Cool at the wall, Lao zhou do dream

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week leader a “meet people will meet again” new mobile phone brands conference, announced the new “cool” mobile phone brand name. Is effective information only for 30 seconds, but it marks a week leader to phone river’s lake “wall” plan officially fall to the ground. As the first understand millet model leader zhou, 360, has experienced for regression of the machine. The heart of its hardware is not destroyed, now in the mobile river’s lake, nature is not the world so big, I want to see “, light a curiosity so capricious. Weeks hierarch and mobile river’s lake, immortal is still a “beginner’s mind”, want to rely on the mobile terminal to revitalize its advantages and it has begun to take shape in the PC hoard of intelligent hardware platform, create intelligent ecological platform of 360. Under the governors regime, however, zhou hierarch and cool the challenge is.

a, 360, for machine regression of

today, I still for weeks and a lei jun in May 2012 at the beginning of June climax of the Internet’s “small wars” 3. Leader was weeks using “lei jun character, millet mobile phone quality, millet mobile phone hardware profiteering” this SanBanFu to lei jun millet firing again. In this huge wars, zhou leader gains is to let like millet “flagship high with low prices”, 360, for the machine successfully, was caught in the mobile phone has not yet been sold enough consumers eyeball, successfully entered the wider public. While behind the battle to scold, has a “domestic to meet at the beginning of the mobile Internet, millet clue on business model innovation”, zhou leader has also become aware of the “over the next three years will be the important period of integration, communication and Internet phone hardware free for direction, the Internet value-added services may be the best way to profit, so its 360 for machine project environment.

but end everybody already knows, weeks hierarch of 360 defeat Waterloo for machine due to various reasons. And at that time had good partners have also deserted it, and tears, is Lao zhou left a personal feeling frustrated, exclamation: alas! Lack of digital and parted.

weeks hierarch 360 defeat lei jun millet for machine project, make it missed the mobile Internet under the tide of the first wave of the rapid development of domestic handset. The misfortune to lose, let 360 in past, the present existing weave all WenJinZhe, less risk of being marginalized. While chanting the winner lei jun millet, as new, at the same time the authenticity of the giant has already become the present China. Valuation also has more than 360, and its fire Internet thinking, build ecological more become domestic handset manufacturers such as giving by scrambling to imitate the object.

2. From the gossip to the “cool”

but weeks hierarch heart of intelligent hardware did not out with 360, for machine failure of the project. 360 for machine unfortunately lost out of the project, but weeks, changed many, after a painful experience. Weeks, began to rally, intentions into the mobile phone market. And successively with one plus cooperation, meizu rumours, but in the end by the end of 2014 officially finalised for $409.5 million, 45% of the shares in the form of joint venture was established with cool a great god. Declaring its re-enter this has been particularly lively cell phone ring, of course, after the scandal has come to an end.

after the cooperation with cool, in this year is more frequent, raised the “rage” quite heavy AK47, released 360 0 s, set up 360 OS BBS, looking for at the beginning of the first user for the machine. Messing with the millet, of course, the nature of the natural is also can’t change, when on the day of resurrection exposure 360 OS released “this may be more suitable for millet than beautiful MIUI OS” propaganda posters, aggressive meaning son still is dye-in-the-wood. In the nearly two months of microblogging marketing after preheating, millions of people in the seduction of curiosity conference, zhou leader took 30 seconds once again revealed his new weapons in the mobile phone market – “cool” brand.

although throughout the conference did not see no trace cool cell phone. But conference “yi said one answer, ask ten” or talk about a issue for some consumers. The interesting thing is at the beginning of the Internet fighter weeks, now seems to become humble, no longer running, shelling the quartet; Instead the expression of millet, apple “respect”. It’s really rare, perhaps, it is should be the words of “men always want to experience some things will mature ‘sayings.

but despite weeks, the transition of the style, time field conference brings a more important information is: “cool” mobile phone “equity the raise pattern” perhaps there will be the arrival of the next business model change. Hierarch released last week “the raise pattern, will the new phone the shares of the company and users to share” a blockbuster eggs also implement in the conference opened on leader that “must be willing to part with or use to cut meat”. Let users enjoy the interests, it is quite that “person of hometown, to join the people’s liberation army, can divide the field”, Lao zhou in the introduction of the business model into the mobile phone industry chain, and the interests of the users to share, in theory, to attract users to participate in, is extremely attractive. But the actual effect how, will once again set off consumer participation enthusiasm, remains to be seen.

three, revitalize the hoarding power, build 360 intelligent ecological

360 for machine regression, zhou leader still has decisively invest heavily, and once again into the rivers of blood of the battlefield, and mobile phones. The reasons, nature is not because “the world so big, I want to see” the curiosity. But because the leader zhou think “the mobile phone is core” life in the future, as long as it is to do intelligent hardware, whatever you do, do household wearable, even do car networking, phone will is the core of the very important. Weeks hierarch and mobile river’s lake, is still the “living on mobile phone this core to revitalize its hoard of mobile power and links of its intelligent hardware platform is taking shape, create intelligent ecological integration of hard and soft platform of 360” eternal “beginner’s mind” response. Weeks hierarch the core terminal to need to use mobile phones as the 360 existing resources platform for the display and control center, the more powerful synergy of burst into power.

