Data visualization company Quid won $39 million in financing

solemnly announced that they have successfully won a $39 million D round of funding. The financing is Liberty Interactive Corporation led, Thomas h. Lee Limited Family Partnership II, Quid board member Michael Patsalos – Fox and Quid chairman Charles Lho for refs.

Quid to their positioning is the company of artificial intelligence, aims to promote the world insight and research for complex problems. Specifically, Quid rely on processing millions of files, which in turn will result in the form of a pictorial diagram to show it. For example, they can help the enterprise to feedback network visualization, so as to realize the product release.

although now Quid glorious takes a person, is one of the leading figures of new technologies, have such as hyundai, Microsoft, the Boston consulting group of big customer, but it doesn’t look good at the beginning of established, calls it one of the most pretentious business website.

founded in the early Quid to track emerging technologies. Because of the emergence of technology companies bring the innovation and development of science and technology, enterprises also need to keep pace with The Times, of course, understand the use of these new technologies. Quid play is a new technology and the role of a bridge between enterprises, hoping to discover new technology for the enterprise. After that, Quid seem to broaden the horizons, broaden their business. In early 2014, Quid created a intelligence platform, currently has 80 signed a cooperation agreement. The platform the intelligent search data, high quality and high performance algorithm together, is used to output such as market trend analysis, visualization of customer demand. The platform allows users to search and deal with millions of index files, and for those who may need to take weeks or even months to understand the problem can also provide visual answers quickly. Quid claimed that this platform can collect and store an average of 1500 calculation data points, and more than 250000 of these data sources, including Thomson Reuters, the New York times, of the Massachusetts institute of technology.

so far, Quid has received $53 million in financing. And for the $39 million in financing, Quid plans to use it for product development and improvement of engineering ability, of course will also part of the financing cost in marketing, etc. Let’s hope Quid a better future.


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