Deep care market, build Shanghai C2C platform “escort” everyday

(text/Shen Xiaoxue)

the collision of Internet and traditional industries, to all walks of life are actively planning mode transformation and exploration, benefit from the services sector, which is quite deep and gradually realize the informationization, some start-ups in C2C mode, found his presence.

every day is a escort Shanghai C2C platform, users can book via micro letter service port for and care services. Now, every day carers Web edition has been launched, the APP is still under development, will serve as a care management tool orders and processing user requests, is expected to be launched in June.

for the product development plan, co-founder and CMO Zhu Shengjiu convective cloud network said: every day the early stage of the plan in the form of a to B to escort a care flowing, and thus more naturally to extend to the C direction. Some nursing homes and retirement communities, for example, they are very value care market, not enough energy and ability to do a care management, and escort every day is a deliver high quality care for them, and make service regulation and rights protection platform.

every day carers hopes to solve several big pain points in the market: the first is information asymmetry, for users to seek care services at present is mainly through the introduction to nurse station or patients; Followed by unreasonable resource allocation, a care group mainly two ways to get the job, one kind is with care, another kind of took the form of contracting a certain floors or department work for health care workers. Their work can’t timely convergence, there is a single didn’t order;

third, lack of mutual mechanism, the need for a mutual mechanism between users and carers, raise the service quality to make a care, access to more opportunities for service. Still exist for a long time, care market service is not transparent and price problem, we hope to build a sound platform, implement care services standardization of market and price transparency.

in the field of class escort service, has been a pioneer in the market. Shenzhen E escort, for example, its products cover a care, health, etc., in addition, there is the home of the wuhan worker, the main concept of old-age care, but the above products are at the stage of operation early. Zhu Shengjiu think: everyday escort has its own advantages, first of all, our team has the health care industry related resources, core members had thorough care group, for they have fully understanding; Second, the team as a consultant with nursing profession senior personage, improved the degree of specialization of the service.

Zhu Shengjiu said the products will be combined with the market evolution, there are two aspects of ideas: first, to the health care industry, from the longitudinal do outpatient service and high-end care; Second, our team have agreed, now with a care market as the breakthrough point, the future may tend to develop the national Labour markets, such as her housekeeping service, community, or even groups of migrant workers.

the handle on the problems of the service quality and price, every day care for coping strategies, organization care pre-service training is one of them. Zhu Shengjiu to hunt cloud network, according to a care related certificates is the trend of The Times, the team has negotiation with each big hospitals and medical institutions in chengdu, seek professional theory and skills training for health care workers.

on the other hand, deepen the classification and rating of care, such as set up professional and non-professional, etc.

in addition, from the view point of care, most care worker cultural level is limited, the use of mobile devices is not high, so the size WeChat service function will be more easy to operation.

in the offline world, the establishment of labor safeguard mechanism, safeguard the rights and interests of users and carers intact, standardize the service quality of care, for example, if the quality is not up to standard, the user may terminate the service at any time.

on platform commissions, Zhu Shengjiu said: according to our market research, care is the biggest problem facing, all kinds of intermediary drawn from his personal income high commission. At the early stages of the operation, we temporarily not to consider a commission. For controls the service price, will make gradient divided according to the care of their skills.

every day accompany founding team is a “sea turtles + soil terrapin” interesting combination, founder and CEO YuLe method return, involved in cross-border IT and the financial sector, co-founder Zhu Shengjiu returned after studying for an MBA in the United States, operations managers Sun Qing day personally travel to construction sites, capable of migrant workers, to promote Zhou Qingze as former gravels, director of the key account manager of logistics.

hunting cloud network, every day have seed investment, escort the team focuses on market development and product optimization, a new round of financing has been launched.