Depth profiling and O2O strategy: entrepreneurs to do less than 99% of the business model

hunting cloud note: Mr Wang, a controversial serial entrepreneur, xiaonei because he does not good at financing and capital on the verge of rupture, buyout by renren. Is the first fire up the Chinese version of weibo, network scale, because of my poor grasp is related department to come from behind to sina weibo. Until Meituan, let Wang Xingyou entrepreneurial success. Not only to ask, why Meituan can become, stick to what? To avoid? The following is a report from a startup state, detailed interpretation Meituan O2O:

throughout the project of the Mr Wang founded from xiaonei UI completely copied FB, meal no copying of twitter, the group of imitation, continue follow strategy, never do innovation. At the beginning of entrepreneurship, Mr Wang is responsible for the thousands of website every day, to assess what kind of project, at the same time team according to Mr Wang to choose the direction of the project development. Their projects are hardly what ideals and feelings, because the project was removed immediately, the so-called insist, the change of the so-called, the so-called grasped the nettle and didn’t user is behind this project. Is said to be rather sad, nets, just try to play at the beginning, then slowly accumulate user, firing up. At that time, Mr Wang team immediately put away the main operation of collecting network, nature, of collecting network is upgrade the campus network. Rice no net popular quite by accident, in an entrepreneurial team, or with great concentration only cook a meal, to study to grasp the scale, will shut down directly, either the server costs of waste, though not much silver, nor any entrepreneurial teams want to see.

if this is a manifestation of the executive power, in more than 99% of the entrepreneurs to adopt this mode, must die. Rapid project trial and error, iterative improvement is right, but it’s only for the same project, cope with the different market changes to make specific improvements and iteration, and trial and error on a project quickly and a transformation of the project, or even take a look at again, obviously do not conform to the start-up team lean operation, the business model, looks more like a big-spending play money waste of time. A borrowed from abroad projects, even if has proven successful business model, often faced with the localization problem, essentially, a rare direct copying foreign project, do not change and achievement of success, project experience during the period of overcoming difficulties, understand the market, to break out of it, welcome to the final success, is a project from 0 to 1 point of growing up, until the end, this copy is continuously inside yourself, create brilliant, and Mr Wang team obviously wasn’t too keen about this. So xiaonei a good but lack of funds, team infighting, sold to renren, the result is no surprise.

venture to this, qualified so headstrong, probably also because Mr Wang is a rich second generation.

this is not an ordinary entrepreneurs inspirational story, also is not a successful counter attack upper rich second generation, crucial story to break out of it. Today’s American network may be large, nearly billions of sales, also is a successful model hard, in fact, the balance of the group purchase, whether America or public comments, grope for deals in the direction of transformation.

conservative, fast learning, which is in the reading books about Mr Wang “one – nine”, the author the greatest feeling, if to calm down, if Mr Wang this type of rich second generation entrepreneurs have a lot of, that is never a good thing.

because the entire process, do well the campus network, play but rich of renren, laying a starter, web, made from sina weibo, in group-buying peak, drown Meituan thunder is a Baltic, serial entrepreneur, CEO, seem to use any comments to describe Meituan team, are biased, only Meituan after thousands of group, no one can deny that they played a beautiful battle in the textbook level.

in the whole process of entrepreneurship, wang is often see it must do well that, while the later is often be deep-pocketed local tyrants counter attack, the results in terms of Mr Wang team did not carry on a story of grassroots counter attack, the group’s success thanks to the opponent’s error, even in the most blatant s, slow is the tone of destruction, and do what you should do, persistence, passionate label is difficult to see in the team’s body, but it happened that flashes from time to time. If not then a winter in the capital market, the top three of the group purchase standing there is a complete listing, Mr Wang today team doing is another project.

