Create “civilian version” Twitch, games video broadcasting service Raptr valuation of $170 million

hunting cloud network (note: if you know gamer of wu3 lin2’s leader Dennis Fong, must understand its founded Raptr, huge games created video sharing platform for the success of a person to become a group of people the fun! Recently, wu3 lin2’s leader declared in jianghu Raptr with Intel and AMD become Allies, the big three combination, to make the PC games more simple! More pure! Please look!

recently, social network game platform Raptr says it will use its own technology for 46 million game users to improve PC gaming experience, and combination with Intel and AMD company, using the latest technology to create new software chip. Message sent out after the company benefit a lot from the aspects of advertisers alone, last year had more than a few million dollars.

now, set up eight years of Raptr company claims has been obtained by Accel Partners get for $14 million in financing, long-term strategic partner AMD also involved, the investment amount is considerable. So far, market valuations Raptr company has more than $170 million.

when it comes to company’s development goals, Raptr said it aims to provide gamers to launch the game version sets, so that they can in Plays. TV new records on the network, edit your gaming experience, also can share with other players in the game exciting moment.

although Raptr as the Mountain View, California (Mountain View) of the start-up, a year ago, gamers can record the game highlights, but this time it is published for the first time it Plays, TV, and announced a new round of funding to expand service.

in the game market competition is not a easy thing, is pretty difficult to win new users, YouTube is a strong competitors, it covered by the game content quantity is considerable. But like Twitch and Kamcord website is designed for users to share content and make the game, it has the same effect with Raptr, but the focus is different.

north American PC Gaming nonprofit groups Open Gaming Alliance in March, according to a data to PC Gaming industry in 2018 total revenue will rise by 33%, to $35 billion. Raptr on PC games that have a special liking, relatively speaking, the focus of Kamcord lies in the mobile phone games.

and Twitch, its development focuses on game expert to provide real-time video broadcast, share their moments in the game to have fans. From this point, the Raptr is geared to the needs of the vast number of amateur players, trying to make a record for its share platform game “peak”.

“it makes everyone has become a professional player, because there will be at least one or two in video broadcast ying very cool,” li said. As Accel partners, support Raptr li ping from 2008.

Mr Li said the Raptr company overcome the difficult in technology, has been fruitful, this is from the rapid growth of the number of new users will be able to see it. A year ago, the number of users is 19 million, more than doubled in a year later! Continue to support Raptr company, this option can’t be wrong!

Raptr gamers download game optimization software, support AMD video card and Nvidia card, and can help users to download the latest drivers, Intel in short sentence: the gameplay is suitable for any configuration of any computer! Raptr company has always been only one goal: to optimize the user PC Settings, let every game to bring users the best experience!

Raptr company’s existing software and the newly released light Plays. The TV, can let users to record the highlights of the game in a row, 20 minutes long. Then the player can through Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Plays, such as TV editing and sharing the exciting moment. As “hero alliance” and “war 4” game, general video game is very difficult to capture the images graphics degradation and delay the moment; For some players responsive, quick game, general video game is difficult to capture the effect. However, these problems are not Raptr here! Raptr’s co-founder and chief executive Dennis Fong always believe so.

fong is a PC game enthusiasts, the age of 19 by playing “Quake” (Quake) game won a ferrari! Later he founded the Raptr company, and always firmly believe that only optimizing the PC Settings, can give each game player brings a great gaming experience. Raptr so far are free for the user to open, it’s just from advertisers in order to gain an advantage.

now, Raptr new users are at a rate of 2 million per month in growth, Mr. Fang had a presentiment of significant transition for the development of the company is at hand! He should know better than anyone at present situation, after all his experience in this respect. Fong co-founded establish social enterprise Lithium Technologies Inc, has also hosted online game development tool is given, also created the game portal

Mr. Fang says he believes amateur players are eager to a like Plays. The TV as a proprietary platform, where they can share with like-minded people “success and failure in the game. But let him not so sure of is that sharing will be far and in the process he will face what kind of frustration.

“idea is not worth, also a grasp a handful, only to practice the idea came out and successfully, it is a thing. We at the time of launch new services, there is almost no assurances about the future, “said Mr,” everything is not easy, I won’t take it for granted to handle anything.”

new investors AMD or are provided, it following the Accel Partners, DAG Ventures and Tenaya Capital, has become a fourth wave of Raptr Capital injection, prompting Raptr company external fund totaled $41 million.

as Plays. The expansion of the TV service, Raptr will use the money on hand to recruit. Is expected by the end of 2015, the number of employees will be increased from existing 50 to 75 or so.

Source: WSJ

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