1. The application of hoarding power

360 after several years of cultivation in the mobile end, preliminary already built a security as the core, the user lives commonly used as the main line of application system based on 360, in this system, to get rid of strong 360 mobile guards, mobile phone software in 360, has 360 mobile phone assistant, mobile browser, free WiFi, master clean, safe and replacement, privacy, film and television daqo, traffic safe guard, mobile phone desktop, cloud plate of the mobile version, 360 weather, security directory, 360 mobile application distribution platform, and so on as many as 21 360 family of software. 360 need a mobile phone, the originally scattered on the user’s phone application together, have a aggregation effect, in order to show 360 smartphone safe use life scenes, let it on safety for users to do more.

2. Taking shape of ecological intelligent hardware

360 mobile phone another role is to link intelligent hardware of 360 has begun to take shape. 360 on the intelligent hardware layout, although not as vigorous millet ecological concept, but the low-key 360 has quietly intelligent hardware map in 360, with 360 children’s guardians, 360 portable WiFI, 360 security routing, 360 keys, 360 intelligent camera jut intelligent hardware flags; In the intelligent hardware aggregation platform, inc., is more little wisdom super sound, micro, teng intelligent lamp socket set, the nut throw stick, the magic of intelligent wireless headphones and other products. And rely on low-cost model 360 hardware camp there are sales of star products such as portable WiFi. Under low offensive sales booming, and foster is user 360 brand loyalty, in 360 in a subsequent wearable devices, smart home to set up a user base, the development of the Internet of things. Like the above 360 mobile applications, 360 also need to use a terminal will be the 360 map intelligent hardware link and create a control center, create belong to 360 intelligent ecological platform and intelligent way of life in the future.


PC predicament

and it is also can not be ignored is that although the 360 PC in domestic security market dominant, but with the decline in the status of PC, the mobile end is growing up. In the era of mobile Internet, 360 had had unlimited scenery; “360 left behind the opportunity of the mobile Internet and mobile Internet” comments from time to time. 360 in the PC advantage not to postpone to the mobile end quickly, in the era of mobile Internet, only on the safety of 360 had the risk of being marginalized. 360 need to represent the trend of mobile terminal to voice.

this week all this prompted the hierarch again with curiosity came to this land which has the blood become river again for each point. But in weeks hierarch say sorry for this market is difficult, week hierarch itself also has to face some others brought him “stuck” (challenge).

four, ahead of time about challenge

cool cell phone has not yet been launched, natural cannot speak the success or failure, but the challenges that stand in front of the cool cell phone is visible.

a challenge: although things both morning and evening, only in good or bad, but lei jun for those routes are also is very reasonable. Buck the trend is definitely on the road is difficult and resistance. Weeks leader on the arrival of the is not on the tuyere of the so-called, the big picture a few, but in the domestic market and domestic mobile phone market overall growth slowed sharply, delayed cool cell phone, whether there is any chance for the mobile ring more difficult?

challenge 2: as the lei jun, first read millet mode, and puts forward hardware trend of free Internet and wrote “my Internet methodology” leader of the week, in a cool cell phone on the pricing strategy of certainly will be very sincere. Performance can be expected, but this-time-is-different, cost-effective, though still is at the heart of the current domestic competition, but the user has already been used to the ratio of such a weapon. Price to bring the power of the user is already did not have the 360 for the effect of the machine age, for cool cell phone, this is not good news.

challenge 3: as the security of 360, bring more security experience on a cool cell phone seems to be inevitable. Security may also be at the heart of a cool cell phone selling point, but whether or not the user will be in order to secure the key selling point and buy ChanJi cool cell phone, nature is also a doubt. And, have to say that a mixed 360 safety in the industry, each competitor market out of 360 violation of the user of the discourse. Users will deliver security in 360, is still a question and challenge.

challenge four: as I said, cool stare at rival remains millet, and millet provocation meaning son still is dye-in-the-wood. Millet as domestic established giants, however, more involved, the dimension, it transcends the cell phone company and become the “department stores”, although the 360 also from this layout, but compared with millet, its size is too small. Staring at the millet, it seems to have no option. And besides millet. Huawei, lenovo, meizu is cool competitors, in the face of these competitors, cool can take out the assassin’s mace?

challenge: five week hierarch the make public of warrior spirit, has long been known in the Internet, and some of the resulting columns such as “3 q war, world war 3 b, small three war” and so on. Let weeks leader in the domestic Internet to offend people. And this kind of bad, bad impact for the growth of a brand is definitely there. Week, how to repair these relationships, to promote the growth of the cool of the new brand. Listed on the cool brand promotion and the mobile phone and subsequent process, whether similar wars will rekindle the fire, still is a difficult problem in front of the leader zhou’s eye.

Five, conclusion:

weeks hierarch of the martyr into mobile phone ring again, expect to change the world with curiosity, tragedy, time to break we are no longer curious in cool cell phone on all the business model, to raise the cutting expect users to actively participate in, to cell phone ring added a little stuck, revitalize the hierarch and 360 ecological dream. Exactly how the success or failure, now who also dare not fully known. Leader but I think weeks there is a saying very well – things both morning and evening, only good or bad. Mobile phone ring capacity is large enough, we are looking forward to for innovation. So, I will also keep continuous attention on it. At the end of this article, I also look forward to working with naturally blessing, zhou leader released cool cell phone in the future to some wall on domestic handset ring true.

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