Crabapple life: grounding spirit of “the last 10 kilometer” O2O delivery system

(text/xiao-wei Yang)

euonymus life, founder of Yang hong has three entrepreneurial experience is a serial entrepreneur, he was twice before founding crabapple LED media development and the operating company. In 2012-2014, in a window period LED the media market is messy, so the company transition in 2014, aimed at the then nascent community O2O, additional investment founded in October 2014 yunnan hawthorn technology co., LTD., officially launched in December crabapple life.

Yang hong told cloud network hunting, take-out mainly there are several ways, the first is the kind of model of taobao, carry the shop to delivery platform, the platform is only responsible for answering the single and distribution, on behalf of the platforms have beautiful and hungry, but the process of information platform can complete the store display, user experience depends on local restaurant. The second is like home food will self-built logistics delivery platform.

Yang hong thinks, O2O mode should pay attention to the construction of local supply chain, also pay attention to the local user access. Crabapple life USES the “central kitchen + + Online order logistics distribution” CEO (Center + + Online Express) model, the three systems, self-built self all severe vertical guarantee user experience. And also have a central kitchen restaurant is different is the central kitchen crabapple not cook, all products are the supply chain, basically is ninety percent of the products, about 45 seconds can be a dish, greatly improve the efficiency.

euonymus always holds on insist on independent development, maintain the principle of open cooperation, adhere to the development of their own system. By micro letter access mobile web side, doing their own order platform, settle all users, and improve the user viscosity. At the same time, for the sake of its own brand building, and the user of digging, crabapple with Meituan, hungry? Take-out cooperation platform, the platform to crabapple traffic into your own user. At present the number of orders through the crabapple platform accounted for 85% ~ 93% of users.

distribution team, except for meals or real-time communication window and offline users, users can timely feedback opinion, so crabapple is pay attention to the construction of logistics distribution team. Crabapple has the fixed part-time distribution team, every day is about 5 ~ 8 rotational. Choose part-time distribution team, can save labor costs, and a stable team is conducive to good relations with customers, improve the user experience, improve the user viscosity.

Yang hong told hunting cloud network, no matter in what way, doing O2O mode of “the last kilometer” is very difficult. Crabapple the positioning of life is “office 1 hour fast”, in-depth excavation of the different business circle and office buildings, through the office to grab the most valuable people in the city, do a good job in “the last 10 km,” distribution more easily than to the community.

with red fruits very similar patterns of the present domestic several platform for the delivery, but red fruits in kunming local have no competition, there is a demo store in the city centre, actual trading activity has more than 1500 single month increase orders probably around 3300, repeat purchase customers accounted for more than 85%.

tell hunting cloud network Yang hong, take-out platform subsidies to the businessman is not a way of sustainable development. Late crabapple life development will attract more products supply chain in red fruits, crabapple can get cheaper products, is responsible for the sales and distribution links, restaurants don’t have to increase the distribution cost and manpower cost, also can promote the efficiency of the restaurant. This is a kind of more suitable for local, grounding, more sustainable way. Future delivery platform subsidies strength small, crabapple advantages will be more obvious.

cloud network hunting, crabapple life will consider next set up shop in the beijing-tianjin region, has started an angel round financing plan.