Custom form MaiKe: simple but not rough production tools

(text/xiao-wei Yang)

MaiKe is a business-oriented users information collection and management of state light form tools. Founder sardonar and her team at the beginning of the business has been doing the custom of enterprise information project, found a lot of common requirements in the product design process. They think repeated demand is a waste of resources, and began to do such a form production and contact management tools.

before the company was formally established, the core team for many years experience of cooperation, stable team, responsible for research and development and the product of the chengdu team and is responsible for the market, the Beijing team, the team a total of 20 people.

MaiKe provides is a universal tool, zero technology, zero cost, let users like building blocks, a few minutes to any custom configuration want online form. Simply drag the component box, configuration want content, the rest of the structured information automatically, automatic statistics provided by MaiKe, let customers convenient and efficient data export and processing, reduce a lot of mechanical work.

MaiKe help enterprises and building the bridge to connect the external users, through a form as a marketing entrance, collect information of target and potential customers; Supported by contact management, build customer data pool, establish the foundation of the follow-up, For email marketing outlet, make the enterprise can better convey the information to the end customer, to help enterprises to more easily achieve customer management and marketing.

founder sardonar thinks, as a whole in terms of product form, and other form competing goods, MaiKe core is to build “track user behavior” as the core of contact management mode. With MaiKe form contact data collected, the system will automatically grab and records, automatic build user behavior timeline, to help you build on customer behavior data pool for driving guide customers, build foundation for follow-up.

sardonar tell hunting cloud network, currently MaiKe existing functionality is completely free and permanent commitment to free. Now is to promote the new product online, especially this part will focus on contact. New start experimenting with pay value-added services, users can according to need to pay to try more advanced features.

cloud network hunting understands, on September 14, 2013, MaiKe officially launched, for it makes funds (sequoia, broadband capital, the school, GSR ventures) angel rounds of investment, well-known investor Mr. Dai’s Pre – A round of investment, and sequoia capital, A $4 million round of financing, real has completed Pre – A round of funding. Register now enterprise users has reached 150000, monthly growth of 40%.