Cross-border electricity galleria honey, lurking in the non-standard products C2C before the outbreak

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in hai tao market which has just 2014, young-fly-wang began to bear, to catch the opportunity of cross-border electricity as soon as possible.

in April 2014, young-fly-wang resign from ali, after six years, he successively from the taobao, pay treasure, to multiple projects such as infinite good, getting deeply involved in operation management. After 7 months, street honey is launched.

street honey is a C2C mode mobile terminal APP overseas online shopping platform, focus on overseas buy hundreds of real-name authentication sweeps money live hand, users can choose and buy goods on the APP. And currently the vast majority of cross-border electricity (including hai tao) platform main milk powder, diapers, cosmetics and other non-standard products, honey is cut into the street “non-standard” and hai tao and small countries markets, such as silk scarves, Turkey carpet, Nepal South African mango.

these products sales whether there really is? Domestic consumers can have how old? All of these are in doubt. But, it seems to young-fly-wang street honey is chose a completely different entrepreneurial journey. In the bullish “non-standard” cross-border electricity business prospects, the direction of the do you want to avoid giants will tread very easily. Look at his judgment.

95% future cross-border electricity chamber die

China cross-border electricity business fire in to what degree? The ministry of commerce released report predicts global trade pattern, in 2016 China’s cross-border electricity imports and exports will grow to 6.5 trillion yuan, annual growth rate of 30%. In is widely regarded as the last piece of blue ocean, driven by electricity field many startups and giant into one after another. In 2012 alone, there were more than 2000 companies registered the cross-border electricity business.

in young-fly-wang view, cross-border electricity hot is a surface phenomenon, before long, more than 95% of the chamber of commerce for electricity Dead Sea. To make such a judgment is that a lot of the sea for the company’s business model has almost no real innovation.

, he argues, the hai tao as a business model is only a fantasy business logic. Mainly reflected in the current industry progress customs preferential policies and cross-border logistics industry better, too many startups is mainly the middle link optimized, also from the main operation subsidies, the path of blasting of the product, which ultimately benefit is not a startup, but the electricity giant.

“like Tmall, jingdong, big flow platform as long as to optimize their supply chain, will soon be able to rely on purchase, promotion of subsidies, such as way to quickly make it scale, edging out the fledgling startups.”


therefore, street chose these electricity giant in the short term will not touch the area, and according to its own business philosophy to live, waiting for the outbreak of the time.

non-standard product when overseas online shopping C2C would break out?

if compared to the domestic existing cross-border electric business platform, you can see that the vast majority of goods are concentrated in the diapers, milk powder, bags, cosmetics category, which is mainly focused on several key countries such as Japan, the United States, Italy.

“there are a lot of countries of special goods not to develop operations, thus in the sleep state, channels of domestic users also have no right to know.” Young-fly-wang, said tao sea of non-standard product is a frontier for blue ocean, also suitable for use of C2C way to run.

however, with the current kao diapers, abbott laboratories, COACH bag of different brand products such as milk powder, Nepal silk scarves, Turkish carpet etc. These products are unknown to the public with high cognitive blind area, the acceptance of the user is not high, which means that the street honey and gradually to cultivate the market and user education.

non-standard product cross-border electricity road obviously lag behind the product, so, when it will be to break out? Gives young-fly-wang judgment: still need two years.

this time node maybe honey is just right across the street, a avoid entering into; Second, in the absence of competition situation and make a market in advance the layout first.

street honey how to layout?

from the perspective of the characteristics of large, street honey have some similarities with taobao C2C overseas online shopping mode, but in the product build and specific operating system with its own characteristics.

ali 6 years of working experience, some problems also let young-fly-wang see taobao platform, and not doing two areas: mobile social electricity and non-standard products.

taobao formed in the course of the past 10 years’ operating recommend + search ranking “double strategy mechanism, trading around 50%, but the mechanism makes the product still is this principle, twenty percent of the goods and businesses account for eighty percent of sales, the vast majority of products or businesses get exposure. Even when converted from PC to mobile terminal is still faced with similar problems, the reason is that business volume is too big, is a very heavy burden, change is so difficult.

street honey existing platforms, intentionally weaken the search entry, but the combination of more users subscribe to present product information. At the same time, the introduction of user relationship chain, can see friends recommended goods.

at the moment, honey still at the stage of high-value, ecological street. Although the company in March this year won the IDG investment of millions of dollars, but the company does not want to adopt the way of burning money to compete on price and market, authentication of platform to buy hand end of the year also control in 1000 or so, only consider is that the user and the flow doesn’t fully to a certain extent, avoid dominate buyer sales forecast in advance.

the whole cross-border electricity difficulties mainly in two aspects, one is the slow delivery, transport a is expensive. C2C buy handmade advantage isn’t in the supply chain, efficiency and national policy, subject to national customs street, honey can’t to control the delivery speed, but it can be portable to reduce the problem of the shipping price. Existing international forwarding company prices are generally in the $4 – $13/LBS, buy a hand with less shipment order no bargaining space.

street honey honey “street”, recently launched logistics tools through their own platform in the number of orders buyer bargaining advantage to transport company, which through economies of scale to reduce logistics cost. In planning, street honey not only for honey buy a hand on the street, the future will also do an open platform, open to other cross-border electricity business. And this may be the honey can consider commercial street in one direction.

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