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last week, shows the new MacBook apple in conference. Apple products “dismantling expert” iFixit when moment didn’t delay the new MacBook, including hardware upgrade after the MacBook Pro and MacBook Air notebook series are torn down. Facts have proven that in addition to apple’s smelly temper, lack of certain repairable sex, other notebook technology ascension really let a person shall not refuse to obey.

if you are the apple of new products, new MacBook small amount of side of the socket is not satisfied, don’t worry – apple launched a series of new MacBook Air notebook at the same time in the last week and is equipped with a Retina display the Retina MacBook Pro. We have got the latest notebook to measure it, but at the same time, from iFixit website professionals disassembly analysis of the new product will help us to deeply understand the two laptop.

the first point, the laptop is still continue to use the previous design concept, but with a Retina display screen MacBook Pro adopted a new Force Touch trackpad – this is for apple MacBook new and design of a new generation of Touch panel. New trackpad on the way is different from the past application on Airs notebooks and old Pros touchpad; In order to maximize the new MacBook integral space saving, new trackpad to abandon the traditional “springboard” structure, new trackpad can press in every position. According to analysis of iFixit apart, the touchpad built-in 4 has “Taptic Engine” technology “force sensor”, detects the user in any position of the touch panel subtle movement makes you feel still work on familiar with the touchpad, and “Taptic Engine” also provides a touch feedback, you can see on the screen not only what happened, still can feel directly. (if you have ever experienced opens the Android phone or tablet touch feedback function, you’ll have more on this new trackpad intuitive understanding.)

with art design knife carefully disassemble the touchpad after all parts, we can see four as small copper of electromagnet, the effect of these small copper is “quickly push and pull in touch at the bottom of the metal boards, can let every subtle touch the fingertips real touch response.” Four force sensor worked together every time accurately induction light touch trackpad pressure.

at the same time on the new MacBook Pro and a new MacBook, apple provides some control software to adjust the number of Touch feedback – the default setting makes Force Touch trackpad experience is very close to the traditional touchpad. New trackpad also includes some of the new “Force Touch” features, such as when your mouse stay on a certain information (name, location, or the date, etc.), click and continue to hold the touchpad you can get extra text information, such as check the word definition or preview files, and so on.

iFixit on dismantling of the MacBook Pro and MacBook Air also reveals the boast apple is how to do it in the conference of storage speed double. Starting in 2013 launched a series of notebooks, apple has been used on PCI Express in its solid state memory interface (hunting cloud network note: a new generation of bus interface, can increase the data rate to a very high frequency) rather than the more common but slower speed SATA III interface. The first USES the PCIe interface Mac laptop series USES the two PCI Express 2.0 channel to transmit data; In the new MacBook Pro and 13-inch MacBook Air, data channel increased from 2 to 4 (but drive controller can support the PCIe 3.0 and chipset only supports the PCIe 2.0, as well as the system information screen confirm PCIe link speed is 2.0 5 gt/s).

no matter how to say, in the field of storage speed, there is no suspense of the apple is still well ahead of other technology companies. Even now, there are few PC makers like to machine interface using PCI Express way to store, most manufacturers still use SATA interface technology. Take lenovo ThinkPad X1 Carbon, from the standard 128 gb SATA drives PCIe upgrade to 512 gb drives (and only this a PCIe option) need to pay an extra $700; Apple laptop to upgrade to the PCIe equipment fare is $900.

but don’t forget to apple’s other a few more frivolous notebook – 11 inch MacBook Air and new MacBook — they’re still adopt double PCIe 2.0 the design of the data transmission channel, thereby limiting their progress on the data transmission speed, compared with 2013 series notebook has little change. But overall is good, especially the price, but the price difference is rarely appeared in 11 “and 13” MacBook Air laptop series.

with the dismantling of iFixit analysis, we can be very intuitive understanding of the notebook’s internal structure without sacrificing your own laptop, but people still lacks certain repairable system for apple’s discontent and complain and extensibility. To 10 divided into standard, MacBook Air of repairable scored four points, and is equipped with a Retina display screen MacBook Pro score lower only 1 minute, without any changes compared to the 2013 models. IFixit directly points out the special screw, welding of RAM, and special SSD socket on the laptop has problems. While Pro because using fusion of LCD display screen and on the base of the battery and lower scores.

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