Cover cover: the sticker dating after 95, through the “mask” and “o”

(text/Tang Yaqin)

cover, released through a “mask” to attract users to different interesting content, through the “o” to establish basic interaction between the user and group and private chat, to meet interesting people, make social content based strangers more natural, as a new social platform.

does not become a tool, do something precipitation

covered covered CEO LuLei tell hunting cloud network, and they make soap earlier comics, the number of users is high, but living is not really happy, I want to make more things can precipitate, about the social aspects of the picture. So there will be a LBS, Timeland and covered covered three directions, and through the field, such as the demo show, learn the user’s interest, the final choice covering become the main direction. From November 14 years project, in the year to February, identified by “hide” to hide part of the users are not satisfied, send figure who agreed to “see” other users, please see the user can see users keep out part, is a social product based on the content of the stranger.

covered through innovation function point to accumulate content, precipitation precipitation from the content to the social relations, that is to say, the simple function through the “mask” to accumulate content and interaction caused by content, accumulation of users, and then do the community, the future will also have a section like tieba. LuLei said, they are not focused on functionality, but rather through function to focus to build a kind of social relations between people. Through the function points to determine the social behavior, in terms of improve the user viscosity, is not only depend on the compulsory content. The whole process of interaction, the user through the hair figure, check has been applied for by comments on layout, many times to cycle, and then focus on each other, into the private chat.

“cover” and “look”

LuLei told hunting cloud network, in order to keep the style consistent, users to upload images is selected. And the cover of choice is more a second yuan, per week will launch a new device, often exchange cover order to stimulate users, at the same time, the user can also recommend to cover cover niang hide. but also of cartoonist to join to cover the content of the upload, offline, the making and cos circle, anime club, such as cooperation, will their image into a covered apparatus, and interact with the fans, increasing the user viscosity.

to return to the product itself, the fun part around the “mask”, including images and text block, later will also launch a video covered. Please see part, increase the interactions between users. At present mainly is the interaction between strangers, will slowly to familiar circle, there are to the micro letter, through the way of answer answer key lock to see former figure. LuLei tell hunting cloud network, about to provide users with the function of fresh does not lack, they pay more attention to is to optimize the community structure of the long-term work, stratified according to user’s preferences, smart recommendations, such as drift bottle way for more content browsing, improve product capacity, make the whole process smoothly.

now covered covered mainly in first-tier cities, and later overseas strategy, to do more international Snapchat, focus do real interesting low force of social applications . The next two months, covering international edition will cover, by covering the aggregation of users as the European and American countries, attempts to “covered covered globalisation”. At the same time, it will continuously introduce interesting new functional experience, addition and subtraction.

now covered covered the ongoing pre – A financing.