Meituan victory today, is actually depends on continuous learning, accurate judgment, and sat up, his opponent through death, be the one to the rest, think carefully, a large number of foreign projects, why Mr Wang often hit points, copy right, why is the lack of funds, but I did not make the mistake xiaonei. Far more people than the group network is rich, but why he can endure to the end, the last laugh?

the author thinks that, there are many worthy of O2O entrepreneurs, thinking and reference or even a glimpse, balancing logic Meituan got home, in fact, has been under lean strategy Meituan, local merchants services connected user has unique understanding on this matter, and to Meituan net trade scale in the field of life service, in many Internet companies, is likely to become a level ecological home O2O platform.

the cat’s eye film is not an accident, the move of the coupon period, is part of a Meituan DNA

back in 2010, the group at the beginning of the era, is full of news about the group-buying, on TV, is buying ads everywhere in the subway, ge you to shake handshandle endorsements, guangzhou bus vehicle body brush’s group’s propaganda, the main high-quality group of 24 coupons frequently exposure. Not only the latecomers, baidu, tencent, all, taobao, companies launch sites. In this context, even spawned a big Bob group-buying navigation, and the mass of 800 is the most famous of these.

in a very short time, the market quickly develop group buying habits of consumers, if you have not used group, was too embarrassed to say oneself played with the Internet, even get colleagues crown suckers, gosling. Offers of dozen also each are not identical, with the main movie deals such as the full network, there are main bargain, mail order, a main guangzhou localized’s group, the shake handshandle of main high gross margin self-built logistics network.

a return to nature, the trend of the whole group buying industry in to two direction, on the one hand, is its high gross profit model, this model is obviously more emphasis on quality control, is on behalf of the shake handshandle net, self-built logistics, mail order, food service is an important strategy of shake handshandle net early, on the other hand, is combined with Chinese characteristics, main low margin, high frequency mode, the direction of the label of the SKU is KTV, representative is Meituan website, edge city to carry out the mail order to cultivate the user habit, popularize the purchase, ticketing, major cities in the KTV the low margin SKU as a breakthrough point to open the market.

for businesses on the ground, the brand is useless, the most important thing is that orders

is an interesting scene at that time, shake handshandle advertising between scale, makes the brand quickly spread across the country, Meituan network team to talk about business. Often can see in the elevator and shake handshandle net ads, and businesses every day dozen wave all kinds of group purchase. Can’t talk about cooperation in each. Naturally leaning resources. The earliest scored merchants, means that occupy the initiative.

shake handshandle net huge sales teams on the ground, with overwhelming advertising, relative Meituan network salesman, wants to shake handshandle net competition in the same business, both in difficulty and the morale of the salesman disadvantage, Mr Wang has also specially run to find alibaba scriptures, get one answer is that for business, the brand is useless, the most important thing is that the order.

with this answer, the network began a about the expansion of cost effectiveness, the author thinks that in this period, for the group is how to lower costs for active users, someone means that there are orders, means being able to stretch back, with businesses, at this level, the beautiful group net and shake handshandle net is equal, in the field of consumer, movie tickets and KTV are low margin, high frequency products, many group-buying stand just as a complement, rather than the mainstream, when mail order after the high gross profit pattern is verified feasible, almost no one to do the two products.

all in a group purchase hot to turn around the high-quality merchants, Meituan net started a rural areas to encircle the cities, the edge of the category of main operating strategy, your city, I’ll play town, you come to town, I culled back again, hit the city. You use tall office, we locate in the place where you can’t see, not only not advertise, operating costs and to achieve perfection. Due to the dislocation competition, there is no competition, this let Meituan network does not need to maintain large sales force, also do not need to investment and to find a beautiful appearance, operating costs and marketing costs saving. This makes the money isn’t enough of them, with a low margin, even one yuan per ticket losses mode, quick access to a large number of users, and on the basis of the user, for business cooperation, in fact, the author in the survey the group-buying, the Meituan network may not be the top five, the settlement payment days in business there is a word of mouth.

