Cool burning net: shopping sharing platform based on life Light the life happiness


cool burning net is a shopping list based on the experience of life sharing site. Cool burning the meaning of the network name is lit the happiness of life, in the cool burning network can be viewed by creating and all kinds of people shopping list, find and share to improve the quality of life.

cool burning founder deng-ke wang is a college student, is also a very have feelings of poets, often write their own poems, also a minor celebrity in the blogosphere of college students. Before burning nets, he made a putting green college public WeChat ID and the sichuan earthquake SMS platform, has achieved good results. Deng-ke wang told cloud network hunting, cool network can only be regarded as a personal project at first, with the development of the site and the growth of the users, now also have a their own team, the team also includes two editor and a software development engineer.

website’s predecessor is a recommended shopping blog, officially revised launched in February this year, deng-ke wang said: “do cool burning network is compared with wide variety of food guide website/electronics/commodity classification of various goods, I think we may have more want one with a list of life experience, the list tell us, what can be for a girlfriend, what things can be compiled clean room and so on”.

cool network is composed of such listing, referred to as “cool”, each user can be added according to his life experience of goods to their own cool set, can even give yourself cool set encryption, also can share with their friends. Cool network and a key copy function, users can be a key to all the content to create a copy of this cool set, and then can like to own cool set to add/delete/edit operation, so that experience of transfer and update with new possible.

in the market now is not a pure shopping list sharing website, cool burning network appear to fill the gaps in the market, and presents a good momentum of development. Cool burning network to share with other shopping sites is that the difference between the more personalized website, users more participation, sharing of product of press close to life, and ultimately to improve the quality of life for the purpose.

founder deng-ke wang told cloud network hunting, cool burning network now has about 5000 registered users and 50000 associated weibo users, website in about 500 monthly active users, every day there are hundreds of users visit the web site, and collecting/like/copy/create a cool set. Every goods have direct links to purchase the cool concentration, the user can directly from the cool web links to buy address, web site now through cooperation and merchants have already begun to produce revenue.

deng-ke wang said: “we now need to do is to calm down and polishing products and research users, and in the present on the basis of site optimization, improve the quantity and quality” of the site’s content. We have learned, now the cool web development is planned by the mobile client, develops the market, as far as possible the cool burning net to develop into a people improve the quality of life and happiness will see the product.