CrowdTangle: BuzzFeed and the huffington post in the “content detector”

cloud network hunting note: at the beginning of the release, dream to change the world, it can be experienced network “jianghu” only to find that after the ups and downs, maybe just can change the original Facebook information distribution pattern. From obscurity to industry leaders, from a third party plug-ins to Facebook official partner. What it has experienced, reap what, this is what we say today’s social media tools CrowdTangle.

if there is no change originally want to change the world, so CrowdTangle at least change your Faccebook information flow.

in 2011 (hunting cloud network editor you note: this is a tracking and optimizing the simple tools of social media content) at the beginning of the build, founders will it as a tool to can change the world. In early was just released by the application of the Knight Foundation of financing, it can be organized to Facebook page, event related activities and group into a heart. In some cases, it is very efficient, such as occupy Wall Street, and sometimes it little effect.

this version CrowdTangle now no longer exists. But we can see if it’s appearance does not change the world, so must have changed your Facebook stream.

in fact, it is the most useful features of a small part of the control panel: is this tool can be a variety of push presented to the user in the best possible way.

this seems to be some basic information, but Facebook used to present the information content of the algorithm is very mysterious, also in constant development. And this also is to use a network to disseminate information media and institutions has brought a disturbing guessing game.

CrowdTangle didn’t bother to find out what is the use of this magical algorithm formula to get the all we can see on the website, it is just the type of content on the page showing the working principle of the web pages and to allow others to imitate. While CrowdTangle proved a success.

as a result, the company’s founder Brandon Silverman and Matt Garmur developed in addition a test versions of the product they are working with media institutions. This model offers a control panel, it can track your content information in web pages, your opponents, or any other page you want to create a group activity. “It’s like Facebook is a hot topic, but they are the starting point of difference.” Silverman said.

CrowdTangle also can track key word, so you can see a certain category under the best stories, such as the “CEO” or “iPhone 6”. And it can track website, so you can know your own links (or rival link) is the most popular under a category. When your content is very popular, it will be sent to you by email to remind you. And when you receive the information, when too many of those who interest you good story would be in the form of the sent to you. As a result, any organization can easily know what Facebook users click, comment on what, what is my favorite. So that they know not only their own home page, and is an arbitrary category in Facebook.

last year, the company from Lerer Ventures, Betaworks, Knight Enterprise Fund, New Media Ventures, AdvancIt Capital, Box Group won a total of $2.2 million in financing. In July, it became the official Facebook partners, and for them in November, Twitter and YouTube launched a similar function. And some of these actions, is quite a low profile.

news aggregation sites Upworthy is the first try the function of the company in early 2013. In the first month, their Facebook page administrator using the tool released 12 items. The content on average than other contents Upworthy release three times more reading quantity, at the same time attracted more than 1.1 million users come to their home page. Because of this, Upworthy decided to continue to use this tool.

in the subsequent in July 2013, Mic also introduced CrowdTangle. Editor of the company’s co-founder and jack horowitz said in an E-mail, his team mainly use hot CrowdTangle monitoring information and hot topic. They use this tool to find the woman about to stop shooting at the Atlanta’s story. The story attracted as many as 900000 readers, horowitz said “more than the same period of other reports.” In the mid-term elections, the team used this tool to discover a place in some reporters do not concern exists the phenomenon of compulsory voting.

BuzzFeed some of the team started using CrowdTangle in winter, they wanted to see which publishers in the use of their stories and confirm the current trends.

when I meet in January and Silverman, he introduced me to this product, “we have been quietly expanding each social network media company.” In fact, when he took out his client list, I just read a media industry leader. Here just name a few: BuzzFeed, Vox, the huffington post, CNN, NBC, USA today, ESPN, MTV, national geographic, and Fast Company. Media companies class user accounts for about 50%. , such as l ‘oreal Paris and Steve madden brand accounted for 25%, and non governmental organizations, such as greenpeace and the United Nations children’s fund (UNICEF) accounted for 25%.

Silverman didn’t see his tools to make any new disruptive innovation, he pointed out that the biggest characteristic of CrowdTangle is to provide users with “custom pattern”. As long as publishers and brand customers continue to rely on social media, CrowdTangle will continue to revolve around its customers in order to help find the click to come from.


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