Constantly adjust itself eventually successful ZhuangChen ultra: “unsuccessful” revolutionary entrepreneurship are looking for

note: hunting cloud where network CEO ZhuangChen super recently visited tsinghua university entrepreneurship lecture hall, for more than 400 students of tsinghua university and the teaching of social entrepreneurs entrepreneurship guidance: adjust “of the entrepreneurial process. ZhuangChen super senior combined with their own entrepreneurial experience for many times, the “industry adjustment” dynamic change of the concept of in-depth analysis. At the same time, also from the partner selection, company management team, the share of industry analysis methodology, the following is some excerpts from the speech:

new entrepreneurial

1994 to 1998, I study in Peking University department of radio, this is a pure science major, but I was very fond of writing your own program. My first startup is during the period of university, with my classmates in senior did a simple search engine crawlers software, obtained the IDG5 million dollars of venture capital, in Beijing and Shanghai to sell the software. Chinabyte was just entered to China, can’t do a traditional media, at the same time due to the content of supervision can only do IT, so we first copy of the software sold to Chinabyte, give them to do search engines. This is my first contact with the Internet. But at that time in the Chinese market demand for this product is not much, so our business failed. This is when I was in university is not very successful entrepreneurial experience, but also let me preliminary understanding what is a business.

second attempt – ShaWei sports

I enter Chinabyte do software maintenance for them later, when the storm of the Internet, I and several colleagues will leave a web site – ShaWei sports. We thought, because a lot of people are heading for the greatest opportunity – web portal, do a smaller Internet vertical industry competition. Here I give you a choice of the experiences and lessons from the business model: the most popular business model has the largest competition and the highest selective. So when we look at what vertical easy to do work: first of all, this area to be able to obtain high attention rate in a short time, because entrepreneurs to prove his chance is only half a year and nine months, Internet start-ups cannot fire makes sweet malt, failed to prove their business model, it’s very difficult to obtain various aspects support. We are thinking at the time of the most popular several areas: IT already has a lot of people are doing. Social news has a lot of policy risk, many successful companies also be killed because of the policy risk, college students’ entrepreneurship can also pay attention to the screen or bypass policy risk; Entertainment is not easy to earn money. Finally is sports, sports has a strong ability to gain attention, and relative policy risk is the lowest, at the same time, at that time to do sports newspaper is to earn money, so we choose sports as the breakthrough point. We are in the process of doing ShaWei, we raised $3 million, but did not earn money. One advantage is that competition is weak, the main competitors are large portal sports channels, so we can do in a single category in the field of the boss. When we are ready to do the second round of funding, everyone is talking about risk investment on the market, we have a problem, because our website didn’t earn a penny, and few other portals to earn money. We believe that the capital market for Internet companies tolerance has reached an end. At the same time, at that time, many large Internet company for mergers and acquisitions, we think the market has been the end of the fast walking, so we choose to buy the site.

when review the entrepreneurial experience I have a few lessons, we chose the category is the ability to rapidly establish a consumer attention, that’s right. But we do is wrong, we understand the profound meaning of sports is not accurate. We had the understanding of the field by sports fans focus on site, rely on advertising to earn money. Less number of fans, however, the advertising spending power is also small. Do sports, needs to make the whole society will focus on the news, attract people who normally don’t watch sports, sports website focus on the news, so as to maximize AD revenue.

business need to pay attention to the main points of the

[view] need to pay attention to what time to start a startup, first of all, can you get a lot of market in a short time; Second, the business model is actually very simple.

I at the beginning of the Internet in China in the Internet industry. A startup, you should find the core of the business model in the beginning, if is to find the right DNA by continuous transformation, the probability of success is low. In the current fierce competition as long as the wrong move, can destroy the entire enterprise.

[case] where web business models

where business models are always changing, but this is just a form in the change, the core of the business model is consistent. ShaWei partner in in 2004 when I find my home continue to do business, but this time to do the company must have to earn money, so we are looking for a right business model. At that time, the hottest of the listed company is Google, from its open report see it has a very good business model and high income. Google is a great search engine, we want to, can under it to find a vertical search engine. Was the number one cause of Google search is health and finance, then the tourism, followed by entertainment, followed by a car. Medical risk is very high; Financial was highly regulated in China, in a highly regulated area is high risk; Entertainment looks good, but the entertainment was income comes mainly from pornography and gambling sites; Car platform on some large portal has done very well, we’ll do the space is too small. But it turned out our judgment is wrong, the car is now a very promising industry. Tourism is a good industry, Internet technology to be able to travel to do large-scale refactoring, at the same time, the airlines competition ranking also demonstrated the great influence of the aviation industry in the United States have talent as a vertical search engine, information service, ranking business big role in the tourism industry.

