Cool waves kohane 2.0: intellisense swing, real-time monitoring data

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about ball games intelligent hardware products, data record, about the ball friend, friends PK has become a standard configuration, hunting before cloud network also reported a smart one. But today, hunting cloud network to introduce a less as intelligent badminton sports equipment – cool waves of kohane,

cool waves kohane is an intelligent badminton partners, it can accurately record the data you exercise, including swing speed, strength, Angle, and calories, and provide scientific analysis and Suggestions for improvement. In simple terms, is a badminton movement trackers. After 1.0 version to try, the new version 2.0 what are the improvement and optimization?

the name of the new intelligent badminton partner cool waves kohane 2.0, compared with the previous generation product got a boost. In the configuration, performance enhancements, lighter weight, range increased to 6 hours. 1.0 products of 4 gears movement monitoring function to 6 now, the identification accuracy also have greatly improved. Can store 100000 groups of data, equivalent to swing and even ten thousand times a day with 10 days of large amount of data.

not only such, kohane 2.0 can also identify your various ball posture, let you knew all about his own technical characteristics, and through the cloud technology to provide you with personalized guide.

kohane 2.0 consisting of external hardware and App, hardware with the method of pasting and suit, thus it can be fit each type of badminton racket; The App supports both iOS and android.

when using, need to attach kohane 2.0 in the end of the badminton the handle, press the switch, in the process of playing, it will be real-time wireless data transmission via bluetooth to mobile App, everything in the background and the cloud to complete statistical analysis.

on the App, you can clearly see that smashes, flat drive, not only pick up the ball and so on 6 kinds of action of each data, also can see the scientific exercise report, analysis, technical analysis, you can also drag the timeline view action replay at will. About the ball through the App is also very convenient, also can easily see your rankings in the friend.

in fact, similar products, data record, about the ball friend, friends PK is probably the most important, badminton, for example, in the heart of every man there is a Lin, is an idol, is an example, is the goal, more important is that there is a real-time sports coach, to give technical guidance and advice. Software analysis is strong enough, perhaps can realize Lin appendage maybe? Hunting cloud network that the newly added according to the timeline view action and the action replay view of function, it is cool waves kohane team important step towards this goal.

hunting cloud network learned that cool waves the establishment of the project team is the result of a dream: to change traditional sports monotonous way of movement, digital enjoyment to people’s life. Team led by trajectory algorithm for many years the backbone of the grinds only, members cover technology, management, Internet marketing and sales, and other fields. Cool sea project team is made up of 22 people at present, the team members have more than three years working experience, with an average age of 27.

CEO Song Zhicong cool wave movement, after graduating from college in shenzhen electronics co., LTD., engaged in sports health product development. Responsible for the intelligent hardware products including bracelet, smart watches, mobile blood pressure, blood glucose meter, etc. CTO rong-qing li, after the graduation have been engaged in motion control product development, involving the key technologies including raw data capture, motion gesture recognition and motion control output. COO Lai Junsheng, after graduation in the global supply chain service company – DHL company as a largest customer manager.