop the first batch of users. Han ying said, each project of the first users are obtained in the trial and error, the original team of product also is holding the attitude of the positioning of the tall, so the initial target users is a niche, but these large enterprises to decision-making is very cautious, the product is to join the social element is C end users need to do preliminary research and the analysis of the effect, and the original IM cloud service awareness of the new service pattern in most of the customers is very low, this leads to the first batch of customers in the closed beta period is mostly small and medium-sized enterprise products, they are holding the innovative attitude to testing and using cloud services.

then melt cloud change strategy, from small businesses to obtain, CTO of melting cloud with products and ideas all over the nation’s science and technology startup hubs and incubator, constantly to cultivate the user, after closed beta period of optimization, since public beta period, melts the IM cloud services provided by the cloud gets the registry and the use of a large number of developers. After from 0 to 1, the cloud with good reputation, developers progress to today’s daily support for users to do.

both the performance and function, integrating cloud preferred properties
The IM cloud services market got started from 2013, 14 years market heat rising rapidly. With the expansion of the market and users, the clouds, not only through the IM services to promote the social relations and facilitate communication enterprise users, stability test is melting cloud can continue to become the industry’s highest. Korea’s face expressed, in the case of team energy co., LTD, performance and functionality, melting preferred properties of cloud, because at the end of the day melt cloud is a technology-oriented products, for D end user, the function is more important, and will attract users in a short time, but once the product stability problem, the user will not hesitate to choose to give up, so the cloud pay more attention to the performance of a product, which is the foundation of cloud. In fact, face D end products are more demanding than for C side, because the To C products more is To consider the C end user, the emphasis on the product itself user experience. And D end user consider not only that, even in the face of embedded developers for the product is convenient, the document is clear, such as multiple test.

business model of the product fee: “economy” all free, special service charge “first class”
Unlike competitors charge standard for users, melts the cloud charging mode seems to be more in line with the Internet, thinking in Korea to meet words, described the basis of the IM service (economy class), no matter how much users, all free; Users according to the demand of “first class” part of the fee, but the clouds far offset melt in the late of the money by ops.

han ying, as an entrepreneur is lucky, for entrepreneurs, the most important is the talent, lei jun had spent a year’s time to form a team, and combines the CTO of the cloud team and other key personnel are used to be a fetion team members, almost without spending too much effort in this regard, in addition, the shenzhou tai yue to melt continuous financial support cloud cloud can not subject to capital constraints in the entrepreneurial process, keep the strategic direction of complete autonomy.

according to hunt cloud network understanding, there is no external funding into melting cloud, but does not rule out future introduction of outside capital, because of the capital markets have certainly reflected from the side of product and the team.

han ying thinks, the six factors are respectively the whole IM market policy, capital, technology, new entrants, substitutes, the supply chain. The influx of a large number of innovative enterprises, a lot of capital on the market, blue ocean means opportunity, the IM market today or in the eve of the outbreak.