[case] where the development history of GDS and travel agents and the development of

the headquarters of an airline or a hotel in one place, and its customers from all over the world. But it can’t set up offices all over the world, tourism is an intermediary. GDS (global distribution system), so it will be a national airline information together and then sold to the intermediary company. When the birth of the Internet, the second generation of intermediary companies, the company in a place to set up a website and call center, you can sell tourism products throughout the country. In the second generation after the success of the mediation, for airlines and hotels have greater bargaining power. At that moment the airline and hotel thought, they can also do their own website and call center, to distribute the products to the world, so the situation changed again, the airline and hotel set up his own website, on the official website to put their best products. Then there are some companies in the United States will be the official website of the best products and travel agents products together, become a information integration platform. When we just begin to do where to, China airlines and hotels do website is just the beginning, but according to the experience of the United States they will soon get the development, we think it is a good chance. We have to do is to put together the best products, together to show to customers. In the process of where to do, we have two points to note: one is industry chain upstream and downstream of the interaction, the second is the changes in the technology platform. When a few companies will choose to use deception behavior let more people to click on the platform. In order to ensure the quality of the platform, let the customer can get the cheapest service, we started doing SAAS (Software as a service) service. When doing the SAAS services, industrial chain will be a great crash. When doing a long industrial chain, the elements of your success is your interests will be away and upstream and downstream in order to protect their own profit, you also is to be adjusted with the change of the upstream and downstream.

[view] business requirements can see the coming of the change, and can according to the change to change.

in the PC s, search engine is connected to the pieces of many websites information center. In this age only seize the deals to win the attention of customers. But in the era of APP, business model and found a big change in the in the APP s, transaction and user coupling is the user’s hands. It s we did a lot of change, but there is a thread we are never change, that is to find a the cheapest products for consumers.

[view] viewpoint is contrary to the mainstream view of your choice.

the mainstream market competition is intense, even if you is the strongest in the mainstream market, you can still be overturned. To improve the odds of starting my own business, it is to choose a market mainstream views don’t look good. Don’t have a lot in the mainstream market opportunity, competition is based on quality, as good as you and thousands of you company to compete. So try not to choose public hot spots.

entrepreneurial experience

1. [view] with acquaintances cooperation

in my team who are familiar with basic. Someone said that the friend doing things together is easy to hurt feelings, but in the process of entrepreneurship has many hardships and ups and downs, this time just need someone to support; In interest distribution will you go to guess your partner’s idea, if cooperation and understand their own acquaintance, will save these suspicions; At the same time, you and your team have enough trust can raise the odds of entrepreneurship, enterprise when encounter problems will need to have a strong cohesion team together. Many successful companies, its entrepreneurial teams to now is still very stable. When choosing business partners, we suggest don’t choose a senior people in the industry. Select a traitor in the industry – dry for five to six years in the industry, there are some achievements but was not happy with my performance, to the industry have a lot of different ideas, they will have a more thorough understanding of the industry, they can easily find the mainstream does not recognise the opportunity.

2. [case] looking for revolutionaries “unsuccessful”.

I have a partner, he initially made the ticket agent in Beijing branch, the business is very good, but because in the industry have a lot of breakthrough ideas many bold behavior, offended some people, was expelled from the head office. We found him, he do it himself a ticket agent to be our first client. Today we are in the airline industry customers many of them are from the partner friend relationship. We provide him with weapons and traffic, and he made it big after provides us with more content.

3. [view] is not looking for just the man.

ve just for the one who know about this industry is not enough in-depth, there will always be some too breakthrough ideas, but these ideas are difficult to practice.

4. [view] in the stage in the development of our company should have the power of the rebellious, not only need at startup.

if you think need only after the company growth using existing resources, in accordance with the existing model, it is easy to go out of the market. Rebellious thoughts are always needed.