Daily yoga: integrated into the social elements of the global yoga practice application guide

May 13 (word/Shen Xiaoxue)

on stage of the national fitness wind blowing hot, on the broad white collar sibling being ‘a fat destroy all the pain, no time, no energy, become the reason of lack of exercise, such as flat flat pockets. With the popularity of mobile Internet, fitness is no longer restricted by time and place, people’s fitness factor is no longer merely “don’t lose weight in April, may no one chase”, fitness has become a caring performance, fitness social has also become a kind of positive social.

daily yoga is an integrated into the social elements of yoga practice application guide it to pursue a healthy lifestyle yoga enthusiasts offer yoga classes, yoga, music, and exhaustive exercise plan. In addition, zhou yu le circle is daily yoga makes a yoga community, users can post printing to interact.

cloud network hunting, daily yoga Android version online in July 2012, WP version online, in September the same year in October, the IOS version in the App Store, attains the Android App Store and Google Play and App Store is recommended for many times. Products covered 315 cities in China and abroad in 192 countries, the user age span is 18-65 years old, including 22-44 users accounted for 65%, women accounted for 87%, the remaining 13% for men.

so far, daily yoga total subscribers in 20 million, increasing at the rate of 4-60000 a day, live to 4 million. In 2014, the daily profit of 800000 dollars, yoga curriculum and 3:1 in advertising, north American countries, with 5% of the 1% of pay rate than in other countries.

in September 2014, the “daily yoga” officially launched the smart TV, PC, mobile phones and TV was preliminarily realized multiple series of different usage scenarios. After a period of precipitation, the TV version of accumulated 200000 users, ranked first in the yoga class application, and application in each big TV market quickly online.

as a daily yoga, founder and CEO, Li Zupeng told hunting cloud network. The Morgan Stanley (Mogstany: a famous American professional market research company) on yoga industry market research and make a prediction: yoga industry will become the world’s health industry new economic growth point, yoga in China will become the main force of health industry in the 21st century.

in 2014, according to the analysis of China yoga market size is more large, the population of yoga more than 50 million, more than an annual increase of population in 300-5 million, output value of more than 65 billion RMB. Accordingly, we noticed that the Chinese market sales situation, present mainly in three aspects: the venue and personal training revenue of 35 billion RMB, the equipment and consumer goods, 20 billion, 10 billion offline activities.

based on thorough analysis of the market, yoga Li Zupeng convective cloud network, said in 2015, daily yoga will mainly from the following three levels to deploy:

create yoga tutorial O2O platform, implement every day more than 40 knots in four cities, monthly update 120 classes, more than one section for the user to choose from;

vertical electric business platform, to establish integral construction of yoga products shopping mall and the user through the accumulation of active exchange for goods.

in addition, the systematic structures, yoga equipment and consumables electric business platform;

smart TV application development – online tutorial products, course time about 1 to 2 hours.

the founding team includes three core members: CEO Li Zupeng as a postdoctoral fellow, institute of computing technology, Chinese academy of sciences; COO Li Lepeng for American Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute) decision science and engineering, Ph.D., he was both registered actuaries in the United States, is also the Chinese federation of special experts; CTO Mr. Wong is PMP project management experts, a former foxconn technology group, senior project manager.

hunting cloud network, according to “daily yoga” is Amazon high-quality developers, samsung China pre-installed demo application, as well as Microsoft partners focus on application. On April 24, 2014, “the daily yoga” won the “competitive world,” zhang tryon 10 million angel investment, financing plan has yet to be announced next.

Company: xi ‘an yu le software technology co., LTD.

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