“Diablo Ⅲ dress comes, netease against tencent more chips

(word/Li Shankun)

recently, “the scythe of diablo Ⅲ: prodigy” the kingdom of celebration formal demo, which developed by blizzard a terminal, swim after netease agents every effort and players after the dream, finally sprung to officially launched on 23 in dress.

the clothes online means that players can enjoy faster and more stable connection speed and is more suitable for the local operation quality, although it is far from the games officially released has in the past nearly three years, but many faithful diablo gamers and loyal blizzard fans brought huge number of players for the clothes.

“diablo III” is produced by the blizzard entertainment, by netease company agent in China of a ARPG (action role-playing game. One of the earliest “diablo” launched in 1996, with many players through their youth. “Dark 3” for the diablo series epic grand story line, and use the 3 d image to improve the graphics engine, make whole game dynamics and replay can be greatly enhanced.

the selling point of diablo iii

now, in addition to technical testing phase can play to five hero class (the barbarian, demon hunter, monk, witch doctor and wizard), after the open beta, the highly anticipated sixth hero class – the holy teach military industry has officially joined the game. Moreover, different from the previous version, diablo 3 players are free to choose the sex of the hero, we won’t have booked the role of gender. Think of handsome female demon hunter, small make up have been just can’t hold it! After the open beta, who buy unlimited play package (RMB 198) or digital collection package (RMB 388) player, can immediately unlock the game’s fifth chapter plot and the risk of new pattern, new hero class also unlocked. At the same time also can get a series of virtual treasure precious awards. In act v in the plot, players can visit the city of west of crisis and challenge the evil boss, the angel of death – mather. In adventure mode, players do not need to complete the plot to recruit, but is free to anywhere in the world to explore and fight.

what’s the difference between the clothes

for the demo, blizzard’s senior technical designers Wyatt Cheng mentioned for dress design a lot of specialized content: diablo stores, can buy the goods of many cool inside players, such as wings, head box, there is a popular high people pick up gold pet baby. Also, diablo iii is devoted to the clothes the introduction of a new monetary system, white gold, white gold can directly buy in the store, also can through to kill the monster, and the system will also increase the white gold COINS struck bonus for the first time. For many outside his countrymen; “diablo 3” also launched a special caring the clothes back to reward, all the players return to meet the conditions of outward will receive 10500 white gold COINS (worth RMB 100).

blizzard games do China overall online

with the “diablo Ⅲ dress online, blizzard has put its sale all the games to China.

blizzard client now, department of warcraft game world of warcraft and the hearth legend; Star with starcraft ii; The diablo series “diablo 3”; Three is fit for the “heroes” storm. The whole layout is increased by blizzard brand strength, also provides players with more games to choose from. Every game and blizzard accumulated a huge amount of fans, “diablo 3” of the dress open, be regarded as a “home” by many players. Netease as blizzard games in mainland China the sole agent partners, efforts to “ideal” game with blizzard after so many years, finally also welcomed her in China the best quality at the core game user resources, this to compete netease, tencent, to further consolidate their position in the game on the market, is a shot in the arm.