is through a lot of money for the user, through a lot of brand publicity, to shape the image, thus binding merchants cooperation, one side is through lean operation will cost savings in the center to stimulate active growth in the number of customers. Create value for businesses, from the business level to consider at the same time, as soon as possible, shorten the checkout period, a series of terminal improvements. Both sides can bring orders for merchants, and the relative merits of two strategies nature last, in the merchant’s perception, may prefer to work with shake handshandle nets at the beginning, is huge, omnipresent advertising to let people don’t have to worry about their payment, do Meituan network in line with the attitude of doing anyway, don’t lose out, down due to settlement and the increasing of the orders, the difference between the two are compared. Orders, users, processes, shake handshandle net even think in these levels do kung fu, I am afraid, don’t have much money to operate.

look at Meituan clear today T strategy execution, representatives of the cat’s eye film, its development course and the group first execution strategy, the first to do the movie tickets have douban, share the biggest douban, cat’s eye film from business to the hardware, including the promotion strategy, in the early all follow douban. Print the ticket, they are went to the cinema to see douban machine suppliers at the bottom of the machine, and ultimately to touch the past. And interestingly, the cat’s eye film did not receive strong support at first, from the result at the end of the identified as group strategy, and walk the process again to rounds of discussions, finally is determined through the performance as well as as an independent operation project, as the leaders of douban, is selling business actively, exit the market, fully into a film, let the cat’s eye film took advantage of the neutral, further speed up the pace of expansion, and this of course is similar.

the author thinks that, the implementation of T there is a lot of can be cut into the business strategy, why is the cat’s eye film? Essentially, when the market has been douban movie this example, model proved to be feasible, and the relevant process and link, Meituan network can be directly copied for reference, and because the group purchase movie tickets, Meituan network resources are accumulated in the cinema, do the cat’s eye film with natural resource advantages, do not need to start from scratch on a large scale construction, the only need to be solved is technically, the docking process problems, cat’s eye film is clearly a rather insurance comes in. Is not DNA and lean operation risk Meituan temperament, Meituan the door and there is no independent into a business module, but as a complementary services, bulk and Meituan is not directly involved in, just got home to take direct access to the third party service way open platform, even as a representative of the restaurant O2O Meituan take-away is not classified as Meituan visits, from past experience, it is not hard to understand Meituan strategy, not adventure, don’t do the first, also didn’t see, determined not to enter, if the business data, the next Meituan spin-off, to become independent Meituan home, become a network independent module, and the mass of devoting resources to promote, also no accident, according to the results, no trial and error has always been Meituan operating style.

Meituan the door is a test, conservative style and insurance policy is hidden rules, T strategy and the door has essential difference between

after the cat’s eye film, the group has launched a “take-away, American hotel, based on the advantage of local life service team on the ground, business resources, ground promotion, the user coverage do very in place, the group net new business to hand over a beautiful score. With delivery, but also opens up a new O2O the door of the business.

in the T strategy, under the framework of the network advantage is able to release the ground of the lean promotion, as a representative is beauty delivery, it is not a from 0 to 1 build business, group do the local service, catering to occupy half, plus delivery and ratio of different group emphasize that more pay attention to is the experience of users last mile, and some of the food itself has the delivery business, that is, on the merchant’s resources, and take-away food and group is a coincidence, but it will not conflict of different channel mode of business, launching and take-away, based on the original an increment on the inherent cost, also can add data access interface in the system the background a little. It just like Meituan movie tickets and the cat’s eye film emphasizes the movie scene is different, the advantages of the former on the group tickets, and price concessions, while the latter is on the user experience and the reservation. In other words, if your girlfriend want to go to see a movie, can’t because no coupon and avoided, this a little bit, is trying to quickly get the good position of the ticket, what prices are not important, perhaps can move his girlfriend, into the below.

I’ve always thought and take-out and hungry? Although restaurant O2O are doing, delivery are doing, but there is essential difference between both sides, both users and the operating strategy of the project, and delivery is not bold around campus and white-collar market expand new business, it is only in the service to existing customers and merchants, connect the service and the user, as long as there is business circle, there is beauty, ensure that the user experience of integration service life consumption, and hungry yao is as long as there is the target user, there are hungry? Meituan takeaway is a kind of increment operation. In the strategic level, not American O2O signal into the net.