Dads pay close attention to food safety, food diary hope let consumers no longer looked “feed” buy, dazzling

(/xiao-ning zhou wen)

food and clothing live line has been the important part of our life, and diet in our ancient nation is Paramount, Confucius in the “rites”, “eat drink man woman, the man to the spirit of” how.” Mencius was a way: “food color, also!” From this process to drive oxen-led, from eat birds and animals raw to Fried cooked, from drink soup enjoys broiled to eight big cuisines, colour the evolution of the food and its culture.

in the aura of the modern civilization, the compared to the market for food safety supervision and control, become the procedural supervision system of food security vulnerabilities is less comfortable, 3 c certification testing and the role of the well-known trademark has been greatly weakened , which is the opposite word of mouth reviews and consumers share occupies a decisive factor in consumer choice above opinions.

so how to choose safe and healthy green food, it is particularly important to enhance consumer trust, xiao-bo wang set up a food diary has been working on creating interactive community food guide platform + consumption, make consumers no longer looked “feed” buy, dazzling.

xiao-bo wang, founder of the interview is a food diary, in early 2013 to give up the original safe car professional managers, in each big food market, after a year and a half of industry exploration and practice, set up a food diary. Xiao-bo wang told hunting cloud network: “ before I worked as a kitchen appliance product managers into the auto industry, after do the lexus hangzhou 4 s store manager, for the wealthy and high-end customers extend maintenance has a rich experience, with me in 2012, when the father, for I began to attach importance to food safety .

is a food diary do, it will review the UGC of social sharing model is introduced and the professional guide for measuring the performance of PGC to solve the general consumers because of a lack of knowledge, in turn, affects the consumer decision-making and purchasing behavior . At the same time, a food diary to encourage and promote brands and businesses take the initiative to disclose relevant information, through information transparency and activities to achieve consumer trust, in turn, set up their own consumer community and fans, change the past that television advertising bombarded violent campaign mode. Xiao-bo wang told hunting cloud network: “consumer knowledge of food enterprises and brand products is the spread of information have relevant requirements, this is also our community portal maximum value of the existence of information.”

a food diary in the PC to realize the function of food information, consumption, knowledge, review, image video, community, etc., in which you can find the topics they are interested in food, to participate in these discussions. Looking for like-minded people, and the raise of CSA to buy share; Set up their own home page, and diners plan for the spring and autumn; In food and food safety in the common sense, to be able to find answers to on; Focus on the talent in the community, to discuss with them, enjoy the beautiful food; Accept site invitation, write your personal story. is a food diary through public welfare organizations and farmers across the country with a food fair cooperation for the first batch of seeds user , get traffic through website content construction. As an interactive community, now a food diary flagship product reviews, guides, strategy, and consumption project, etc., there will be food safety knowledge, food, food truth and other columns, with offline activities such as free try to eat, the always neutral in the link a food diary. xiao-bo wang also said that at the same time, the current food diary user base is still in the base period, and the corresponding section also requires a lot of post operation.

meanwhile, xiao-bo wang is doing a project, it takes time to a food diary is looking to establish food database, for consumers to use to be obtained at any time. , for example, the good and bad are intermingled of beef on the market, consumers don’t know how to tell, a food diary is let diners experts in a graphic form in distinguish the stand or fall of beef often method; Secondly, head of the operation of a food diary will be according to the needs of the consumers to integrate all the data pertaining to beef, covering strategy, reviews, guides, wikipedia and other columns; Can build “beef” after this entry in the database, as long as consumers search the content of the “beef”. Then you will find it needs. xiao-bo wang told hunting cloud network: “the choice of strategy makers in a food diary is also very representative, they are all diners, such as five-star restaurant chefs, so for consumers to increase trust, also more convincing .” Gradually solve the problem of this part of consumer’s trust.

but it can be said to be in the food safety industry, a food diary is not flawless. First a food diary community interaction involves the improvement of trust, but trust this kind of idea on things to change, is still a long and difficult; secondly there are peers want to replicate the pattern of a food diary to catch up, a food diary also face was beyond the crisis; Finally is a food diary the imperfection of the current product form, user development not fall to the ground, need to further improve the . When it comes to expectations for the future of a food diary, xiao-bo wang told hunting cloud network: “our mission is to improve China’s food consumption environment and reduce food safety risks, our vision is to make good food can be found and consumption to each of us.”

a few days ago, a food diary have been given a local zheshang millions seed investment, mainly used for optimization and move the development team, said xiao-bo wang has started an angel round investment.