D take treasure: focus on medical device service market O2O platform

(text/Yang Sihui)

health continue to hot, whether the Internet giant is bullish on the Internet or entrepreneurial teams this market, the traditional medical industry chain also busy in big data.

d take treasure horse Xiao tell hunting cloud network founder: “everything in medical industry is not open around these two doctors and hospital, the doctor resources and hospital entrance will be a strategic high ground in this field. “Internet + medical” there are two kinds of cutting method: one is for the c-terminal patients’ groups, mainly concentrated in areas related to people such as sought treatment; And another, the hospital is a special B end user group, through equipment related service for the hospital, and can establish connection with hospital quickly.” The medical treasure is taken from medical equipment service and the health care industry credit data into the medical market.

because of information opaque and imperfect credit system, medical equipment service industries, a mess high charges for hospital equipment manufacturers, with generation, pushing the warranty; Third party maintenance company good and bad are intermingled, price confusion, the hospital customer experience cannot be improved. At the same time, there are 2008 2008 tertiary hospitals, secondary hospitals, 9542 primary hospitals, private hospitals, 11515 millions of medical equipment.

a medical repair is aimed at the market space, build medical equipment service information and industry credit data service platform. Through integration of 10 years in the national hospital equipment purchasing data, 60 senior industry experts, 100 equipment service provider, 1000 hospitals service entrance, 200000 medical personnel resume information, 30 million enterprise business information, medical repair the treasure to realization on the part of the hospital equipment distribution information, personnel information, maintenance company, maintenance spare parts, maintenance use channels of information integration.

at present, the medical treasure iOS version, Android version have been online, web in private beta, will be launched in the near future. Service category including nuclear magnetic resonance (MRI), computed tomography (CT), breast (Mammary), ultrasound (US) in the high-end video equipment spare parts, maintenance and service the warranty data. Platform to invite the registration mechanism, only accept certified members recommended registration information, registered need to fill in the invitation code, through medical repair treasure after the identities of users for business transactions. User can view the spare parts, maintenance market, can release maintenance requirements, equipment requirements, the supplier can release the information, such as spare parts in the process of trading the user needs to strictly abide by the medical treasure credit evaluation requirements and guarantee mechanism, platform with credit and only trusted members to provide information services. “In combination with our credit certification and online evaluation system, we can provide the third-party service market the most competitive service solutions.” The horse Xiao said.

in the future, the medical treasure plan platform service standardization, credit system construction, financial products provide equipment for hospital service data, equipment asset management services, shaping its own brand, set up online sales platform, etc. Profit model, the medical treasure to provide trust guarantee, flow entrance to all but a commission, in the equipment insurance, equipment upgrading, customization, financial data, such as spare parts and the raise also have imagination.

founder horse Xiao has many years of experience in medical equipment industry, in the domestic top big data expert professor LLLDD team engaged in the industry application of the technology of data, the current electronic science and technology university research center, deputy director of big data. In addition, the team members in their respective fields have an average of more than 10 years of working experience and extensive network, covering sales, after sales, research and development, each link of supply chain.

according to hunt cloud network understanding, medical treasure has officially launched an angel round financing plan.