Create new rendering engine, Microsoft IE era is about to retire

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cloud network hunting note: Internet explorer as default browser Windows system, has nearly 20 years of history. From dominating the world user much-maligned and even toyed by now, all the glory of IE has become history. Face reality, so Microsoft from these mistakes and take out a thorough determination to bid farewell to the past and make perfect the ambition of the Internet, vowed to recapture the scenery.

10 Windows system will adopt a new browser. In time, any equipment on the latest operating system – whether mobile phone or tablet, or personal computers, and so on, people will be able to see Microsoft’s new book: Project Spartan (code-named “Sparta” Project). In the near future, we will continue to uncover the mysteries of the new browser. But today, in this article, we want to talk to you our newly developed better rendering engine, and encourage us to insist on the motivation of developing a new rendering engine. The new rendering engine can be compatible with most modern browsers – because our consistent aim is to make our users can “swim” to the Internet. Although such a rendering engine design goal is to develop Sparta browser, but for Windows 10 also retain the IE browser, it still applies, so those who because of special reasons still have to use IE browser companies or other customers don’t have any concern on this.

conform, while keeping the Internet explorer browser

as Microsoft Internet explorer’s default browser has a history of more than 20 years. Over the years, with the continuous development of the Internet and its web site updates, IE browser also keep update the status. Since 2009, we began to systematically the various subsystems of the browser’s performance: from the latest Javascript and layout engine, GPU accelerated rendering technique and 3 d graphics technology and multithreading touch input, to improve F12 developer tools, and support enterprise mode of backward compatibility.

figure note: Internet explorer 5 years of upheaval of Fish (GPU rendering), IE excellent JavaScript performance, multi-threaded touch input, new F12 developer tools, and the final 3 d graphics technology.

in the application of the improvement of the revolutionary significance to the main version of Internet explorer and at the same time, we always adhere to the creed of “not to break the current network status”. Considering the Internet has more than 44 billion large and small sites, keep faith is not easy. So in these sites, we first tested the traffic in the top 9000 websites, this 9000 sites of total traffic accounted for 88% of all network traffic. Therefore, “the most outstanding in the network” into a “long tail” – here that we can concentrate on the test of the most influential websites. Before the latest version of the release, we hope that we can ensure that the new version of the compatibility with older versions of Internet explorer, and other competitive browser can have greatly increased.

inevitable accidents

although we have tested 9000 commonly used web site, our compatibility is ahead, although we have is the latest release of Internet explorer, the most perfect version, we will still hear some complain from time to time, these complaints or from your family, or other department’s colleagues, Microsoft or online discussions. They complain that some site still can’t use IE browser to open. But when we are seriously examine these unable to open the website, we found that these sites are often not belong to the tested 9000 sites list. And they often complain about not being able to open those websites are usually related to some trivial things in life, such as unable to complete the streets of a barber shop online booking, or can’t browse online calendar of local children’s football league.

on Windows 10 planning process, we hope that we can solve the problem of this apparent paradox, namely: why, when we show our browser compatibility test data compatibility has had the very big promotion at the same time, our actual compatibility is falling?

to rethink our hypothesis guess

as we become more and more in-depth mining the problem, we are beginning to realize that we need to rethink the site within the scope of the entire Internet thoroughly compatibility issues:

contrast old and new system. in the promotion of the new HTML 5 features at the same time, keep the old version of IE browser compatibility, especially for enterprise web application compatibility, is our another task. In the Trident kernel (note: cloud network editor king hunting a rendering engine of the development of Microsoft in the past) on older browsers, document compatibility mode can provide compatibility is very limited, but even so, we still cannot guarantee that all the compatibility, and it is has been the obstacles we repair the root cause of a particular behavior in Internet explorer. In addition, repair IE browser and other modern browsers long-standing interoperability between holes, eventually lead to the collapse of some sites, and these sites script is written according to the specific behavior of IE browser.

compatibility view list. we have received the compatibility of pass rate, to a large extent depends on the compatibility of existing view list. Although according to this list, we can use “forced into compatible with older browsers file mode” to repair these couldn’t open the web site, but do need to constantly test and maintenance, and for commonly used web site, the method of extensibility is not ideal.

