Complete B round the next step will introduce many people eat dinner

today announced the complete B round, led by auspicious peak investment, sequoia capital and investment. Previously, “please eat” completed by the end of 2014, in A round of funding, the investor is sequoia capital. Liu Gangjiang to hunt, founder of the cloud network validation, A $3.375 million round of funding, B wheel is $17.105 million, two rounds of financing of $20.48 million.

about rice dating software on the market at present is numerous, but not the finance information, please eat is how to get investors to get financing, Liu Gangjiang considered in homogeneity serious environment, has the advantage of team please eat, please eat the drawer new hot team do a list of new products “our team have experience, from the idea to do faster execution, the first version only spent a month of time.”

“please eat” in February 2014, the team has about 30 people, has accumulated more than 1000 registered users, more than 45% of female users. After 90, especially after 95 female ratio is higher.

in the end, Liu Gangjiang also said the funding will be mainly used in team building and market, in addition, please eat focus will be on after dinner relationship maintenance. “In the same class are more likely to establish a long-term offline relationships, acquaintances by introducing a half circle,” please eat “will be layered by the crowd. At the same time, “please eat” will introduce many meal, etc. A new play.”