Dallas electric N1, maybe not enough modelling jing but life is indeed “cow”


on June 1 children’s day, cow electrical science and technology in the 798 art district D – Park, “the mind” Dallas electric conference, released the mavs intelligent electric scooter N1, N1, a total of two versions, the city edition range of 80 km, priced at 3999 yuan. Dynamic version of the range of 100 km, price 4999 yuan. There are three classic colors: black and white and red. June 15-30 June will be in jingdong the raise, the raise version will use the limited edition color matching, accompanied by helmet and elegant stickers, and provide the package mail service.

cattle electrical technology CEO li yinan also tells the story of his own feelings “juvenile” and “struggle” workplace, 45, his mentality to zero again, “no matter how many things disappointed to, also have reason was disappointed at the best of times”, to “freedom” and “environmental protection” for the mission, finally chose the electric car as his last business. Want to do something meaningful with young people. More young people to make the city out of “traffic jam”, to save time, energy, enjoy “freedom”. At the same time also can make our own environmental protection efforts, “science and technology, better life”.

Characteristics of

concise design:

cattle electrical technology chief designer Joseph Nelson and vice President of Token yilin hu stressed that the mavs electric not reinvent the electric scooter, but as far as possible to better the original design, concise, balance, pure, attention to detail.

the scene to show the new design of the front panel lamps, lights, LCD full interaction, and the Dallas mavericks electric safety start button (green), mobile phone mounting bracket (navigation), cushions, large storage space, the capacity of 18.9 L after pop-up pedal, glass fiber after the armrest…

hunting cloud network more focused on the mavs electric design of USB charging interface, which is the real “super mobile power”. In addition, pack up automatically hook is more humanized, girls don’t have to worry about scratch “snow-white thigh”. In addition, a large capacity storage space that is that everyone needs, relatively speaking, hunting cloud network prefer small some, compact layout, after all, just travel, walking, instead of cargo transportation.

long range:

the mavs electric design of the portable removable lithium electricity power supply, weighs 12 kg, lovely girl can also be easily operation. Weight please how long range? Tesla’s panasonic at the Dallas electric scooter configuration 18650 lithium-ion batteries, power natural needless to say, by section 170 2600 mah battery together with 1560 wh large power, therefore the mavs N1 power version provides the range of 100 km. According to introducing, after 600 times of charge and discharge, the normal frequency to use three years still can retain 70% of the battery, compared the lead-acid battery products, this figure is 10%. In addition, the mavericks electric has BMS battery management system, give full play to the performance of the battery, also provides the overcharge protection, discharge protection, battery equalization and temperature protection, short circuit protection, over-current protection six heavy security.

another way, 100 kilometres of the journey of life means that in any city (including Beijing) without charge. But who really can across the Beijing, given the many commuters were not willing to spend more than an hour, so riding radius should be around 25 km, that is to say two days to charge even three days more permanent basis. So, generally the user to select 80 kilometers of city version is enough.

custom Bosch motor and independent research and development of motor controller

Germany Bosch for Dallas electric r&d team, set up the special motor let Dallas electric motor energy conversion efficiency reached 89% – 89%, extended range as much as possible; 100 RPM speed of maximum torque of 100 N/m, has excellent speed performance, strong climbing power, smaller noise, at the same time, the stability and reliability of the motor are the industry’s top level. And cooperate, the mavericks electric FOC vector motor controller was also independent research and development, it has a 1:1 precision calibration, three shift control, sine wave output start smooth and stable, save electricity by 8%, which further extended range.

brake sensitive, has the energy recovery function of brake system

Dallas has piston hydraulic double disc brake + + EBS brake kinetic energy recovery system, manganese steel disc brake pads with after the first 220 mm 220 mm hydraulic brake calipers, according to introducing, in all-weather, has good adaptability under various road conditions. Double disc brake + EBS brake system, 20 km/h speed of the braking distance is only 1.37 meters, compared with the traditional drum brake without EBS brake system, shorten by 21%. Specially designed brake kinetic energy recovery system, and extended the range of 6%.


the mavs electric cars didn’t stress too much “intelligent”, but rather focus on breakthrough electric vehicle anti-theft pain points: closed integrated GPS module, track vehicle location at any time, and the first year free flow. Remote control App, integrated records including the detection, location, shape, alarm prompt, comprehensive information display four big functions.

as for hunting cloud network information at present, the model of “simple” may not “jing”, the price may not be cheaper than general electric cars, however, cloud network think hunting range is indeed “cow”, commute mileage and forgetfulness far larger (occasionally forget to charge the user can choose.

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