X-ray UA – Compatible . some website will file pattern of relatively outdated compulsory use “x – ua – compatible” header. People might say this is just a temporary expedient, but in fact, for the new version of the IE browser in the future, these sites do not immediately update their web page script and will only continue to use the so-called “quick fix”, even if they had for their web site for some other modern browsers developed code paths for a long time.

focus on web standards. when we design new features of HTML 5, there have been combined with the current Internet standards, in theory the combination will help increase the interoperability between with other modern browsers. Interoperability standards documents, however, it is easy to change, the result is caused by the actual gap interoperability, and for web developers countless holes in urgent need of repair, and is the most intuitive effect is for the users have more website can’t display properly.

bid farewell to the past, look to the future

faces many problems, we finally summon up courage to face the reality. We need to make a plan that allows web developers whether based on what the browser, can easily develop compatible website; We need to make a plan, let users in the use of the Internet to enjoy more pleasure in the process of browsing experience; We need to make a plan, no matter how the future we quickly promote new features of HTML 5, we are able to provide enterprise customers a highly backwards compatible browser.

in order to effectively address these challenges, we suddenly realize that we can no longer blindly trying to improve the original solution, we urgently need to say goodbye to the past, start again – here, of course, the past does not include the 2009 after we make all the improvements.

real effective antidote,

bid farewell to the past means that the new network rendering engine was born, say goodbye to have more than 20 years history of Internet explorer, as we designed, the new rendering engine is bound to have with other modern browsers in the true sense of interoperability, so we designed for Windows 10 slogan is “rebirth” to the Internet. Web standards will still have very important position, but it functions in the background, drive the actual interoperability between different browsers, this point of view in the process of upgrading Windows Phone 8.1 we have already proved its practical significance,

however, this is given priority to with interoperability problems an obvious solution, namely the use of the existing open source rendering engine, such as its. Although the use of the existing open source rendering engine has its own advantages, but with further investigation, we found that there are two important reasons we have to deny this method. First, our Internet is based on multiple independent, but mutual collaboration network standard principle, at the same time we also think that this principle can effectively guarantee the existence of the diversity of the Internet. Secondly, considering the solution required quantity, we found an open-source rendering engine and its surrounding structures, a new browser, is inferior to our own development engine for the user to provide interoperability, the effect will be better, especially can no longer be compatible with older browsers constraints). We will continue to consider open source, to share a meaningful source model, and post to share more details in the future.

the birth of a new rendering engine

Jacob Rossi (Jacob Rossi) on Smashing magazine published an article in detail, including when it comes to a new engine from MSHTML. DLL a fork, and developing very rapidly. In view of the realization of the “twin-engine”, we can in the past few years of development efforts, at the same time, the file of the old patterns and other original IE browser features are removed from the new engine. On the other hand, our original engine (MSHTML. DLL) can still maintain the original state (in addition to the security and priority), to ensure that continue to serve our enterprise customers with older browsers compatible functions. At the same time, we also provide the function of seamless switching between the old and new engines, give users a better experience online.

if you clean thoroughly bid farewell to the past, to a new user agent string is essential, we must make the pledge that we no longer have any characteristics of IE code continue to be sent. For a long time, IE browser is used to send the necessary token content needed for the request to the server. Although this consistent practice means lower compatibility, but also reveals the interoperability problem needs to be improved.

in the end, when the old version of Internet explorer browser code will no longer be sent, we can totally no longer dependent on compatibility view list. So, our actual compatibility will be improved significantly.

change, starting from the essential

however, there is a new light engine is not enough, we also need to be looking for, track and solve the problem of the long tail of the Internet has made significant improvement. In order to achieve this goal, we analyze trillions every day from bing search crawl to the network link to explore exist in the Internet the most commonly used and most not commonly used those patterns on the website. Through the repair of these patterns, these sites can eventually normal display in the browser. The data collection, largely thanks to user feedback, by choosing appropriate “emoticons” send feedback results. Every day we receive thousands of such feedback report.

in addition, by analyzing our data, we have to revise our internal engineering process, give priority to solve the problem of actual interoperability. nullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnull