David chu third venture aimed at “to wear equipment”, referred to as the “machine” reception at CES in Shanghai


today, Shanghai CES for the first day of the serial entrepreneur David chu took his third business products, known as the “head” of VINCI exhibition. Wearable devices of watches, glasses in the past two years, attention, and David chu to divide their products as “to wear equipment”, is a concept of advocating old wine in new bottles or a prescient type curve of overtaking?

for four months ago, hunting cloud network or contact the reception team, not if really there is no response, afterwards just know because the prototype haven’t made, so the founder David chu shy, refused to face base). Hunting cloud network by leonardo da VINCI’s website – VINCI that attracted to “simplicity is the ultimate complex”, hence attention up to now, look at together “we reinvent the music player and headphones, we invented machine head!” The declaration is how to implement.

first prototype, simple can also amazing

David chu to hunt cloud network shows the prototype of a lemon yellow, attractive but not offensive to people born. According to introducing, painting the color reference for much of the world, at the same time, through the spectrum analysis of natural environment, which color is more attractive, according to a total of six color optional, is to the taste of young people. Because when production in the fingerprint in coating, so now also doing the final color adjustment.

round or oval shape also abandoned the common design, adopted the rectangle bag ears. Moreover, flanked by two pieces of embedded in the screen. A touch screen operation, “up” to increase or decrease in the volume, before and after the “slide” switch songs, “light touch” play, pause, overturns the traditional way of buttons on the interaction.

another piece is color display, its own system based on android system customization, can install music applications, and dried shrimp and other music copyright cooperation to ensure that the richness of the WiFi environment songs, of course can also be downloaded to the equipment in the local store, with 64 g storage.

no analogy to wear

color display is sealed, cloud network trying to hunting analogy some brand headphones, interrupted by David chu, he doesn’t want to analogy of existing products. According to introducing, he do things follow the “first principles”, thought pattern in a straight line, from the question to answer. So he thought the analogy is not a good product, VINCI do not analogy to wear. Listen to wear, from the name, mainly in the service of hearing, to solve “auditory extreme experience” pain points. As a result, look back to reception.

reception to do is different from “mobile + headset” combined music output products, the first “line” is one of the biggest, so get rid of. Maybe you thought about the bluetooth, bluetooth transmission of quality loss, but also in essence or as a mobile phone accessories. So VINCI not advocate to do so, but “music player and headphones” integrated products, put on the listen, music does not wait for. Due to the liberation of hands and eyes, such a product is out of the street.

“the most understand me. reception by GPS, motion sensors, light heart rate sensor, real-time sensing users are now of the state. Intelligent algorithm automatically matching “radio” crush, recommend songs to the user. For example can be the difference between users in sport or reading a book, the mood is sad or happy, etc.

“I express” personality. VINCI VUI system is designed based on minimalist music customization system, it has also joined the anthropomorphic reasons, such as color display screen can display the type of music at present, in particular the sonic, together with the music rhythm, let the people around you will notice, and perceived now listen to the music type. In addition to such equipment environment together to listen to a song, etc. All of these can be called with the connotation of “social” light, in order to establish pure music social connections.

“thought as interaction”. touch screen operation mentioned above is simple make listening to music, also can through the voice control, as much as possible to reduce the complex operation in the process of listening to music.

as for pricing, Hi – Fi timbre of VINCI, equal to a maximum of 5000 yuan of MP3 headphones fit with 3000 yuan, the price is far below them, the temporary not released, hunting cloud network forecast for 1000 yuan, it is understood that the product will be available in June, let’s wait and see.

simple is extreme complicated

“La semplicita e ‘l’ height sofisticazione” ‘this sentence because the KISS principle (Keep it simple, stupid “) is the public misunderstanding or read too much into for many years. Simple than “complex” is the ultimate, is translated into “simplicity is the ultimate baptize”. Leonardo Da Vinci to express is the so-called perfect, is unable to add on status quo, unable to cut state.

as put on the “head” of the head, but I did not make the shape of the helmet on the product shape, mainly is because too complicated at this stage of design, need some time to accepted by users. And as the reception of the first generation of products, seize the core function of “simple” is more important than the product shape. In addition, this product is simple in accumulate contain a lot of not easy, besides can see modelling design, color choices, invested more effort on details, such as “the head band” although no major changes, considering the comfort, soft coriaceous buffer layer, added specially for the head machine better serve the hearing.

hunting cloud network asked, why not add a spare audio cable and interface, at the time of VINCI battery is connected to continue to use the equipment, the use time of David chu said VINCI can reach 8 ~ 10 hours, according to the probability and frequency of use than, somewhat redundant.

David chu entrepreneurship course

David chu has a serial entrepreneur’s identity. As early as 2007, smartphone is not popular, 22, is a PhD candidate in his, inspired by Facebook, choose careers, classmate net. Do classmate classmate net is the first one of the social, newborn calves he not afraid of tigers, independent grope at various stages in the process of entrepreneurship, the result is lost to renren, but is a good try. After six months, at the end of the classmate net immediately began a second venture – MM mobile social communication products. MM suffered a micro letter, didn’t like stranger stranger escapes, but also is dead lived.

to social dreams, hopes to create is different from person to person contact David chu, the choice to study at the Massachusetts institute of technology. After two years of the reflection and disintegration of selected to carry through hardware product direction of the light of the concept of social entrepreneurship. The baptism of social defeat the red sea, let he decided to create a blue ocean, “machine” to become like mobile phone can not be replaced. With the improvement of the quality of life and the pursuit of advanced, young people, especially after 90, 00 after will be more and more to accept such a position for “wear that listening to fast, more convenient manipulation experience, quality of lossless enjoy, light the connotation of social personality” of the product.


if catch up the function of music to call them “headphones”, namely the concept of advocating old wine in new bottles, is also true, but for the continuous innovation of entrepreneur, and almost stubborn pursuit of perfect, even apple Beats into the same markets through acquisitions, we also have reason to believe that this team will be full of creativity and imagination to complete a corner overtaking.

in addition, now that is called “machine”, the head may have hearing, vision, smell, so at this stage is to satisfy the sense of hearing, how about after iterative upgrade to consider? David chu have had two years at the Massachusetts institute of technology study, the contact is a frontier science and technology, the above mentioned these are possible with the development of the existing technology and implementation, the concrete implementation way, temporarily don’t share it, anyway, hunting cloud network is looking forward to.