Cook: silicon valley’s most successful companies have you sold

for those for trading private information provided by online services, apple CEO Tim Cook has made no secret of his disdain, such transactions to the largest technology company supported by advertising. Last night, the Cook some strong words, he said to the erosion of privacy represents a threat to the United States people’s way of life. In an American digital privacy groups electronic privacy information center in Washington, dinner, cook made a speech, the electronic privacy information center because he is at apple’s leadership award in his liberalism laureate title.

“our privacy is being various attacks”, cook through his EPIC distance on the speech said, “I’m speaking to you in silicon valley, here, a lot of important and successful companies by making their customer smug and of his personal information to defraud to establish their business. “They use what they can get from you all, and use them as a tool of making a profit. We think that is wrong, and it is not our apple company want to do “

the Cook is clearly aimed at these words like Google, Facebook, and these for advertisers from increasingly complex and Yahoo users find the target customer groups in providing advertising platform. Cook also indirectly have challenged the new Google Photos, Google will use it to do precise advertising? (now is not, Google also said there is no plan to do so), “you may like this kind of so-called free service, but if will return for you for this email or browsing history and even the private photo of your family, I think it’s not worth it. And who knows what will sell this information to them. “Cook said. “One day, people will know what these in order to”

“one day, people will know what these in order to”

it is worth noting that apple has its own advertising business: iAds, is running on the iOS APP and iTunes in the Radio. These advertising can let the customer company by anonymous user data such as email and phone number, and the market staff cross comparison of data, in order to accurately targeted advertising to his target customers.

however, Cook’s original intention is to show that trust and privacy has now become many large technology companies want to occupy the main position, and they are also get their hands on other areas. Google decided to take their photos from Google + wireless cloud storage service, because he found that people don’t like to put their photos in social network, although there can share with others. However, due to the photo in the cloud stolen events, the reputation of the company is in recovery. Intensifying competition as a technology company, personal data, get the user’s trust is a big advantage.

Cook also reiterated his opposition to use the speech to our law enforcement to open such a back door, the authorities can bypass the encryption of user data. , “he said,” if you give the police put the key under the mat, thieves can be found “. Chip Pitts, EPIC, President and professional relationship between human rights lawyer, said last night to Cook the prize awarded to marked the government chose a business leader for the first time.” To realize privacy also involves human rights like identity and non-discrimination, this is a man of courage and a leader who has its own values “Pitts on The Verge.


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