Conductor, “fast car” to build 7 * 24 door-to-door car wash O2O

(text/Yang Sihui)

cloud network hunting note: “fast car” is a 24-hour door-to-door car wash service based lifestyle O2O application, launched in November 2014.

why do door-to-door car wash? “From my own.” Founder Liao Yinhan told cloud network, hunting “difficulty has always been a headache for me to wash the car, the work of the fast pace of life, don’t have time to wash the car, very not easy to have free time, only to find that washing line 1, 2 hours to.” Based on washing the car difficult pain points, after half a year’s preparation, fast car online.

fast car main functions including fast order, the order query, vehicle management, address management, weather query, individual account. Online users only need single completed payment, waiting for the car team can be door-to-door service. At present, the core business fast car wash to wash the car door, washing the car price and flat car to the shop. Service team to the van as the carrier, equipment and water are in the car, washing process is the same as the traditional washing the car. However, fast car wash around 30 l of water control, is only 1/2 of traditional washing the car. At the same time, the service car wash when laying sewage collection at the bottom of the car cushion, washing wastewater is collected and unified, not cause environmental pollution.

to wash the car door, automobile the personage inside course of study thinks, because of water shortage, defects technology, in the long term will affect body paint. To hunt, Liao Yinhan cloud network explains: “I think that can cause harm to the body, is refers to the so-called ‘waterless car wash. Extensive car haven’t considered water shortages, so don’t try to how water saving on the steps. 30 l wash a car is the water right after we measured, not cleaning not clean or damage the paint problems.”

fast car wash problem has the following three points:

one, part of the property company don’t understand the washing process, obstruct the car personnel to enter. , fast car has contact property, 90% of the property through explanation has been smoothly into. Second, wash the car door to 3 hours in advance reservation, for a long time. In this regard, fast car wash also puts forward some improving measures, is doing the optimization of service team. Three, fast car wash is currently only support iOS, Android version is still in development.

competing goods aspects, there are a lot of similar products on the market. Car wash, wash the car’s got talent, and treasure superiorly happy overhead are focused on the door of washing the car, but not a 24 hour service, on the carrier of tricycle, or “waterless car wash”. Fast car provide 24-hour service and to vehicles as the carrier, in contrast.

according to the 2014 Internet washing and maintenance market research report, a total of 31 cities in China more than 1 million cars, conventional washing frequency 10 ~ 40 times per year, the average daily washing 10 million times, 20 yuan/times and market space of about 80 billion yuan. As car ownership in China’s third city, has great market space.

all washing O2O start-ups have a dream, after cut into the automobile market and occupies a place, fast car washing is no exception. On the business model, fast car wash cutting car after market plan to wash the car, the launch driving, second-hand car trading, automotive supplies sales, car modification, such as services, to become a “mobile 4 s inn”, and chengdu as the core, expanding population, to national development.

according to hunt cloud network understanding, fast car team has officially launched the angel round.