Data cloud service providers Plotly won A $5.5 million round of funding

Google is one of the largest, NASA and the U.S. air force organization data library and data visualization. The company announced yesterday raised $5.5 million in A round.

and is the first group of investors, A round of Rho Ventures, Real Ventures and Silicon Valley Bank follow. Established in Montreal Plotly call themselves “unprecedented scientific data platform”. Plotly tries to expound the data of the number of projects have 125% increase. Its online operation way, so that people can easily use sharing, comments and etc.

“when you are a developer, interactive strong temptation and share on the Internet can become possible.” Plotly partner Jack Parmer said. “We broke this limitation. Everyone can. As long as you use our common around the world The Internet images and data tools.”

the company told VentureBeat company will soon be the introduction of 2 d and 3 d map, automatically update the database, and “easily customize personal dashboard, for data analysis and visualization of data update in time.” “We don’t want everyone to do things we do,” said Parmer. “Plotly like image synthesis. On the one hand, through the use of Plotly in Python, R, MATLAB, Excel and standardized images displayed on Google Docs can interface; Give users an unprecedented network, on the other hand, interactivity and Shared experience.”

other data company, founded in San Francisco, and whether social collaboration factors, similar software.

Plotly says $5.5 million in financing will not only promote product sales and will be used for the engineering team on product development.


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